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When the car arrived at the entrance of the Song Jewelry store and Zi Yi alighted from the car, the customers passing by in the vicinity stopped to look in her direction.

“Quick, look over there.

Isnt that Miss Zi Shes so beautiful.”

“Have you heard of yesterdays art exhibition I heard that a foreign oil painter had criticized her, claiming that she was just pleasing the crowd.

In the end, Miss Zi did not even have to step forward to say anything.

She used her ten paintings to give him a slap in the face.”

“Theres more than that.

Didnt you see the latest news In fact, Miss Zi did not know that the oil painter had criticized her on the internet.”

“Haha… in that case, doesnt it mean that the oil painter had become a clown singing his own monologue Miss Zi did not even know of his existence and used her abilities to slap him across the face.”

“Yes, yes.

Thats about it.”

“But Miss Zi is really beautiful.

If she were to enter the entertainment circle, not to mention those heavenly kings and divas, even the best looking ones in the circle cannot compare to her.”

“How could Miss Zi possibly enter the entertainment circle Shes a wealthy lady.

Based on her family status alone, they would not allow her to enter the entertainment industry either.”

As soon as Zi Yi arrived at the door, she saw Lu Jingye coming over in large strides.

The Song Jewelry store was not currently open for business.

Lu Jingye walked through the spacious and bright hall.

With that height and aura of his, he seemed to be walking on a fashion runway.

Zi Yi went over to him and asked with a smile, “Are you done with your work”

“Not yet.

I was waiting for you and Yunxiao to come and have dinner while Ill continue working.”

Zi Yi held his hand and said, “Hubby, its hard on you.”

Lu Jingye looked at her fairly flat belly and smiled.

“Its not difficult.”

The two of them headed upstairs together.

While walking, Zi Yi asked, “Did you manage to buy the mines in South Africa”


The first batch of gems will be shipped back in the following few days.”

Zi Yi smiled.

“Right now, everyone is guessing why our Song Jewelry is not yet open for business.”

“Let them guess all they like.”

After the gems were shipped over, the Lu Familys Jewelry Studio would start processing them in the following two months.

After that, Song Jewelry will open twenty branches worldwide.

At the same time, they would introduce diamond and jade jewelry sets.

Since Lu Jingye was working on it, he would aim to be the best worldwide.

When the two of them went upstairs, those who saw Zi Yi would stop and greet her.

Zi Yi thought about something and asked Lu Jingye, “The two cutting machines I modified, are those enough”

After Zi Yi came back, she had gone to the warehouse to modify two of the cutting machines.

On that side, they would not have to worry about not being able to supply sufficient gems anymore.

There were more people on the third floor.

All of them were subordinates who had followed Lu Jingye over.

“Good evening, Mrs.


When they made their way over to the Presidents office, Secretary Shao came over and informed them.

“The dishes from the private restaurant will be arriving in ten minutes.”

Lu Jingye nodded his head and went into his office with Zi Yi.

After going in, Zi Yi pulled Lu Jingye to sit on the sofa in the reception area and told him about what happened at the art gallery.

Lu Jingyes expression looked slightly cold.

However, this was within his expectations.

“Its normal that the art gallery will be targeted.”

Having said that, he pondered over it for a while and said, “Even if you transfer the surveillance devices, those people would still send people over to personally inquire.”

Zi Yis art gallery and bar had always been the focus of attention from the outside world.

There was futuristic technology in both businesses.

Not only those big bosses wanted to get their hands on it, but even the higher-ups of various authorities.”

“There are many robots at the bar and theres no need to worry about that.

However, theres a need to pay attention to the art gallery.”

In particular, it would be the New Years soon and they would not be able to pay much attention to it during this period of time.

There would definitely be people thinking of ways to try and sneak in.

“Other than those advanced technologies, there are also paintings inside.”

Every single one of those paintings could fetch an extremely high price.

Therefore, there would be no lack of people wanting to steal those paintings to make a profit.

Zi Yi was not worried at all.

“Ive connected all the alarms in the art gallery on my end.

As long as danger approaches, I will immediately receive a notification.”

The moment Zi Yi said that, she hugged Lu Jingyes arm and leaned her head on his shoulders.

Lu Jingye caressed her face with his spare hand.

“Are you tired”

“A little.” Zi Yi moved his hands to her tummy and said, “To think that being pregnant is so tiring.”

Lu Jingye gently caressed her tummy.

He tilted his head and kissed her forehead.

“Baby, its been hard on you.”

In fact, Zi Yi only wanted to act coy with him.

Hearing such words from him, she put her arms around his neck and sat on his legs.

While giggling, she said, “Then give me a kiss.”

Lu Jingye pressed his hand on the back of her head and his voice turned slightly hoarse.

“Yunxiao will be coming soon.”

“He will knock on the door when he arrives.

Zi Yi planted her lips on his.

“If you dont kiss me, I can only be the one kissing you then.”

She then naughtily stuck out her tongue.

Ever since knowing Zi Yi was pregnant, Lu Jingye had never touched her again.

Even if they were hugging, he would be careful, out of worry that he might accidentally press on her belly.

However, the young lady was not considerate of him at all and would often ask for kisses and hugs from time to time.

The moment her tongue touched his lips, he instantly gave up resisting.

The hand on the back of her head used some pressure and his other hand on her waist could not help but reach into her clothes.

The moment Lu Jingye touched her soft waist, Zi Yi could not help but moan.

In the next second, her moan was swallowed up.

The type of thrill coming from within their souls caused them to forget themselves for a moment.

The temperature in the whole office continuously rose

Lu Yunxiao who was standing outside the door raised his hand with the intention of knocking on the door.

However, when his hand was around two centimeters away from the door, he stopped.

Secretary Shao, who was carrying the bag of food, looked at him in confusion.

Lu Yunxiao said, “My brother and sister-in-law arent free right now.”

Secretary Shao was stunned for a second before he immediately understood.

He said to Lu Yunxiao, “Third Young Master, you can follow me to my office to have a seat.”

Lu Yunxiao nodded with a straight expression.

He turned around and was about to head to Secretary Shaos office.

However, the moment they walked to the office door, the door behind them was opened.

Subsequently, Lu Jingyes voice sounded.

“Come in.”

Both of them turned around and followed Lu Jingye inside.

Zi Yi was holding onto a cup of water in her hands at that moment.

However, the moment he saw the take-out in Secretary Shaos hand, her eyes turned bright.

“What did you order”

Lu Jingye took the bag from Secretary Shao and put it on the table before opening the packages one by one.

Looking at the table full of her favorite dishes, Zi Yis eyes brightened even more.

The two brothers sat down and started to eat.

Zi Yi said to Lu Jingye, “Yunxiao wants me to give him a female robot.

He doesnt want to go on blind dates anymore.”

Lu Jingye turned to look at Lu Yunxiao.

Lu Yunxiao said expressionlessly, “I dont want to waste my time.”

Lu Jingye was silent for some time as if he was thinking about it.

Subsequently, he said, “Yiyi and I will not help you on this.

If you really dont want to go on blind dates, you should frankly tell Mother.

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