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As soon as Dou Xiangling asked that question, they saw Zi Yi coming inside.

Ian said while Zi Yi was making her way over, “I informed Lu in advance before I came, so Im now staying at his villa near M.Uni.”

Zi Yi came over and sat down and Dou Xiangling passed her a cup of milk.

Zi Yi refused to take it.

“Why is it milk”

Dou Xiangling said with a smile, “Brother-in-law specially called to inform us to only allow you to drink milk.”

Only then did Zi Yi reluctantly take the cup of milk.

Ian said, “I heard from Xiangling earlier that youre pregnant now.

Its indeed better to drink more milk when youre pregnant.”

Having said that, he asked, “Since youre pregnant, are you now unable to do many things”

Zi Yi looked at him.

“Why are you asking about this”

“Im worried you might not be able to travel to Country M next year.

In that case, will the plans for your research lab be postponed”

“How is that possible Technology right now is so developed and even if I cant go there myself, I can still give commands from a distance.”

Ian was relieved by what she said.

“Thats good.”

Zi Yi continued looking at him.

“Why are you paying so much attention to my lab”

Ian bluntly said, “I need to make more money to marry a wife.”

“How could you possibly lack that small sum of money”

“How is that a small sum I have a feeling that my shares in your lab alone would catch up to all my other avenues of income.”

Ian always felt that Lu Jingye had nowhere to use the money he earned and so, he took some out for Zi Yi to play around with.

However, during this period of time when the laboratory was slowly built, Ian suddenly changed his mind.

This kind of ultra-modern laboratory building had a defense system more powerful than a countrys military stronghold.

It was obvious that her lab was not made just for fun.

“However, Zi, Ive been wanting to know what you will be researching.

Why dont you reveal a small tidbit of information to me right now”

“You wouldnt understand even if I told you.”

Zi Yi lifted the cup of milk and took a sip.

“How do you know I wont understand if you dont tell me anything” Ian was even more curious.

As soon as Zi Yi wanted to talk, the door of their private room was knocked on, and subsequently, As projection appeared on the door.

“Master, a group of foreigners are outside.

Theyre asking to enter the bar or they will continue surrounding the bar and refuse to leave.”

Ian asked worriedly, “These people arent here to make trouble, are they”

“Theyre not,” Zi Yi said, “If theyre here to cause trouble, A will call for the robots to drive them away.”

Zi Yi stood up having said that.

Dou Xiangling and Ian also stood up together.

“Yiyi, Ill go with you.

Be careful and dont enter the crowd later.”

Zi Yi nodded her head and the three of them headed outside the bar together.

The moment they came out, there were at least twenty to thirty foreigners standing outside.

Right now, A was telling them that the bar was a full house but these people refused to leave no matter what.

A man with curly brown hair said, “Its too difficult to make a reservation in your bar.

We originally tried making a reservation half a month ago but we could not get one at all.

I heard that someone is selling high-priced tickets online.

Could it be that your bar did this deliberately.”

A said, “Its impossible that we would sell high-priced tickets online.

The prices here are all clearly indicated.”

He then pointed at the price list on the back wall.

The prices of [Futuristic] Bar were higher compared to the other bars throughout the whole street.

However, their prices were all clearly marked and if they were willing to spend, they could come.

Those who were unwilling… can just choose not to come.

“How is that possible There are obviously high-priced tickets online.

Even though we can also buy them, they were not selling the number we needed and so we specially made a trip down here today.”

Zi Yi walked over after she heard what they said.

The moment A saw Zi Yi, he stood by her side.

The group of foreigners were all stunned at the sight of Zi Yi.

Zi Yi asked, “When did the high-priced tickets start getting sold”

She was too careless and did not anticipate such a situation to happen.

The curly-haired man felt his heart rate speed up from Zi Yis stare.

He was thinking deep down that Boss Zi was prettier than the photos he saw on the internet.

“Half a month ago.

However, they would appear once every two days or so.

We also found the tickets by accident.”

“Are the tickets really not released online by the bar on purpose”

“Its not,” Zi Yi said to A, “All those tickets on the internet will be made invalid.”

Since those people dare to make huge profits using her bar, she will make those people lose everything.

As soon as A said that, it was reflected on the large screen behind him that there were still five slots available for today.

As soon as the onlookers saw the number, someone came forward and asked, “Boss Zi, since there are still five slots available, does it mean we can buy a ticket right here and right now”

Zi Yi looked at those people who were eager to come in and said, “No.”

She then said, “The bar is a full house tonight.”

She then looked at the group of foreigners and said, “You can come by tomorrow evening and you can go and buy the tickets now.”

Having said that, she turned and walked back to the bar under everyones excited gazes.

Dou Xiangling who was following beside Zi Yi asked out of concern, “Yiyi, isnt your bar fully booked half a month in advance They are such a large group and so wouldnt they cause a burden to the bar if they come tomorrow”

Ian, however, did not think so.

“I think that the number of customers Zi Yis bar receives every day is too little.

Other bars are always overcrowded and there are usually no limits to the number of customers.”

“Yiyis bar is different from theirs.”

Ian thought that what Dou Xiangling said was reasonable and did not continue.

After the three of them returned to their private rooms, Zi Yi said, “The bar has private rooms that are reserved and so its not a problem to receive an additional 30 customers.”

The bar next to [Futuristic] Bar

When the group of second-generation rich kids heard that Zi Yi had resolved the situation with a few sentences, there was no need to mention how disappointed they were.

“I feel upset that I didnt manage to see that Zi woman suffer.”

“I hope that theres someone who can suppress her bar.”

“Who would dare to do so She has Lu… Second Brother behind her.

If we dare to cause trouble for her, we will end up in a miserable state.”

“If we dont dare, we can get other people to do it! As long as nobody knows of it.”

“Forget it.

Even killers cant enter that bar and as long as someone tries causing trouble, all of them will be treated as terrorists.

Who would dare to go there”

The group of second-generation rich kids fell into silence.

Just then, the boss of the bar came over and rubbed his hands as if fawning over them.

“Ladies and gentlemen, our bar has recently imported several kinds of red wines that taste great.

Why dont I get someone to pour some for you Its my treat.”

The group of second-generation rich kids looked at the boss who was smiling like a fool and they suddenly made eye contact with each other.

One of them asked, “Boss Huang, hows your business going with the [Futuristic Bar] right beside yours”

Boss Huang was thinking deep down inside, “Is there still a need to ask”

He revealed a bitter expression and shook his head.

“Ever since the opening of [Futuristic] Bar, not just me, but the businesses of the entire street are not doing as well as before.”

Many customers would rather spend more money at [Futuristic] Bar.

They would just casually spend some money to dance, sing and drink at their bars.

This caused the entire streets bosses to feel troubled, but there was nothing they could do.

After hearing what the boss said, one of the women thought of an idea.

“Everyone is willing to patronize [Futuristic] Bar because they find the place advanced and novel.

Why doesnt your bar try out that type of design”

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