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Zhang Yinglan did not seem to mind either and she smiled brightly.

“People like you seem to have the same characteristics of looking cold.

However, Im used to it.

I feel that men are cooler with such a personality.”

Lu Yunxiao was still looking at her expressionlessly.

Zhang Yinglan continued to talk and she continued talking for 20 minutes.

Lu Yunxiao had kept quiet throughout this whole period of time.

No matter how cheerful Zhang Yinglan was, it was a bit too much for someone to talk so long without stopping.

She asked tentatively, “Lu Yunxiao, what do you feel about me”

Lu Yunxiao said, “Sorry.”

“Why” Zhang Yinglan could not quite accept his answer.

“Do you think I have a bad personality or is it that you dont like me”

Lu Yunxiao answered seriously, “I dont like you.”

Two frown lines instantly appeared on her forehead.

How could there be someone who would answer so bluntly Doesnt he know that girls are thin-skinned

However, it was impossible to make her retreat just like that.

She thought about it and said, “It doesnt matter if you dont like me right now.

We can get in touch more and perhaps youll like me then.”

Zhang Yinglan asked him, “What do you usually like to do”

Lu Yunxiao replied, “Missions.”

Zhang Yinglan said with a hint of exasperation, “Im asking about your hobbies.”

Lu Yunxiao looked at her.


After a period of silence, Zhang Yinglan refused to give up and continued to ask, “What do you usually like”

Lu Yunxiao replied, “Guns.”

Zhang Yinglan was a little speechless.

“…Other than guns”

Lu Yunxiao said, “Nothing.”

After another wave of silence, Zhang Yinglan still refused to give up.

“What requirements do you have of your other half”

Lu Yunxiao looked at her expressionlessly.

Zhang Yinglan suddenly looked forward to his answer.

At the same time, she was somewhat nervous and she subconsciously clenched her hands.

“You can say whatever you want.”

Lu Yunxiao looked down and said a few seconds later, “They must be prepared to be widowed at any point in time.”

Zhang Yinglans breathing turned sluggish and countless emotions surged in her heart.

Even her eyes were turning red.

Just as she was about to make a statement, Lu Yunxiao added.

“And to be capable of receiving three of my attacks.”

At the very least, when his enemies come knocking on the door, she would be able to protect herself.

Zhang Yinglan widened her mouth and sometime later, she condemned him with a complicated tone of voice.

“You actually hit women”

When did he ever say anything about hitting a woman

However, he was too lazy to figure it out.

Zhang Yinglan felt that she had worshiped the wrong person.

She could not accept the fact that Lu Yunxiao would hit a woman.

She suddenly stood up and said, “I think were not suitable.”

Lu Yunxiao sat there and reflected for a moment.

When he deemed that he had not said anything wrong, he checked his watch.

Okay, the 30 minutes is up.

Lu Yunxiao left the coffee shop and looked up at the skies.

Todays skies were gray and it seemed like it was going to snow soon.

Just then, his phone rang.

He took out his phone and took a look at the surroundings before he turned around and headed in another direction.

The men sent by Second Master Lu noticed that their target had disappeared in an instant and they made eye contact.

Both of them were a little stumped.

One of them asked, “What should we do”

The other said, “In any case, Third Young Master Lu has completed his blind dates and we can be considered to have completed our task too.”

“Youre right.

At least well be able to report back.”

At the mention of that, they made their way back feeling at ease.

Lu Yunxiao soon appeared on the rooftop of a tall building.

Many solar panels were installed on the rooftop.

After walking in, the sight in front was full of silver.

People normally would not come up to a place like this.

Lu Yunxiao walked to the middle of the solar panels and soon, two people came over from the left side.

“Recently, a group of mercenaries has sneaked into a few cities near the capital.”

Lu Yunxiao instantly released a strong chilly aura and he said, “Immediately chase them down and take care of them as soon as there are any movements.”

The both of them arrived soundlessly and left soundlessly.

Lu Yunxiao turned around and headed toward the stairs.

As soon as he arrived near the door, his phone rang.

The phone call was from Mrs.


He answered the call and Mrs.

Lus furious questioning immediately sounded.

“You brat, what did you say to Miss Zhang!”

Lu Yunxiao felt innocent.

“I was only telling the truth.”

“To hell with the truth.” Mrs.

Lu was clearly quite angry.

“If you were telling the truth, why did the other party say that you will hit women in the future I had found those good ladies for you after picking for a long time and this is how you fool them”

How could Mrs.

Lu not understand her own son Other than the enemy, not to mention the opposite sex, he would not even know how to get along with them long enough let alone to spend enough time with them to beat them.

Lu Yunxiao denied it.

“I didnt fool them.”

He had never fooled anyone.


Lu took deep breaths over the phone and a few seconds later, she gritted her teeth and said, “Dont force me to use my killer move.”

Lu Yunxiao: “…Mother, I was wrong.”


Lu said, “You arent wrong, I was the one in the wrong.

I shouldnt have confidently let you go on a blind date alone… Ive decided, Ill tag along with you for tomorrows blind date.”

Lu Yunxiao opened his mouth but did not say anything in the end.


Lu was obviously angry and she lectured him for a few more minutes.

After telling him to come back quickly, she hung up the phone.

Lu Yunxiao looked at his phone for a few seconds and finally made a decision as he called Zi Yi.

When Zi Yi received Lu Yunxiaos phone call, the car she was in had been stuck in another traffic jam.

Zi Yi answered the call with slight surprise.

“Yunxiao, arent you attending blind dates Why did you call me”

Lu Yunxiao asked, “Sister-in-law, can you lend me a female robot”

Zi Yi asked doubtfully, “What for”

The other party had remained silent.

Zi Yi immediately guessed his intention.

“Dont tell me you are trying to use a robot to fool Mom”

Lu Yunxiao still remained silent which was obviously him admitting to it.

Zi Yi pressed her forehead and said earnestly, “This isnt the right way.”

Lu Yunxiao confessed.

“I know.”

Zi Yi looked at the traffic jam in front of her and realized that she was rather close to the Song Jewelry store.

She then said to the driver, “Go to the Song Jewelry store.”

Subsequently, she said to Lu Yunxiao, “How about this.

Come over to the Song Jewelry store.

We have to find a solution for this but we cant make Mom sad.”

After hanging up the phone, Zi Yi gave Lu Jingye a call.

At that moment, Lu Jingye was holding an international conference in his office meeting room.

The moment his phone rang, be it people from the office or people on the other side, all of them tacitly stopped talking.

Lu Jingye answered the phone.

When he heard that Zi Yi was coming over, his eyes instantly turned tender.

“Alright, Ill get someone to order some food from the private kitchen that you like.

Well be able to have dinner when you arrive.”

Zi Yi told him that Lu Yunxiao would also be coming.

Lu Jingye seemed to have guessed the reason and he nodded.

After hanging up the phone, the first thing he did was to send someone to order the food before he continued the meeting.

The group of subordinates were all smiling in their hearts.

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