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Zi Yi also looked back at him.

The two of them made eye contact for several seconds and Zi Yi said, “It seems like I should make some things clear today.”

Lu Jingye nodded and turned to Elder Dou.

Elder Dou said with a serious expression, “If he dares to make Yiyi suffer, I wont be polite with him.”

Lu Jingye assured him.

“I wont let Yiyi be wronged.”

“That had better be the case.”

Elder Dou turned around and walked into somewhere crowded.

No one knew what plans he had in mind.


Lu looked at Elder Dous back view and very much wanted to ask him what he had in mind.

However, the words that came to her mouth ended up never leaving.

Lu Jingye said to her, “Mother, you can call Father over.”


Lu quickly nodded her head and took out her phone to make a phone call.

Lu Jingye said to Zi Yi, “They should have called over a crowd of reporters.

Even if we are trying to let Grandfather see the truth, we cant ruin everyones reputation.”

Patriarch Lu was muddle-headed and Lu Zhiheng only cared about his own interest.

However, Lu Jingye did not wish for the people he cared about and his beloved wife to be attacked by this incident in the future.

There were many ways to make Patriarch Lu understand things and there was no need for both sides to suffer great losses.

Zi Yi nodded her head and brought up the virtual screen as she started operating it.

Soon, she hacked into all the news agencies in the capital and left behind this single sentence.

“Whoever dares to report the Lu Familys private matters will be restricted!

The moment this news was released, all the news agencies exploded.

“Zi Yi actually dared to use her account to hack into our company.

Dont tell me her account got hacked”

“The Eldest Young Master Lu called everyone over to broadcast live and right now, Zi Yi had suddenly hacked into our company to send this threatening message.

Therefore itll definitely be a piece of sensational news.”

“Right now, the Eldest Young Master Lu is the President of the Lu Group.

His influence is definitely stronger than Zi Yis.”

“Im just afraid that the Second Young Master Lu might do something later.

Lets go over and have a look first.”

“Thats right, well play it by ear when we arrive.”

Zi Yi did not inform the others about this.

However, Dou Yueer noticed the few people walking to the corner with serious expressions and she secretly followed them over.

The moment she heard what they were discussing, she got a fright and immediately informed the rest of the family.

Soon, everyone got to know about this matter.

When everyone came over, they noticed that she was currently working on something on her screen while Lu Jingye stood next to her.

Dou Jingning furrowed his brow and asked, “Jingye, whats going on”

Lu Jingye knew that he could not hide it anymore and revealed everything, “My Grandfather will be arriving very soon.”

Everyones expressions changed at the same time.

Zi Yi who was currently managing the internet said, “Dont worry.

Its just a small matter.”

Lu Jingye said, “My Grandfather heard from my sister-in-law that the reason Zi Yi could open this art gallery was that I misappropriated the Lu Groups money.”

“You mean to say that he plans to come over and question you”

“Ha! Patriarch Lu is planning not to give any chances for you and Yiyi is he” Dou Xiaoyongs expression was livid.

Dou Jingtongs face was cold.

“Does he really think the Dou Family is easy to bully Since thats the case, he better not blame us for being rude!”

“Uncle, Aunts, theres no need to get angry,” Zi Yis expression was very calm as she said, “Ah Jing and I have already put countermeasures in place.”

Lu Jingye then told them what to do shortly afterwards.

On the other side, when Eldest Master Lu received the phone call, he exploded right away.

“What Father went to the art gallery Whats he trying to do”

Patriarch Lu did not know of Lu Jingyes and Zi Yis current situation, but how could Eldest Master Lu who worked at the authorities not know

Right now, the country was strongly supporting Lu Jingyes enterprises and they were also paying special attention to Zi Yi.

Eldest Master Lu was currently thinking of trying to ease the relationship between the two families and if Patriarch Lu stepped out again, or if his son or daughter-in-law encouraged him, then the relationship between the two families will really be finished.

At the thought of this, he went out of his office in large strides and gave Yang Yuelan a call.

Yang Yuelan did not answer her phone at all.

He got angry and he gave Lu Zhiheng a call.

The Lu Group was not located far from [Future Gallery].

At this time, Lu Zhiheng had already arrived there.

The moment he arrived, he discovered that there was already a flock of reporters outside.

However, there were more bodyguards and police standing guard outside compared to the number of reporters.

All the reporters had been blocked outside by the bodyguards and police.

Just as he was thinking of a way to let them in, his phone suddenly rang.

He took out his phone, saw the caller ID, and excitedly answered the call.

Just as he was about to speak, Eldest Master Lus furious shout sounded.

“Where are you!”

“Father, Im in the vicinity of [Future Gallery].

Grandfather will be coming over shortly and Im here to protect him.”

When Lu Zhiheng said that, his voice was clearly elated.

Eldest Master Lu nearly got a stroke due to anger and he continued shouting, “Immediately go and stop your Grandfather and bring him home.”

“Why should I bring him home Second Brother dared to misappropriate billions from the company to open an art gallery for Zi Yi.

We have to let Grandfather know of this.” Lu Zhiheng did not understand his father at all.

His heart was filled with anger and he moved the phone away from his ear and rolled down the window.

The moment he rolled down the window, the sounds from the street could be heard and he purposely moved his phone further away and said, “Father, its too noisy here.

Ill be hanging up.”

He hung up the phone immediately after.

Eldest Master Lu who got hung up on nearly passed out on the spot due to anger.

He quickly called the Bureau Chief of the area and asked him to find a way to stop Patriarch Lu from heading to the art gallery.

However, the Bureau Chief said, “Eldest Master Lu, Third Young Master Lu is personally escorting Patriarch Lu.

Dont worry.”

The moment Eldest Master Lu heard what he said, his eyes turned dark and he quickly held his chest.

He knew that the second house would be making a huge move this time around.

When Patriarch Lus car arrived outside of the [Future Gallery], the bodyguards and police had stopped the reporters more than ten meters away and no one could get to the entrance.

The flock of reporters were excited and confused at the same time.

The moment Patriarch Lu was helped down from the car with a dark expression, all the reporters became even more excited.

“Quick, Patriarch Lu has actually come.

From the looks of his expression, it seems like hes not here with a friendly disposition.

Something will definitely happen in the art gallery today.

Immediately turn on a live broadcast.”

“This is world-class news, quick, lets go live.”

The moment Patriarch Lu came over, Lu Zhiheng hastily came up to him.

After he called out to Patriarch Lu, Lu Zhiheng personally went to support him.

“Grandfather, did you see it on your way here All the billboards of the Lu Group in the capital have been taken down.

This was something that happened before I took over the Lu Group.”

Patriarch Lus expression turned darker and he headed towards the entrance of the art gallery.

The bodyguards and police quickly made way for him.

At the same time, a group of people came out of the art gallery.

Those inside the art gallery wanted to follow them out, but the moment they arrived at the door, they were blocked by an invisible wall.

“Why are we unable to leave”

A voice sounded.

“Ladies and gentlemen.

This is my Masters household affairs.

Please stop where you are.”

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