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As soon as the woman said that, everyone acted as if they had been enlightened.

“Thats right.

Why dont you renovate your bar into something similar to hers”

“Thats right.

[Futuristic] Bar is only relying on its novelty to attract customers.

You can also renovate your bar into something similar then lower the prices you charge.

At that time, everyone would have a choice and they would definitely choose not to visit her place.”

“Thats right.

Those who go there to spend might not necessarily be rich and they are just going there for its novelty.

Because if there are similar options, they would definitely want to spend less money.”

After the group of second-generation rich kids came up with the idea, they were even more excited than the boss.

However, Boss Huang was also in favor of their idea.

If he really renovated his bar into something similar to [Futuristic] Bar and lowered the prices a little, would he still be afraid that no customers would come to his bar

“That bar has too much advanced technology and all their staff are robots.

I definitely cant achieve the same thing.”

The moment Boss Huang said that, one of them said, “Are you a fool Were saying, renovate it into something similar, were not asking you to copy everything.

If you dare to copy and she sues you for infringement, you will end up with much more trouble than what you bargained for.”

Boss Huang felt a chill down his back and he hastily wiped away the cold sweat on his brow.

“What you said is right.

I was thinking of it too simply.”

Subsequently, he said in a fawning manner, “I wonder what ideas the young masters and young ladies have”

Boss Huang was someone who was tactful.

After he asked that question, he quickly added.

“In the future, all of you dont have to pay if you patronize my bar.”

The group of second-generation rich kids did not care about such petty change.

However, since Boss Huang was so tactful, they would not refuse him.

Thus, everyone sat together and discussed how to modify this bar into something similar to Zi Yis.

After Zi Yi returned to the private room, she called A to come in.

She said, “Pay more attention to such situations online in the future.

If there are such scalper tickets again, seal their accounts right away.”

“Also, itll be the New Years soon and there will be an influx of customers.

Pay more attention to those who slander the bar on the internet.

If someone dares to slander our bar, dig out their information and expose them.”

Ian, who was sitting beside her, suddenly laughed and said, “Zi, thats a really ruthless move.”

Zi Yi snorted.

“It was my carelessness.

I originally thought that my previous display had already made it known that my bar is not something they can mess with.

I didnt expect that there would be people who would use such measures.”

Dou Xiangling nodded her head.

“This situation is really very upsetting.

Its just like buying tickets during the holidays, but the scalpers end up buying everything.

Those who really need to travel are unable to buy the tickets at all.”

Ian nodded his head and asked, “Zi, do you have a method to contain such situations”

“Yes, but why should I do it” It had nothing to do with her and its not like she had nothing better to do.

What she said was true and Ian had nothing to say.

Zi Yi gave a few more orders and got A to go out.

Ian looked at Zi Yi and said, “Zi, I feel that your bar is too small-scale.”

Zi Yi doesnt really care at all.

“It doesnt matter, in any case, I dont make money with this bar either.”

Dou Xiangling saw that Ian was speechless and she said with a smile, “I really suspect that the reason Yiyi is operating this bar is because its more convenient for her to drink.”

When Dou Xiangling saw Zi Yis reaction, she knew that her guess was correct.

She then reminded her.

“Yiyi, you cant drink now that youre pregnant.”

Zi Yis smile disappeared and she grabbed the cup of milk and took a large gulp unhappily.

Dou Xiangling and Ian could not hold back their laughter at the sight of her reaction.

After laughing, Ian thought about it and suggested.

“I feel that you should buy out all the bars in the vicinity and open the largest bar in the capital.

In that case, theres no need to set a theme every day.

Each space would have a theme and your bar will definitely become the number one bar internationally.”

Zi Yi really took what he said into consideration.

However, Dou Xiangling said, “Yiyi is so busy and so how could she find the time to do that”

Having said that, she thought of something and asked Zi Yi, “Yiyi, there hasnt been any news of your club, and so do you not plan to care about that side of your income”

Zi Yi tapped the milk cup and looked at the surface of the milk rippling.

“Theres no hurry.”

Ian was more well-informed and he said to Dou Xiangling, “Zi is definitely holding back a big move.

Ive heard that Lu contacted people from the International Racing Association.

Perhaps one day, she will hold an international race at her racing club.”

Ian smiled at her.

“Im only making a guess.”

Zi Yi did not believe that he would guess so accurately, but she did not hide it either.

“Thats right.

My racing club will be holding an international car racing competition around April or May next year.”

“Really” Dou Xiangling was a little concerned about Zi Yis health.

“Youre so busy, are you able to take care of everything”

Zi Yi smiled.

“Theres no need for me to handle it.

Ah Jing and my management robots will make the arrangements.”

Dou Xiangling smiled after hearing what she said.

Lu Jingye indeed had the capability to manage it.

Speaking of Lu Jingye, Ian thought of Lu Yunxiao, “Is Third Young Master Lu resting at home these days”

“Why are you asking about that”

Ian shrugged and said, “I was just asking out of curiosity.

“I met him once before you got married.

This person is too famous and I originally had plans to strike up a conversation with him back then.

However, in the end, his cold aura forced me to change my mind.”

Zi Yi smiled and thought to herself, “That Lu Yunxiao is like a robot and it would have been strange if he talked to you.”

Dou Xiangling knew a little about Lu Yunxiao and had also met him a few times.

Thinking about the imposing aura he radiated, she could not help but ask, “Is Lu Yunxiao naturally that cold I feel that if I stayed in the same place as him, the temperature of the air would be much colder than in other places.”

Zi Yi smiled and shook her head.

“In fact, he didnt always have this cold aura.

Its actually the aura he had naturally developed when doing missions… To be honest, Yunxiao is pretty cute.”

If one were to say that Lu Yunxiaos expressionless face was cute, they were really unable to imagine that there would be people who were considered to be not cute in the whole world.

The three of them chatted for some time and Ian asked Dou Xiangling if she wanted to dance.

“Tonights theme of ballroom dancing is a pretty good idea.

Its been a long time since Ive danced.

Xiangling, do you want to join me”

Dou Xiangling shook her head.

“You can go ahead.

Ill accompany Yiyi.”

Zi Yi glanced at him before turning to Dou Xiangling.

She thought about it and put her glass on the table.

“Lets go, well have a look around the lobby.”

Thus, the three of them left together.

In the end, Ian ended up asking Dou Xiangling to wander around with him.

Zi Yi sat on the high chair in a corner of the bar.

Little Loli quickly sat next to her.

This robot was actually sighing from time to time with her head propped up with one hand.

Zi Yi could not stand her sighing anymore and said, “Youre a robot, so why do you have so many thoughts”

Little Loli pouted.

“I have a weight on my mind.

Doesnt everyone act like this when they have something heavy on their mind”

Zi Yis lips twitched and she asked, “What problem could you possibly have”

“I feel that A has changed.”

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