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Dou Yurui paused for a second before she continued speaking, “I feel that since they want to frame Yiyi, someone will soon come forward to claim that someone is missing.”

As soon as Dou Yurui said that, Lu Yunxiaos phone rang.

After he answered the call, he said to the other party, “Capture him and interrogate him.”

He hung up the phone after that.

Dou Yurui hastily asked, “Did you find out the identities of these people”

“They are workers from the Xiangyang Flower Field in the southern suburbs.”

Dou Yurui revealed a sneer.

“I knew it.”

Following that, she walked to a chair and sat down.

She looked at Lu Yunxiao who was covered in a layer of snow and patted the chair next to her and said, “Lu Yunxiao, come sit here for a while.”

Lu Yunxiao walked over and sat down.

Dou Yurui talked about the corpses with a calm expression.

“…Some people really ignore the law and regard life as childs play.

These people want to harm Yiyi and they are willing to do everything they can.”

Lu Jingye responded with a nod and took out his phone to make a call.

Dou Yurui was sitting close to him and she could hear Zi Yis crisp voice.

Lu Yunxiao gave her a brief explanation of what happened and said, “Theres no need for you to come.

I will take care of it.”

He hung up the phone after that.

Dou Yurui tilted her head and looked at the expressionless Lu Yunxiao as he sat there with a straight posture.

She then called out, “Hey, Lu Yunxiao.”

Lu Yunxiao turned and looked at her.

Dou Yurui asked, “Do you see dead bodies often”

Lu Yunxiao pondered over it.

He could be considered to be someone who sees dead bodies often and so, he nodded his head.

Dou Yurui was silent for a few moments and sighed.

“Even though I dont know which department you belong to, what we do is similar in nature.

I heard that you… are going on blind dates recently”

Dou Yurui noticed that when she mentioned blind dates, Lu Yunxiaos eyebrows seemed to have flinched a little.

She thought that she had seen it wrongly and did not pay much attention to it.

She then gave him her honest opinion and advice.

“Id advise you not to find a girlfriend in the same industry.

Otherwise, both of you will always talk about corpses here and there and its very boring.”

Lu Yunxiao did not know how to answer her and decided to listen with his mouth closed.

Dou Yurui was usually a cold goddess but in fact, she was a little talkative in front of her family members.

She felt that Lu Yunxiao was Yiyis younger brother and can be considered to be her family and so she said, “But youre too cold and if you were to fall for someone in the future, you had better change.

Otherwise, the other person will be frightened away by you.”

Lu Yunxiao opened his mouth and ended up not uttering a single word.

The two of them sat for some time before Lu Yunxiaos phone rang again.

He answered the call and said to Dou Yurui.

“The culprit has been found.”

Dou Yurui breathed a sigh of relief.

It just so happened that two of her colleagues walked out.

“Yurui, work has ended.

Are you leaving”

“Lets go.” Dou Yurui stood up.

Lu Yunxiao had also followed her and stood up.

Dou Yurui said to him, “In that case, Ill go back first.

Help me convey the findings to my cousin and ask her to pay attention to her surroundings these days.”

Dou Yurui left with her colleagues.

Lu Yunxiao took out a communication device and put it in his ears.

After giving a few simple commands, he also headed outside.

In a private room of a clubhouse in the capital.

A bodyguard was currently whispering to a woman standing near the windows with a glass of red wine in her hand, “Eldest Young Miss, the plan failed.”

Ouyang Qing gripped the glass in her hand and asked in a heavy voice, “What happened”

“Those corpses were thrown to the southern suburbs far away from the racing club.”

Hearing that, Ouyang Qing suddenly turned around.

There were emotions of strong anger on her beautiful face.

Even her expression was distorted.

The bodyguard lowered his head and dared not look at her.

Ouyang Qing drank the wine in one breath and headed outside.

When she walked to the door and opened it, her eyes suddenly shrank at the sight of the man standing outside her door.

Lu Yunxiao looked at her expressionlessly as he said coldly, “Follow me.”

After a second of fluster, Ouyang Qing immediately readied herself and revealed a confused expression.

“What is Third Young Master Lu trying to do I am the Eldest Miss of the Ouyang Family.

You dare to take me away”

She purposely leaned towards him.

However, her arm was grabbed in the next second and subsequently pinned behind her back.

Ouyang Qing struggled.

“Let me go.”

The more she struggled, the tighter Lu Yunxiaos grip was.

She was in so much pain that tears came out.

“Lu Yunxiao, you better not go too far.

This is my turf and if you dare to take me away from here, the Ouyang Family will not let you off.”

Lu Yunxiao simply ignored her and took her out as though she was a criminal.

Ouyang Qing started struggling even harder and screamed out loudly, “Lu Yunxiao, let me go!”

This was the Ouyang Familys territory and since Lu Yunxiao dared to come in openly, it meant that all the servants and bodyguards were under his control.

“Let me go! You, let me go!”

Lu Yunxiao disliked her loud voice and threw the task of bringing her out to his subordinate.

His subordinate immediately gagged her mouth with an item.

When Lu Yunxiao took her away, he said to the staff members inside, “Tell the Ouyang Family Head that Ouyang Qing instructed people to kill several employees from Xiangyang Flower Field.

The evidence is conclusive.”

The moment the staff members heard that, cold sweat started pouring down their faces.

After Lu Yunxiao and his men left, this information was immediately passed on to the Ouyang Family.

A teacup crashed onto the ground and following a clear and crisp sound, it instantly broke into pieces.

“What should we do Qinger was taken away by Lu Yunxiao and she must be suffering right now.” The First Madam wiped her tears while feeling worried and anxious.

The Ouyang Family Head had a livid expression.

He gnashed his teeth and questioned, “What did she do for Lu Yunxiao to find evidence and take her away so blatantly”

Another young lady standing in the room was so anxious that her eyes were red.

“Clearly it was Lu Jingye and Zi Yi who had killed someone.

Big Sis only wanted to avenge Mingming.”

Hearing those words, the expression of the Ouyang Family Head was even more furious.

“Are your brains only for decoration If you want to take revenge, its obvious that Lu Yunxiao would catch your weaknesses if you are using such dirty tricks.”

Having said that, he was so angry that he started pacing back and forth.

The First Madam wiped her tears and asked, “If Qinger was taken away by the police, it would have been better.

But now that Lu Yunxiao has taken her away, what can we do”

“What to do What can we possibly do right now” The Ouyang Family Head was extremely vexed right now and he said, “All of you had better keep a low profile these days and dont provoke the Lu Family.”

“Then are we going to forget how they caused Mingmings death just like that”

The Ouyang Family Head got even more irritable and he shouted at them, “I have my own plans!”

He then threatened them.

“If you dare to mess around again, dont blame me for using the house rules.”

The youngest, Ouyang Lu, wanted to say something but she was pulled back by Ouyang Fei.

The Ouyang Family Head had to find a way to get Ouyang Qing out and he went out to think of a method.

The moment the elders left, Ouyang Lihong said with reddened eyes, “Eldest Uncle wont let us do anything and so are we just going to look on helplessly and watch Lu Jingye and Zi Yi roaming freely after killing Brother Ming”

Ouyang Ruan revealed a hint of malice.

“How is that possible They killed Mingming and they have to be buried together with him!”

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