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Zi Yi went back home after she ate dinner at the Dous.

On the way back, she spoke about her plans for tomorrow and asked Lu Jingye, “Ah Jing, what are you doing tomorrow”

“Ill make a trip to the main residence in the morning and head over to the jewelry store in the afternoon.”

He had to go and visit his Grandfather now that he had returned.

Lu Jingye did not insist for Zi Yi to tag along.

However, as a grandson, it was a must for him to pay a visit.

Zi Yi did not continue asking.

In any case, she would not go to the main residence.

Lu Jingye held her hand and said, “Ill get two bodyguards to follow you tomorrow when you go out.”

“No need, Ill get Little Loli to tag along.”

Speaking of this, she suddenly smiled.

“Robot A will be coming back from abroad tomorrow evening.

Why dont we go to the bar and hang out”

Lu Jingye raised his hand and touched her flat belly.

“The bar is too noisy.”

“Ill just change the theme of the bar tomorrow to something soothing.

Whats more, Ill be going over there tomorrow to upgrade A and the bar.

Ever since the holiday started, the bar would receive more than 50 guests every day and the load is slightly too heavy.”

Since Zi Yi had already said so, Lu Jingye would certainly not object.

He would finish his work early and accompany her to the bar.

When they reached home, Lu Jianlin and Lu Yunxiao had yet to return.

Only Mrs.

Lu was sitting on the sofa and watching videos while wearing glasses.


Lu waved at Zi Yi, and Zi Yi went over to take a seat.


Lu pointed at the tablet and said, “Yiyi, what do you think about this baby rooms design Since its twins well design two different types of styles.

When you take the fetuses out and put them in the nutrient solution, well put the tank in this room.”

Zi Yi nodded her head.


In fact, when Mrs.

Lu heard that Zi Yi would only keep the babies inside her for three months and then subsequently, take out the fetuses and keep them in the nutrient solution, she found it hard to accept.

However, after thinking that Zi Yi had to run around a few different research labs next year, she felt that it was also good if they were to take out the fetuses in advance.

After all, some labs had radiation, some had poison and even if the adult could take it, the fetuses certainly were unable to do so.

“If we really take out the fetuses when the time comes, who will be the surgeon” After a days consideration, even though Mrs.

Lu had finally accepted it a little, she was still worried.

“Mom, dont worry.

My robot will be the main surgeon then and if youre still worried, I can get them to do more practical experiments.”


Lu agreed with the experiment part.

“Get your robots to do more practical experiments because its best that no mistakes happen during the real thing.”

They chatted for a while and Mrs.

Lu went upstairs to bed.

The next day.

When Zi Yi came down the stairs in the morning, there was no one in the living room.

Lu Jianlin and Mrs.

Lus voices sounded from outside the door.


Lu said, “Today well be going to the main residence together with Jingye.

Third Sister called me last night and said that those from the First house have started to act up again.

They also spoke ill of Yiyi in front of your Father.

Hmph! Id like to ask how they have been managing the Lu Group and how much bonus theyll be able to receive this year”

Lu Jianlin did not say anything and it obviously meant that he had no objections.

The moment Zi Yi heard their conversation, she thought about what Lu Zhiheng and his wife would be bad-mouthing her about.

While thinking, she had arrived at the door.

Lu Jianlin who was standing outside had heard the sound of her footsteps when Zi Yi arrived in the living room.

He took his leave while Mrs.

Lu stood there and waited for her.

“Yiyi, why didnt you get some more sleep Its so cold outside and so why did you wake up so early”

Zi Yi walked out and said, “Its good for a persons health to sleep early and wake up early.”


Lu smiled and said, “Youre right.

Lets go for a walk in the backyard and see Jingye and Yunxiao exercising.”

Other than the rose garden that Mrs.

Lu loved, the backyard had another area where the father and sons exercised.

There was a lot of training equipment there and Lu Jianlin would usually be the one using them.

When the two brothers came back home to stay, it would end up as a father and son morning exercise.

By the time they arrived at the backyard, they just so happened to see the two brothers sparring.


Lu looked at them and said, “Jingye has achieved good grades ever since he was young and he had also matured early.

Ive never seen him exercising often but Its the opposite for Yunxiao.

He was taken in as a student by an expert from a young age and he would spend hours every day training.

“Ive always thought that Jingye could only be protected by the bodyguards when he grows up.

I never imagined that one day, the two brothers would start sparring with each other.

“Jingyes moves are quite accurate and it was only later that I knew that Yunxiao would teach the moves to Jingye whenever he learned a new move.

“Even though the two brothers do not talk much, their relationship is really good.”

Zi Yi looked at the two brothers who were sparring and thought, “If Mom knew that Ah Jing and Yunxiao had even changed their identities before, she would certainly be even more surprised.”

The both of them looked at the brothers sparring for a short while before they turned around and went for a walk in the rose garden.

After breakfast, Zi Yi headed to the entrance of M.Uni to meet Dou Xiangling.

Zi Yi wanted to head to Situ Fengs place first and Dou Xiangling said, “Ill make a trip to the school first and grab some stuff.

Give me a call when youre done.”

Situ Feng and his grandfather were staying at the teaching staff residential area just outside M.Unis South Gate.

All the buildings there were two floors high and there was a small distance between each building.

Some simple fitness equipment was placed in the middle.

The distance between them wasnt very far.

The place was quiet and it was easy for the professors to pay each other a visit.

When Zi Yi arrived somewhere near the building Situ Feng was residing in, she saw a woman who resembled Situ Feng carrying a watering can and watering the potted plants left behind by the owner of this place.

When Zi Yi came over, the woman hastily called out, “Brother, Doctor Zi is here.”

Situ Fengs figure immediately appeared at the door.

The two siblings acted as if they were meeting with a leader.

Both of them stood upright and greeted her simultaneously when she came over.

Zi Yi nodded at them and asked, “Hows your Grandfather doing”

“Grandfathers condition is much better than before.

He doesnt feel that much pain these days.”

Zi Yi nodded her head and followed the both of them inside.

Situ Hong was currently seated in the living room and warming himself with an electric heater.

Situ Feng noticed what Zi Yi was looking at and explained.

“My Grandfather isnt used to the air conditioning and we had no choice but to give him an electric heater.”

Zi Yi nodded.

“This is good too.”

Zi Yi walked over to Situ Hongs side.

He was originally dozing off but he opened his eyes when he heard the sound of footsteps.

When he saw it was Zi Yi, he said with a smile, “Miss Zi, youre here.”

Zi Yi responded with a nod and walked over to him.

Situ Feng quickly moved a stool over for her.

Zi Yi took a seat and started asking some questions before checking his pulse.

In the end, she said to the two siblings, “When the weather is better, you can help your Grandfather outside to bask in the sun.”

The two siblings were delighted and hastily nodded their heads.

Zi Yi wrote another prescription for Situ Hong and took her leave.

Situ Feng walked with her and sent her out.

After walking some distance, Situ Feng suddenly asked, “Doctor Zi, I have something I would like to ask you.

I wonder if you are willing to help me with a favor”

“What is it” Zi Yi tilted her head and looked at him.

Situ Feng looked a little nervous and he was standing upright with his gaze looking straight ahead.

“Please help me tell the Third Young Master Lu that I would like to join his secret guards.”

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