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Nangong Yun placed her palms on the invisible barrier and used force on it.

However, she could not move it at all and got a fright.

“Brother, did Zi Yi create this”

Nangong Yu looked at the people outside.

They could not hear any sounds from outside the barrier and he was also shocked deep down inside.


Other than the people in the art gallery, those cameramen who were responsible for filming outside also exclaimed.

“Whats going on My camera went black.”

“Quick, use your phones.”

“Phones dont work either!”

Elder Dou was supported by Zi Yi and Lu Jingye.

Behind them were the Lu Family, the Dou Family, and Ian.

Patriarch Lu looked at his favorite grandson of the past who was currently helping to support someone else and there was no need to mention how upset he felt.

His expression had also darkened even more.

The two parties approached each other and Elder Dou questioned him sternly, “Why are you here”

Patriarch Lu looked at Elder Dou with a domineering look and said, “This is my grandsons place, cant I come”

The two old men made eye contact.

Just then, Lu Zhiheng reminded Patriarch Lu.

“Grandfather, Third Brother has blocked all the reporters outside.

They must be thinking of suppressing this afterwards.”

Patriarch Lu sneered.

“If you dare to spend billions on an art gallery, you should be prepared to get scolded by everyone.”

The moment Patriarch Lu said that, Eldest Master Lu and Lu Jianlin had rushed over at the same time.

Both of them called out to Patriarch Lu.

Eldest Master Lu immediately shouted at Lu Zhiheng and Yang Yuelan, “What nonsense are you causing Do you think that our Lu Family hasnt been humiliated and embarrassed enough in recent months”

His words had angered Patriarch Lu.

“Embarrassed Exactly who is embarrassing the Lu Family”

Eldest Master Lu felt his head aching and just as he was about to speak, Lu Jianlin headed to the opposite side.

Patriarch Lu exploded in anger at the sight of that.

“Good! Fantastic! Now both the father and son are taking the outsiders side.”

“Father.” Lu Jianlins expression had turned extremely cold due to his disappointment and he said, “You better think it over.

There are so many outsiders here and do you really want to make a scene today”

“How dare you say Laozi1 is making a scene!” Patriarch Lu was extremely furious.

He glared at Zi Yi and her group and said to Lu Zhiheng, “Go and call all the reporters to come in.

Id like to see who dares to stop you with me around.”

Elder Dous chest heaved up and down and he said, “As expected of a martial man without any brains.”

“What do you mean by that”

“What do I mean Since you want to make things big, then Ill go along with you.

Lets make this bigger and Id like to see who ends up embarrassing themselves and losing face.”

Lu Zhiheng was not afraid of his fathers warning gaze with Patriarch Lu around.

He turned around and wanted to bring the reporters over.

Eldest Master Lu shouted, “You better stop there!”

“Who do you think you are!” Patriarch Lus shout was louder than his.

“Go get the reporters!”

Lu Zhiheng pretended to be in a difficult situation and wanted to call the reporters over while his father wasnt paying attention.

Eldest Master Lu stared at him coldly.

Patriarch Lu was so angry that he pulled out his gun.

“Who dares to stop him Laozi will shoot him to death!”

Lu Zhiheng trembled and he turned around and ran to the back.

Just then, a sneer sounded.

“Since you want to lose face, then lets settle everything today.”

Everyone turned their gazes to Zi Yi.

“How daring of you to speak to Grandfather like that!” Yang Yuelan angrily denounced Zi Yi.

Zi Yi scoffed and patted Elder Dou on his chest before she said coldly, “We arent related to each other.

You are neither my relatives nor my friends.

Why should I pander to you”

“Why Are you going to say that Im Ah Jings wife right now”

Zi Yi sneered and looked at Patriarch Lu who was looking as though he wanted to shoot her in the very next second.

“You dont admit that Im part of the Lu Family, but to be honest, I dont want to be your family either.

I have my parents-in-law, my husband, and my younger brother.

They are my family.

As for you… haha…”

Patriarch Lu coldly snorted.

“Thats right.

Our Lu Family will never recognize you.”

“Why does that matter” Zi Yi revealed a disdainful expression.

“Ive never wanted you to acknowledge me, whats more…”

Zi Yi turned and looked at Lu Jingye while he grabbed her hand.

Zi Yis lips curved up and she looked back to Patriarch Lu.

“Ah Jing has already been driven out of the Lu Family and hes no longer part of the family.”

Patriarch Lus eyes glared at her and he was about to raise the gun in his hand.

Lu Jingye stood directly in front of Zi Yi.

Subsequently, Lu Jianlin, Song Lingluo, and Lu Yunxiao all stood in front of Lu Jingye.

Song Lingluo clenched her fists and she tried her best to control her emotions as she asked, “Father, is this how you treat your savior”

Patriarch Lu looked at her with sharp eyes.

Song Lingluo revealed a cold smile.

“If not for Yiyi, do you think youd still be able to stand up today and come here to break everyones heart

“Dont you want to make things clear Then lets make everything clear today.

“Previously, you were inflicted with a parasite and it was Yiyi who told Elder Hu the method to save you.

“Subsequently, your brain nerves were damaged and it was also Yiyi who told Elder Hu the treatment method.

“Also, if not for Yiyi, do you think youll still get to see your third grandson”

Speaking of this, her gaze turned to Eldest Young Master Lu and Yang Yuelan.

“You like having everyone be obedient to you, but my Yiyi cant do that.

Therefore, she had never appeared in front of you for Jingyes sake.

“Because you are his Grandfather, Jingye has repeatedly endured your unreasonable behavior.

Do you really think of yourself as an emperor from ancient times”

The moment Song Lingluo started talking, she could not stop at all.

All of the words she said were filled with a strong resentment.

After she started talking, the other Lu Family members did not stop her.

This caused the Dou Family members to feel better deep down inside.

Patriarch Lu had never been scolded by someone so openly and he exploded in anger.

His body was overwhelmed by the strong anger and he started shaking.

Yang Yuelan got a fright and quickly supported him.

“Grandfather, whats wrong”

“Good, well done! Now even you dare to accuse me as such!” Patriarch Lu pushed Yang Yuelan aside and suddenly looked at Lu Jianlin.

“This is the good wife youve married”

Lu Jianlins voice sank.

“Father, Lingluo did not say anything wrong.”

Patriarch Lu was so angry that he nearly fell backwards.

Yang Yuelan quickly went up to support him and soothed his back.

“Grandfather, dont get angry, dont get angry.”

Elder Dou looked at Patriarch Lu who only knew how to flare up and he laughed.

He laughed mockingly.

“Its no wonder everyone calls you a tyrant.

What else do you know but to act egotistically Other than being unable to hear other people criticize you, what else are you capable of”

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