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The next day, Mrs.

Lu and Zi Yi went shopping and the two brothers, Lu Jingye and Lu Yunxiao were also called to tag along.

What Mrs.

Lu said to persuade them was: “Im an old woman and Zi Yi is a pregnant woman and were heading out to buy things.

Dont you know how to offer to carry our bags”

The two brothers would definitely be willing to do so.

When the four of them appeared in the downtown area of the capital, even if they were protected by bodyguards, there was nearly a traffic jam because of onlookers.

“Wow, isnt that the Lu Family”

“How good-looking and pretty they are.

The two Lu Brothers are so handsome and noble-looking.

Zi Yi is so pretty and exudes a confident aura.


Lu looks so young and looks like a rich lady!”

“Ahhhh!… This must be how real aristocratic families look like.”

“Them traveling together is more stylish than those international celebrities.”

“Look at the bodyguards they have with them.

Are all of them from the special forces”

“This is my first time seeing Third Young Master Lu.

He really does resemble Second Young Master Lu, but he looks cold.”

“Third Young Master Lus eyes are so sharp.

I dont dare to look straight into his eyes.”

Linda, an international celebrity, who just so happened to alight from her car, thought that she would be the center of attention and highly sought after by fans.

However, when she saw that everyones gaze was focused in another direction, she was a little unhappy and she said to her assistant, “Go and see whats going on.

Could it be that an even more popular celebrity than me is here today”

Lindas assistant immediately went over to inquire about the situation.

Linda stood there motionlessly and a group of bodyguards protected her in the middle.

In the past, there would be many fans chasing after her, and yet, there was not a single person today.

She even had the thought of turning around and going back into the car.

The assistant soon returned after she inquired about the news.

“Miss Linda, Mrs.

Lu brought her two sons and daughter-in-law out to go shopping today.

Everyone is watching them.”

Linda was a foreigner, but she still knew of the Lu Family among the eight great aristocratic families in the capital.

She hastily asked, “Which Lu Family Is it the Lu Family of the eight great aristocratic families”

Lindas heart sped up.

She hastily took out her makeup mirror to see if her makeup was smudged.

While checking she said, “Quick, go and find out where they went.”

She wanted to have a chance encounter with the Lu Family.

If someone from their family were to take notice of her, perhaps she would become the spokesperson of Second Young Master Lus company next year.

Even if she does not become the spokesperson, if the Third Young Master starts to fancy her, wouldnt she be married into a wealthy family and become a rich lady In that case, she wouldnt need to remain a celebrity anymore.

The more she thought about it, the more excited Linda became.

She flipped her hair and started walking toward the most crowded area.

When her assistant saw Linda heading elsewhere after she turned around, she hastily went up to say to her, “Miss Linda, were heading to Tongda Shopping Mall, its not this way.”

Linda increased her pace.

“Tell the boss there that I have something else to do and to cancel the event.”

“But we will have to pay a huge sum of money for the breach of contract if the event is canceled.”

“Do you think Im someone who is so short of money that I will be unable to pay for the damages”

Linda thought disdainfully in her heart: “After I get connected to the Lu Family, not to mention running around for events, I can quit my job and do nothing in the future.”

After the Lu Family walked into the largest shopping mall, the crowd spectating them only increased in size.

However, the Lu Familys bodyguards were well-trained.

Even with a large crowd of onlookers, no one dared to approach them due to the powerful aura they radiated.

In particular, the aura that the two Lu brothers were radiating kept people at bay.

This aura was not something ordinary people dared to approach.

“Mom, what should we buy first”

This shopping mall was one of the largest in the capital and it covered an area of thousands of acres with a total of five floors.

It can be divided into three different spending ranges.

The first and second floor was more for ordinary citizens.

There was food, drinks, and entertainment activities.

From the third floor onwards, it was catered to customers with higher spending capacity.

The further they went up, the less people there were and the items became even more high-end.

Currently, they had just gotten out of the elevator on the fourth floor.


Lu said, “Well go buy some clothes for you first.

Its going to be New Years soon and you definitely need new clothes.

The four of them walked to a store of an international luxury brand.

The store manager had already been standing outside together with all the staff members and they greeted them warmly.


Lu, Second Young Master, Second Young Madam, Third Young Master, welcome.”


Lu said to the store manager, “Yiyi would like to buy some clothes.

Lets see what suits her.”

“Alright, Mrs.


Please come this way.”

The store manager invited them into a large VIP resting area and immediately got the staff members to prepare some drinks.

After they sat down, the store manager asked, “I wonder if Second Young Madam wishes to see the final pieces, a projection of the model wearing the clothes or the catalog”

Even since Zi Yi arrived here, she had never bought clothes from a physical store.

She thought for a moment and said, “Let me see the finished pieces.”

“Alright, Second Young Madam, please follow me.”

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye stood up together.


Lu said with a smile, “The both of you can go, Ill sit here and wait.”

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye followed the store owner to the display area of the items.

Upon arriving, the store owner explained to them which item was designed by which designer.

Subsequently, he stood by the side and let them see for themselves.

Zi Yi stood before the row of clothes and slowly browsed through.

Lu Jingye said, “If you like something, just get the staff to wrap it up for you.

However, Mother will most likely buy a set of red clothes for you and so you should just choose it now.”

“Why red” Zi Yi tilted her head and looked at him as she asked curiously.

“Because wearing red during New Year represents joy and luck in our country.”

Zi Yi smiled.

“Is that so”

Zi Yi pointed at a long coat.

“Does this look nice”

Lu Jingye took it down and held it up to her body.


He then passed the coat to the store manager.

“Wrap it up.”

“Yes, Second Young Master.”

The store manager thought enviously, “The Second Young Master and Second Young Madam get along well together and are so loving.

How well-matched they are.”

While they were having a great time choosing the clothes, Mrs.

Lu, who was seated in the rest area, saw that Lu Yunxiao didnt even shift his head after he sat down.

She was a little unhappy with his wooden behavior and so, she nudged his arm.

“Yunxiao, you should take a look at some clothes too.

Since youre here, buy a few pieces.”

Lu Yunxiao replied with a straight face, “Mother, I have plenty of clothes.”


Lu would prepare clothes for them every season and he did not have to worry about that at all.

In fact, what Mrs.

Lu wanted was just for her youngest son to go shopping alone and experience what it was like.

“Since youre here to shop, whats shopping if you dont look around and buy anything”

Lu Yunxiao corrected her.

“Im here to carry the bags for you.”


Lu was choked by his remark.

She felt that it was useless to reason with her youngest son and directly gave him an order.

“Im asking you to go shopping, so go shop.

Quick, go around the mens clothing shop and walk around.

You can only return after half an hour has passed.”

Lu Yunxiao had no choice but to stand up and walk towards the door.

After he went out of the shop, Mrs.

Lu was still looking at him through the glass window.

He could only continue walking forward.

He originally planned to walk around and find a corner to rest in and come back after half an hour.

Just then, he heard the sound of footsteps coming from behind him.

Lu Yunxiao subconsciously took a step to the side.

The trotting footsteps soon came to where he was and suddenly stopped.

Subsequently, the person twisted her ankle and was about to fall in his direction.

Lu Yunxiaos long legs quickly took a step forward and in the next second, someone fell to the ground heavily and a painful cry sounded.

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