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Zi Yi quickly took out a circular ball and threw it out.

The circular ball transformed into a shield protecting her and the green laser was blocked by the shield.

Zi Yi sneered.

“Just this What do you think you could possibly do to me”

Rick also smiled.

“Then you had better keep watching.”

Having said that, another special gun appeared in his hand and his body quickly moved at the same time.

While Rick was moving around quickly, he fired both guns at the same time.

The red and green laser formed a net and it flew down towards Zi Yi.

At the same time, the space became distorted.

Zi Yi quickly took a few steps back and threw out several circular balls at the same time.

The circular balls combined with each other in the air and transformed into a lightsaber.

Zi Yi grabbed the hilt and a powerful light shone down.

The space magnetic field was slashed apart.

The tip of the lightsaber reached Ricks chest and stabbed him.

Ricks body retreated back and he covered his chest, while looking at the lightsaber in Zi Yis hand with an expression of disbelief.

“You actually managed to make this lightsaber!”

Zi Yi pointed the lightsaber at Rick and smiled.

“Dont tell me only you people are allowed to create weapons that do not exist on ancient Earth and I cant do so”

“Impossible! You dont have those tools with you.

My mother said that you are just an ordinary person without those tools.”

“It seems like your mother had given you the wrong information.

Go and die!”

As soon as Zi Yi said that, the light saber stabbed Ricks chest again.

After Ricks chest was stabbed, a thick, green liquid flowed out from his body and at the same time, a worm was stripped off from his body.

The worm was convulsing on the ground painfully the moment it separated from Ricks body.

At the same time, Rick slumped to the ground.

Zi Yi threw the lightsaber in her hands toward the worm and it accurately pierced the worm.

The worm died after struggling for a few more seconds.

Zi Yi could not take the sight of worms and so, she shifted her gaze to Rick.

Rick, who was lying on the ground, had his eyes open wide.

He was so weak it was to the extent that it looked like he would die in the very next second.

His eyes were filled with unwillingness and hatred.

“How can I die first without killing Lu Jingye”

Rick stared at Zi Yi with those vicious eyes of his and there was an eerie smile on his face.

He said in a soft tone of voice, “Do you want to know why I hate Lu Jingye so much”

Zi Yi looked at him with indifference.


Rick acted as if he had not heard her answer and continued smiling.

“Because of Lu Jingye, my younger sister is dead.”

Zi Yi furrowed her brows.

“Isnt it surprising You clearly saw my younger sister the previous time.

However… that isnt her.”

Speaking of this, Ricks emotions started to surge.

He who was supposedly smiling looked as if he was crying.

“My younger sister is such a nice person and yet, Lu Jingye dares to refuse her gesture of love If not for the fact that Lu Jingye rejected Aisha, she would not be hit by a car and end up dead! Even though a clone identical to her was created later, it still wasnt her!”

“Ah Jing has nothing to do with this.” Zi Yi was not happy that he had blamed Aishas death on Ah Jing.

“What do you mean it has nothing to do with him My sister is so good, so noble and so outstanding, how is she not worthy of him Its him… its all because of him… cough cough…”

Rick covered his chest and soon, he started coughing out blood.

However, he did not care and continued talking.

“If he had not rejected Aisha, she would not have crossed the street due to grief without seeing the speeding car… Do you know what ended up happening to the driver and his family”

“I had him and his whole family run over and crushed to death.

They were all crushed into minced meat.

Isnt it very refreshing

Zi Yi looked at the crazy Rick and felt that he was a mad man.

Rick continued coughing for a while.

When he finally held back his coughing, his complexion was deathly white, and it was the sign of a dying man.

Rick continued to say, “Even if Im dead, I will drag Lu Jingye down with me and let him accompany my younger sister in the afterlife.

Hahaha… cough cough…”

Having said that, she looked at Rick who had started convulsing and ended up having breathing difficulties.

Before Rick took his last breath, he managed to speak with great difficulty.

“Even if I die, I will not let him have a good life.”

He passed away after he said that.

Just then, Little Loli came over from one side.

After she called out to Zi Yi, she pointed at Rick and asked, “Hes dead, should I take care of his corpse”

Zi Yi said that and turned to leave.

Little Loli walked over to Ricks side and took out a bottle of liquid from her body.

Very soon, Ricks corpse had turned into ashes and disappeared in the air.

Zi Yi was tapping on her watch while she walked.

She wanted to get in contact with Lu Jingye.

However, she noticed that she could not get in touch with him at all.

Zi Yis expression stiffened and she quickly got in contact with Shadow.

“Shadow, wheres Ah Jing”

Shadow responded.

“Master, your husband has left with you.”

“How could that be!” Before Zi Yi could speak, Little Loli shouted, “Sister and I have been here all along and dealing with a worm.”

Zi Yi asked with a heavy voice, “Where are you right now”

Shadow said, “We are cleaning up the remaining worms.”

Zi Yi asked, “Whos protecting Ah Jing”

Shadow replied, “His invisible robots are all protecting him.”

Zi Yi quickly pressed her waist and soon, Lu Jingyes exact location could be seen.

She said to Shadow, “Take care of those worms quickly and come over.”

Zi Yi turned around and headed in the direction of the back mountain.

While walking, she took out her circular ball and changed it into a skateboard.

Little Loli quickly chased after her and said, “Sister, has brother-in-law been taken away by the worm who transformed into you”

“Could the worm who took him away be the female worm”

After Lu Jingye was surrounded by the group of worms led by the female worm, Zi Yis invisible robots appeared at the same time and clashed with those worms.

Lu Jingye coldly stood by the side and watched.

However, after some period of fighting, there was a great commotion coming from behind him.

It was Long Aotian bringing along his men.

Long Aotian took the preemptive right to speak.


Lu, I invited you over to drink, and yet, you came to my turf to fight.

Are you looking down on me”

Lu Jingye coldly looked at Long Aotian and said, “Hasnt this all been arranged by you”

Long Aotian sneered and his expression turned stern.

He immediately ordered his men.

“Capture him!”

Lu Jingye looked at those people surrounding him coldly and he welcomed their attacks.

At the same time, a silhouette ran over and joined in the fight the moment he reached them.

The two brothers soon took care of Long Aotians men.

Long Aotian was momentarily stunned at the sight of Lu Yunxiao.

He quickly took out a remote controller and said, “Go to hell!”

When the explosive did not go off, it was already too late when Long Aotian realized that something was amiss.

Lu Yunxiao had already pulled the trigger of the gun and the bullet had pierced into his chest.

As soon as Long Aotian fell down, he saw Zi Yis figure running over in his direction.

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