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Zi Yi and Lu Jingye did not dwell on it for too long.

The car soon arrived within the vicinity of the Tian Long Stockade.

The entrance of the stockade was built like a fortress.

There were many tall and burly men armed with guns standing guard on the fort top

It was the same situation for the entrance.

There were a few cars in front of them entering the stockade and they saw a few guards using an instrument to check the surroundings of the car.

Zi Yi looked in that direction and scoffed.

“Is this Long Tian Stockade afraid that people entering the place have brought along powerful weapons Hmph, their actions are basically allowing themselves free rein to do anything, while ordinary people are even restricted from legitimate activities.”

Lu Jingye was also looking at the cars in front of them.

“It should be people from the Black Tiger Stockade in front of us.”


They deal in the firearms business, similar to Tian Long Stockade.

On the surface, both sides dont seem to have much of a friction.”

As to how many businesses they had snatched from each other in the dark, and how many people died from the conflict, no one knew.

“Even though thats the case, the boss of the Black Tiger Stockade still ended up coming”

“Long Aotian called them over today mainly to deal with me.”

Lu Jingye tilted his head and looked at Zi Yi.

“These people believe his bullsh*t”

“They dont.” A seemingly invisible smile curved up on his lips.

Everything seemed to be in the palm of his hand.

“Therefore, I agreed to the invite.”

Long Aotian claimed that he wanted to unite with everyone to deal with Lu Jingye and did not mention that he wanted to kill him.

Instead, he wanted to force Lu Jingye to take out what they needed.

However, these bosses arent stupid and they knew that Long Aotian was thinking of using them.

When the time comes, everyone would surely do something in the dark.

As long as these people came with different intentions, Lu Jingye was confident he could make use of them.

Zi Yi knew that Lu Jingye had made plans in advance and she was not worried at all.

She continued looking in front and asked, “Would those people from the Tian Long Stockade collect the weapons they brought along with them”

“They wont.

People here feel unsafe without weapons in their hands.

Since Long Aotian wants to make use of them, he would not do anything to incur their wrath after inviting them over.

Zi Yi nodded her head and did not continue asking questions.

There were around six cars in front of them and one of them was a luxury car.

The remaining cars were modified seven-seater SUVs.

Clearly, the person seated in the luxury car was the boss of the Black Tiger Stockade and his subordinates occupied the rest.

The six cars were only allowed inside after around five minutes of inspection.

Subsequently, their cars drove forward.

Lu Jingye had brought along some bodyguards of his and all of them occupied five cars.

Before the inspection, a man dressed in a military uniform, similar to that of Country Es general, came up to them.

Zi Yi looked at the man who had a heavy built figure and roasted him.

“Even wearing such handsome military uniforms, these people are still unable to conceal their bandit-like aura.

It looks so awkward… Do they think that by wearing that uniform, they are able to show their contempt for all the other countries”

Just then, the man had walked to their car and he knocked on the back passenger window.

Lu Jingye did not lower the window.

The man seemed to insist on getting what he wanted and he continued knocking a few more times.

However, he ended up walking over to knock on the front passenger window with a dark face.

The window was rolled down and a chilly looking face appeared before the mans eyes.

When the man saw Shadow, he was obviously stunned by his aura for a moment.

He recovered his senses in a second and fake coughed to clear his throat.

“This is Mr.

Lus car”

“For everyones sake, we have to inspect all your cars.

Im here to inform you in advance and hope that Mr.

Lu wont think much of it.”

Shadow waited for a moment.

He waited for Lu Jingye to nod his head before he said, “Ok.”

The man outside wanted to say something else, but Shadow had rolled up the window.

Zi Yi looked at the mans facial expression and was amused.

“This man was thinking of giving us a scare and has ended up failing to do so.

His expression almost became deformed just then.”

When Zi Yi was talking, she even shifted to the side to look at the scanning equipment in their hands.

Lu Jingye pulled her back and said, “Let them slowly check in whatever way they please.”

Zi Yi said, “If they can find anything from our cars, isnt my name as the interstellars… I mean, wouldnt my name as a technology geek be for nothing”

Lu Jingyes lips curved up.

He held her hand and nodded.

The inspection time for their cars was longer than that of the cars that went in before them.

After all, Long Aotian was trying to guard against Lu Jingye the most.

After the car drove in, there was a very long winding road.

The rain had finally stopped by then.

There were many trees and buildings on both sides of the road, and many gullies and high ridges.

After the rain stopped, they sparkled in the light.

Zi Yi looked at the building and terrain outside the window for some time and came to a conclusion.

“It seems like Long Aotian is very scared of dying.”

The car continued driving for nearly 20 minutes before it stopped at a large, flat, open space.

There were many cars parked there.

Those cars did not park together, instead, they were parked in individual groups.

It was obvious that each group belonged to different bosses.

The people who arrived first had alright alighted and headed over to the building in front of them.

There were also bodyguards guarding the surroundings of every group of cars.

When Lu Jingyes cars arrived, they saw many people coming out from the building.

The man in the middle had a headful of red hair and wore a navy blue coat as he played around with the two jade beads in his hands.

Based on the aura he and the people around him released, it was obvious that their identities were not simple.

This was the first time Zi Yi had seen Long Aotian and she was a little surprised.

“On the surface, this man doesnt look like an arms lord.”

He had instead, given off an iron-blooded aura.

Lu Jingye explained to her.

“He used to be an international mercenary.”

Shadow alighted from the car first and came to open the doors for Lu Jingye and Zi Yi.

Lu Jingye alighted from the car first and turned around to help Zi Yi out.

Long Aotian along with the group of people he led had already come over to where they were.


Lu, long time no see, I hope you are doing well.”

Long Aotian reached out his hand toward Lu Jingye and used another hand to pat his shoulders.

There was no need to mention how enthusiastic he was.

Lu Jingye returned his handshake and withdrew his hand after a few seconds as he said with a gentle and humble expression, “Mr.

Long, long time no see.”

Long Aotian laughed out loud and seemed as if he was extremely welcoming of Lu Jingye.

Only then did he shift his gaze to Zi Yis face and he said in surprise, “This must be Mrs.


You are indeed very beautiful.”

“Thank you.” Lu Jingye pulled Zi Yi into his arms and adopted a protective posture.

The smile on Long Aotians face deeped considerably at the sight of this.

He then made a gesture of invitation to them.


Lu, Mrs.

Lu, please.

Everyone has arrived and is waiting for the both of you.”

The two of them followed Long Aotian and his group and headed towards the entrance.

While walking Long Aotian casually asked, “I wonder how much business Mr.

Lu has brought along with him this time”

Lu Jingye also answered casually, “Plenty.”

“Haha, Mr.

Lu is so domineering as usual.

I wonder who has the luck to be doing business with Mr.

Lu this time”

“It would depend on who has the greatest sincerity.”

Long Aotian suddenly stopped walking and revealed a strong aura.

“Is that so, then does Mr.

Lu think I am expressing a sufficient amount of sincerity”

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