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“No one knows I have cheating equipment,” Zi Yi said with a proud expression, “Its something I made and so how could they possibly even discover it”

Everyone laughed merrily.

After laughing, her Uncles took Lu Jingye into their study room to have a chat.

Zi Yi accompanied Elder Dou to talk.

Her Aunts and cousins also sat around her and listened to Zi Yi telling her story.

When Zi Yis story progressed to the part where there were many people who wanted to snatch the mines from ​Lu Jingye, the First Madam sighed.

“I didnt expect that doing business would be like fighting a war.

Those people must be thinking of suppressing him now that Little Lu doesnt hold the position of the Lu Groups President.”

Dou Zerui immediately added.

“Even without the identity as the Lu Groups President, my brother-in-law is still a bigshot in the business world.

He relied on his business skills and brains to succeed, not his relationship with the Lu Family.”

Zi Yi did not expect Dou Zerui to be so clear-headed and started to view him in a new light.

Dou Zerui was unhappy with Zi Yis expression and said, “Yiyi, whats with your expression”

Zi Yi smiled at him and said all of a sudden, “Cousin Zerui, we seem to have made a bet previously.”

Dou Zerui was stunned for a moment and the rest had immediately reacted.

Dou Yurui chimed in.

“Yes, thats right.

Second Brother said that if Yiyi were to do well in every subject, he would treat us all to a meal and cover all of the New Years goods.”

Dou Zerui spoke up.

“When did I say I would treat everyone”

“You said it.” Dou Muyang added.

“You also said that you would invite us to Yiyis [Futuristic] Bar to play.”

The moment Dou Yueer heard what Dou Muyang said, she hastily added.

“You also said you would buy me a set of the state of the art cameras.”

Dou Zerui looked at Dou Yueer.

“Sis, I feel like youre using this opportunity to rob me.”

Dou Yueer scoffed at him.

“I didnt.

Im telling the truth.”

The others could not hold back their laughter in the end.

Dou Xiangling moved a stool over to Zi Yis side and said with a smile, “Yiyis return is timely.

Our art gallerys renovations are complete and I plan to hold an art exhibition on the 24th.

Is that alright with things on your end”

“No problem.” Zi Yi definitely would not have a problem.


Ill send out the invitations within the next two days.”

“Why are you only sending out the invitations now”

Based on the normal process of holding an art exhibition, the invitations would be sent out many days in advance.

Dou Xiangling did not seem to worry about that too much.

“Its already considered somewhat urgent to hold an exhibition this year.

So, I invited famous painters around the capital and it can be considered as adding a festive feeling to the opening of our art gallery.

Whats more, youre pregnant now and if we released the news of the exhibition in advance, there would definitely be a crowd of reporters.”

Dou Xiangling was worried that there might be too many reporters and that they would bump into Zi Yi.

Dou Yurui agreed.

“Thats right.

It doesnt matter if those tactful reporters came, but if the paparazzi were to appear, who knows what they would do.”

The others also felt that this was a good idea.

The First Madam smiled and said, “Its better to have fewer people.

The whole family will be able to check out your first art exhibition too.”

Zi Yis Aunts were also individuals with high intellect and they were fond of attending art exhibitions.

In addition, Elder Dou already mentioned that he wanted to visit their art gallery before.

Everyone chatted about the art gallery for a while and Elder Dou felt a little tired.

Zi Yi and Dou Xiangling helped him up to his room to take a rest.

When they arrived at the small living room in Elder Dous bedroom, Zi Yi checked his pulse and said, “Grandpa, your body is recovering very well.”

“Its all thanks to Yiyis prescription.” Dou Xiangling smiled.

“Grandpa would run for half an hour every morning and evening these days and I feel that his body is already as healthy as before.”

Elder Dou nodded.

“After the New Years, Ill be able to take a walk around M.Uni.”

Elder Dou had deep affections for M.Uni.

Even since he was in poor health, he hadnt been there anymore.

He would always stay at home, and thinking about M.Uni had become one of his daily routines.

Zi Yi thought of how her Grandfathers illness was a result of the original owner angering him, and so she grabbed his hand while promising him.

“Ill let Grandpa be as healthy as a middle-aged man in his 30s or 40s.

Youll be able to visit M.Uni anytime you want to then.”

Elder Dou laughed cheerfully and nodded.

“In that case, Ill be able to visit M.Uni and supervise your studies in the future.”

“Hahahaha…” Dou Xiangling burst out laughing unsympathetically.

After Elder Dou lay down, Zi Yi and Dou Xiangling left his bedroom and headed to the front yard.

Dou Xiangling talked to Zi Yi about the art gallery as they walked.

“Yiyi, you can go and check out the renovations and effects when youre free.

I feel that its much better than we originally anticipated.”

“Really Then Ill go and take a look when I have time tomorrow.”

“I will be going around to send out the invitations tomorrow.

Do you want to come with me”

Zi Yi thought for a moment and said, “I have to head to M.Uni first tomorrow.”

Dou Xiangling knew that Zi Yi had been staying at the Lu Familys residence ever since she returned and she nodded her head.

“Alright, then well make an appointment tomorrow.

It just so happens that a few professors from the School of Fine Arts also live near the school.

They also mentioned that they would like to visit the art exhibition.”

After they finished talking about the art gallery, Dou Xiangling asked about the baby in her stomach, “I heard that pregnant mothers must pay special attention during the first three months.

You should avoid driving in the future when you go out.

Its best to let your robots or bodyguards drive you around.”

Zi Yi smiled.

“The baby isnt that fragile.”

Dou Xiangling also smiled.

“I know, and your body is in good health.

When I heard that you got pregnant, I went to check out several videos about pregnancy.

They mentioned that some women would have adverse reactions after they get pregnant.”

“Thats due to their body condition and its fine if they consume some tonics and adjust.”

Speaking of this, Zi Yi said with a smile, “When you get pregnant in the future, Ill write some prescriptions for you to condition your body.

I guarantee that you wont feel the slightest adverse reaction during your pregnancy.”

Dou Xiangling smiled and shook her head.

She didnt even want to find a boyfriend anymore, whats more, to have a baby

However, she did not say that outrightly.

The two of them soon arrived at the front yard.

The few madams were still sitting there and chatting merrily with the young people.

As it was going to be the New Years soon, the Dou Family members were all on break.

They would not go out during this weather either and the whole family liked to sit around together and chat.

Zi Yi and Dou Xiangling joined them.

First Madam glanced at Zi Yis tummy and she could not help but lecture the rest of the young people.

“Look, even Yiyi is going to have a baby soon.

You are all older than her but youre all still single.”

A few of the innocent ones who had been named immediately shifted their gazes elsewhere and pretended that she was not talking about them.

Just then, Dou Zerui said, “First Aunt, you should be urging the eldest of us.”

In the next second, a slap landed on his back and the Third Madam snorted.

“You still have the cheek to mention Yunhao He already has a young lady he likes and they can get married next year.

Hes not like you, still single since birth.”

Dou Zerui was devastated.

“Dear Mother, is there anyone like you who would scold your son like that What do you meansingle since birth!”

The Third Madam glanced at him.

“Dont tell me youve had a girlfriend before”

The others had also laughed out loud without the slightest reservation at his embarrassment.

Everyone chatted merrily and they talked about some interesting stories from work or school, and they spent the whole afternoon like that.

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