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Zi Yi squinted and acted as if she was about to drop the jade.

“If you dont keep your word, then Ill break this piece of jade.

Your young master wont owe me any favors then.”

“You…” Lu Gang had not expected Zi Yi to be so perverse and his killing intent leaked out once again.

Zi Yi was not frightened by his killing intent in the slightest.

She rudely chased them out.

“You can leave, or else Ill be smashing it for real.”

She loosened her grip on the jade and it slipped a little before she tightened her grip again.

Lu Gang and the rest experienced a rollercoaster of emotions.

“Dont be rash,” Lu Gang said in a deep voice.

“We will leave right away.”

Even though he compromised, he left behind a threat.

“But you must ensure that before the young master comes for the jade, you cannot let anyone know or see it.”

“Sure.” Zi Yi gripped the jade and with another hand, she gestured for them to leave.

Lu Gang was helpless with her and he could only leave with his young master on his back with the help of his companions.

Zi Yi looked at their departing backs, then glanced at the jade and nodded.

“Its a good jade.”

Following this, she kept it inside her pocket.

She could guess that they must have left someone to keep guard near her villa.

Coincidentally, she needed bodyguards too.

In fact, she had an inkling that there must be a reason why that young master and those killers had fought in her house.

In order to live in peace, she intended to force out the reason with the jade.

After she ordered take-out, she contacted a professional renovation team and continued surfing the net.

To her surprise, that young master did not come knocking.

Instead, Lu Jingye paid her a visit.

After Zi Yi completed a hacking transaction, the doorbell of her gates rang.

She shut down her computer and walked out to open the gates.

When she saw Lu Jingye standing upright with the air of a noble, her eyes checked him out all over before she fixed her gaze on his handsome face.


Lu Jingye looked at her all dressed down and with a ponytail.

Her bareface made her lips appear redder and youthful.

He then said with an elegant smile, “Im here to discuss my little brothers matters with you.”

“Your little brother You mean that guy from yesterday night”


Zi Yi raised one of her brows and let him in.

They walked in the direction of the backyards living room.

Lu Jingye checked out the structure of this villa and asked, “Youre thinking of renovating this place”

Zi Yi stopped in her tracks and looked at him with discontentment.

Lu Jingye stared back into her eyes with his abstruse eyes.


Busybody, why are you asking this question”

When Lu Jingye heard the nickname Zi Yi had for him, he said in disagreement, “You can call me Second Brother.”

“I wont do that,” Zi Yi straightforwardly replied.

Lu Jingye did not insist.

“The Lu Group has a professional construction team, I can have them renovate your place.

You wont have to worry if the outside contractors have any hidden intentions.”

Zi Yi looked at him and her charming phoenix eyes seemed to be shining.

Lu Jingye stared back into her eyes and a slight curve curled on his lips.

“My brothers jade piece is with you.

Its very important to him and as a brother, I have to do my best to get it back for him.”

Zi Yi touched her chin and considered it for a moment.

Lu Jingye did not lack money and since he personally made a visit to ask for the jade, it was also considered a good thing.

“How much money do you intend to give to get the jade back”

Lu Jingye looked into her eyes and he appeared gentle and amicable.

“How much do you want”


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