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Soon, one of the staff members sent over several different types of juice and milk to Zi Yi.

Long Aotian even asked thoughtfully, “Mrs.

Lu, I dont know what you like to drink, so you can choose whatever one you like.

If you dont like anything, Ill have someone serve you other drinks.”

Lu Jingye glanced at the juices and milk in front of Zi Yi and said, “These will do.”

He then lifted the cup of milk and put it in Zi Yis hand.

Zi Yi looked at the milk and said, “I dont want to drink milk.”

Lu Jingye then took away the cup from her and grabbed a glass of juice and put it in her hands.

Everyone saw Lu Jingyes love for Zi Yi and joked around before they continued drinking.

Perhaps it was due to Lu Jingyes attitude towards Zi Yi, but everyone was rather reserved when they conversed with each other and they did not say too many uncivilized words.

However, all of them wanted to drink with Lu Jingye.

“Its rare to drink with Mr.

Lu and we must have a good drink this time.”

Lu Jingye said that his alcohol tolerance wasnt good and yet, Long Aotian immediately answered with a smile, “It doesnt matter, you can take a nap here before you return.

Ive prepared many exciting programs for everyone tonight and since Ive invited everyone here as guests, I will make sure everyone has a great time.”

When treating others to a meal in the Bermuda Triangle, the luncheon would usually start in the afternoon and the guests would only return at night.

However, the bosses here would rarely visit each others stockades.

After all, who knew if they would start shooting at each other in the next second.

The bosses all drank alcohol using a big bowl, while Lu Jingye continued using a glass.

After several cups were finished, the topic of the conversation shifted to what Lu Jingye was here for at the Bermuda Triangle and what he was doing in Country Em.

“I heard that Mr.

Lu and Mr.

Sang Bo from Country Em are working together.

It seems like Mr.

Lu is ready to make a big contribution to the jewelry industry!”

Lu Jingye held his glass of wine, lowered his eyes, and said some pleasantries with a calm expression.


Sang Bo and I have had continued cooperation and I am also happy to continue working together with him.”

“Haha… Mr.

Lu, youre being modest.

If not for your capabilities, how could Mr.

Sang Bo choose to work with you”

“Thats right, thats right.

Dont tell me Mr.

Lu is not telling us the truth because youre taking precautions against us Haha…”

“Haha… Mr.

Lu doesnt have to do that.

Were just casually asking.”

“However, Im very curious.


Lu is only dealing with jewelry now and so do you still need other things from outside”

Everyone said their questions in a joking manner, but they were actually seriously trying to sound him out.

However, Lu Jingyes answers were even more perfect than theirs.

Even though it seemed like he had answered all their questions, they were all dissatisfied with his answers.

Quite a few bosses were upset but they could not say anything

After drinking for some time, Lu Jingyes drinking speed slowed down.

One of the bosses said with a smile, “Mr.

Lu, youve only drank a little, and so dont tell me you cant take it anymore”

Lu Jingye held Zi Yis hand under the table and said to everyone, “Im indeed a little out of practice.

Ill be heading to the washroom, everyone can continue without me.”

Having said that, he pulled Zi Yi up.

Someone deliberately teased him.


Lu is bringing Mrs.

Lu along to the washroom.

How lovely their relationship is, hahaha…”

Lu Jingye said in a serious tone, “My wife is timid and I dont feel at ease leaving her here alone.”

The man felt as though he was hitting soft cotton and the smile on his face eased a little, but he did not say anything else.

Long Aotian called for one of his men to lead them to the washroom.

The moment they took their leave, the topic of the bosses conversation immediately changed.

“Say, how much money do you think Lu Jingye still has in his hands”

“I think hes still very rich.

Otherwise, he would not have fooled and toyed around with those rich bosses in Country Em.”

“Have you heard of it A black card appeared in Anges casino the night before yesterday.”


It just so happens that one of the bosses I know gambled with the black card holder.

He said that there were two men and a woman.

Even though their appearances were ordinary, they had given off imposing auras.

Their heart rates spiked up.

Those three people must be Lu Jingye and Mrs.


The other person did not matter much.

“Ive heard before that Lu Jingye is in possession of a limitless black card.

Hmph, as I expected, even though he no longer has the identity of the Lu Groups President, it wouldnt affect him much with his capabilities.”

“Thats right.

Otherwise, he would not have dared to come here again.”

“If we take his black card…”

Everyone was having similar thoughts and the atmosphere became silent as their minds were actively turning around.

At the same time, they started to be wary of the others.

Just then, Long Aotian said, “In fact, the reason I called everyone over is for this matter.

Why dont we… work together”

Everyone watched him closely.

Deep down inside, they were scoffing: “Only a fool would work together with you on your turf.”

Long Aotian seemed to have guessed everyones thoughts and said, “Im very interested in the robot technology in Lu Jingyes hands and I wish to invest in it.

Also… Im very interested in his woman.”

Having said that, he lifted the bowl and drank the alcohol.

After filling up the bowl again, he continued to speak, “I only want his woman.

I will leave Lu Jingyes card to you.”

The expressions of the bosses had eased a little.

Long Aotian did not want Lu Jingyes black card That was unexpected.

It had to be known that the black card represented wealth.

Since he only wanted Lu Jingyes woman, doesnt it mean that the woman can bring them greater benefits

All of them were not easy to fool.

At the thought of this, they casually raised the bowl to drink, as if considering his offer.

But in actual fact, all their minds became increasingly active.

They knew what kind of person Long Aotian was and they had also made adequate preparations when they came.

Therefore, they were not worried as to what he would do to them.

However, after hearing what Long Aotian said, why should they just settle for Lu Jingyes black card

Isnt it better to have both the woman and the card

“Come on, lets continue to drink.”


lets drink, lets drink.

Theres still quite some time anyway.”

After drinking for some time, someone stood up and said, “I cant take it.

Im going to sober up.”

Subsequently, he went out while staggering from side to side.

Long Aotian said to him, “Ive got my men to prepare a place and you can take a rest there.”

The man waved his hand with his back facing Long Aotian and went out.

After the first one left, sometime later, there were the second and the third.

When everyone used the excuse of sobering up to leave, one of Long Aotians men came up to him and whispered, “Boss, do you need me to send someone to monitor these people”

“No need.” Long Aotian did not regard them as a threat.

“I know exactly what they are trying to do.”

Wasnt it just to make arrangements to snatch both the black card and the woman

They still dont have the ability to snatch something from him on his turf.

Long Aotian asked, “Hows the preparation on Miss Yesas end”

His subordinate replied, “Miss Yesa is ready.”

Long Aotian took a sip and asked, “Where are the two from the capital”

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