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When Lu Jingye went to answer the call, Zi Yi also received a phone call.

The call was from M.Unis Dean of the School of Technology.

The first thing the dean said was, “Little Zi, I wish you a Happy New Year in advance!”

Zi Yi smiled.

“Happy New Year to you too.”

The Dean laughed cheerfully and said, “Im calling you to tell you that the Mechanical Major will be having a robot exhibition on the fourth and if you are available then, do come and visit.”

He then told Zi Yi about the target audience of this exhibition.

“This is an exhibition jointly organized by M.Uni and the National Machinery Museum.

It is open to the public and it can be regarded as showing the whole world the progress of robotics in the capital.”

The capitals robot exhibition had always been lagging behind Country A and Country D, and there was no lack of people laughing behind their backs.

Right now, they had this trump card named Zi Yi and so, the lab there had suggested holding an exhibition.

It can also be considered as paying respect to their home country.

Zi Yi did not have any objection and she asked, “When will the exhibition be held and what do I need to prepare in advance”

The Dean said, “We plan to hold the exhibition in the National Gymnasium.

You can bring along two robots with you.”

Upon hearing his words, a flash of an idea streaked through her mind and she suggested.

“I can lend out my racing club as the exhibition venue.

What do you think about it”

“Really” The Dean was excited.

“Thats really great.

Your racing club is fully automated and it would complement the robots we will be showcasing in our exhibition.

Ill inform the others in the lab about this.”

Having said that, the Dean hastily hung up the phone.

Zi Yi revealed a smile and soon afterwards, the sound of footsteps came from behind.

Lu Jingye stood next to her and said, “There will be fluctuations in the worlds financial circle tonight.

Lets come back home earlier.”

Zi Yi turned to look at him.

“Hmmm” Zi Yi tilted her head and looked at him.

Lu Jingye raised his hand and touched her head.

“Dont worry.

This happens every year during this day.”

After all, it was currently the holidays and it was normal that some people wanted to make use of this opportunity to make huge profits.

Zi Yi thought about it and asked, “Is the hacker circle going to get involved too”

Lu Jingye said, “Yes.

In the past, I would always return to the Lu Groups headquarters after having a reunion dinner.

The Lu Group would without fail face a widespread attack each year.”

“Their target this year should no longer be the Lu Group, right”

The Lu Group had already fallen and the predators of the financial circle would not be interested in them at all.

Zi Yi nodded her head.

“Ill accompany you when the time comes.

It just so happens that I can earn some spare change.”

Lu Jingyes lips curved up.


You can earn as much money as you want then.”

Zi Yi also smiled in response.

“Ive thought it over.

Well open an aerospace company after the holidays.

Many of the energy resources I want are not available on Earth, so I need to find them in outer space.”

“We have to invest at least hundreds of billions in the early stages of developing our company, and so lets earn the money tonight.”


Lu who was standing next to them was very calm as she heard their conversation.

In her opinion, her son earning a hundred billion was almost the same as earning ten million.

There was nothing to be shocked about.

Her concern was still directed at Lu Yunxiao.

“Your brother and sister-in-law will be busy tonight.

What about you”

“I also have something to do,” Lu Jingye said, “I have to cooperate with the Ministry of Security and ensure the safety of the capital.”


Lu was unhappy when she heard this.

“I dont think that its because you have to cooperate with them.

Instead, its because those people think youre single and so, they specially invited you to help them.”

Lu Yunxiao did not answer and it could be seen as him agreeing to what she said.

Seeing that it was New Years Eve tonight, Mrs.

Lu did not continue nagging at him.

However, she still repeatedly reminded him.

“When you go out to play with your brother and sister-in-law tonight, you must pay full attention to your surroundings.

If a lady is talking to you, you better not keep your mouth shut.”

Looking at Lu Yunxiao who was being lectured once again, Zi Yi whispered to Lu Jingye, “Yunxiao is so pitiful.”

Lu Jingye also glanced at him before he then asked Zi Yi, “What do you want to eat at noon”

Zi Yi followed behind him.

When they walked past Mrs.

Lu, Lu Jingye asked her, “Mother, what would you like to eat”


Lu said with a smile, “Im fine with anything.

Cook what Yiyi likes to eat.”

Lu Jingye nodded his head and continued walking towards the kitchen.

There were two kitchens in the house.

One of them was where the helpers prepared their meals and the other kitchen was where Mrs.

Lu prepared soup.

The kitchen for preparing the soup was located inside the villa.

The kitchen was filled with ingredients for making soup.

Before Lu Jingye headed inside the kitchen, he had gotten the helpers to prepare some other ingredients and bring them inside.

The two of them walked into the kitchen.

Lu Jingye washed a box of cherries and passed them to Zi Yi so that she could snack on them first.

While eating the cherries, Zi Yi said what she wanted to eat, “I want to eat Eight Treasure Chicken and Duck Bamboo Soup.”

The moment Lu Jingye heard the name of the dishes, he turned around and pinched her nose as he revealed a helpless expression.

“These dishes have to be prepared in advance and it will take a long time to cook them.

If you want to have them, we can eat them for the reunion dinner.”

Zi Yi smiled at him and at the same time, she fed him a cherry.

“Alright then.

I want to eat something sour for the afternoon lunch.”


I will make you a West Lake Vinegar Fish.”

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye remained in the kitchen while Mrs.

Lu and Lu Yunxiao stayed in the living room.

As Zi Yi was currently pregnant, Mrs.

Lu was in a good mood recently.

She grabbed the tablet and continued selecting all sorts of baby products.

From time to time, she would ask Lu Yunxiao which one looked better.

How could Lu Yunxiao possibly know anything He had the same answer for everything.

“They all look good.”


Lu knew that he was being perfunctory but she did not mind it.

While choosing, she said, “After your sister-in-law takes out the fetus, I wont go anywhere but stay at home to look at my two little grandchildren growing up.”

Lu Yunxiao looked at the expectant Mrs.

Lu and he was somehow looking forward to it too.

Just then, his phone rang.

He took out his phone and took a glance before he stood up and said to Mrs.

Lu, “Mother, Ill go and answer a call.”

He headed towards the door after he said that.


Lu guessed that the call was from the secret guards and so, she warned him.

“Before eating reunion dinner today, youre not allowed to go out.”

Lu Yunxiao answered, “I got it.”

In fact, the high society people did not look forward to the New Years Eve reunion dinner like ordinary people.

Second Master Lus family was a special case.

At this moment, the high society people were all taking turns to hold a dinner party to get in touch and forge connections with other people and at the same time, inquire about the situation.

In particular, the Ouyang Family, who was preparing for the marriage, the He Family, and the Dongfang Family had all gathered together today.

The Ouyang Family was holding a banquet today.

In the car, Second Madam He repeatedly reminded He Fei.

“You must behave well later.

No matter which lady of the Ouyang Family you end up marrying, you cant let others succeed over you.

Also, pay attention to your female cousins.

They have a good relationship with several other ladies of the Ouyang Family and they will definitely try to help their brothers.”

There was no need to mention how annoyed He Fei felt when he heard all these reminders.

In the end, he could not take it anymore and said, “Mom, the reason why the Ouyang Family is trying to have marriage talks with the other three families is to deal with Secon… Lu Jingye.

However, do you know Lu Jingyes capabilities We are unable to deal with him at all.”


He was very unhappy to hear that.

“What nonsense are you saying Not to mention Lu Jingye.

We can even deal with the whole of the Lu Family as long as the four families unite together.”

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