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Ouyang Ming heard He Fei coughing badly and his hands that were about to reach for the door stopped.

He said with a disappointed tone of voice, “Ah He, this is the end of our friendship.

Since youre willing to suck up to the man who killed your father, go ahead and do so!”

Ouyang Mings words were too hurtful.

He Fei was so angry that veins stood out on his forehead.

He tried his best to suppress his cough and shouted at Ouyang Ming, “Ah Ming, what the f*ck are you talking about If you dont believe me, you can make a call home and ask.

I know you hate Second… Lu Jingye, and I dont like him either.

However, he never lies and everyone in our circle knows that, isnt that right”

“He doesnt lie… Ha!” Ouyang Ming took out his phone and dialed a number.

At the same time, he turned on the speaker and said fiercely, “Call them and ask, right You better not get too agitated then!”

The phone rang twice before it was connected.

The other partys voice sounded.

“Hello, Ah Ming How is it that you remembered to call me Did you manage to get rich over there When will you be coming back to treat your brothers to a drink”

Ouyang Ming could not be bothered to exchange pleasantries and he got straight to the point.

“Ah Qiang, let me ask you.

Who killed He Feis father”

“Er… Ah Ming, why did you ask about this” The other party suddenly covered the phone.

They were currently drinking at a bar.

He covered his phone and said to the rest, “Ah Ming is suddenly asking me who killed Ah Hes father.

Dont you find it weird”

“So many days have passed and Second Master He has already been buried deep underground.

Could it be that they dont know yet No wonder, I was thinking why Ah He didnt even come back for his fathers funeral.

So its that he didnt know”

He nodded and released his hand that was covering the phone.

The first thing he asked was, “Ah Ming, is Ah He next to you right now”

Ouyang Ming responded with a hum.

The other party said, “The situation is a little complicated, let me explain it to you.”

How could Ouyang Ming be in the mood to listen to him explain things He ended up saying, “We have something urgent to attend to, just cut it short.”

“Alright then.

At first, everyone knew that it was Second Brother who killed Uncle He…”

Ouyang Ming immediately pressed the end button and looked up.

He Fei widened his eyes and revealed an expression of disbelief.

Ouyang Ming scoffed and said, “You heard that As to whether they lied or not, its something that can be checked just with a call.

Yet, you believed that hes not the culprit just because he said something”

He Fei felt a strong surge of hatred gushing upwards and his body started trembling due to this.

His expression was also ugly to the extreme.

Ouyang Ming got a fright when he saw He Feis appearance.

He hastily came over and said, “Ah He, take it easy.

Youre not fully well yet and so dont let yourself suffer from anger.”

He Fei tried his best to suppress his anger and said to Ouyang Ming with a hoarse voice, “Ah Ming, arent there prohibited drugs here that would allow one to recover immediately Go get one for me, quickly!”

“Ah He, are you crazy! Do you think the prohibited drugs here can be easily taken as you like”

He Fei struggled to gasp for breath.

His eyes were bloodshot and he looked like a wolf that would tear apart its prey at any time.

“If I dont avenge my father, I will have let down my father!”

Ouyang Ming saw his appearance and clenched his fists.

“Ah He, dont worry.

I will help you.”

Having said that, he turned and left.

Ouyang Mings friend who was in the capital looked at the phone that was disconnected and said straightforwardly, “I havent said that the real culprit was Uncle Hes brother and Ah Ming has hung up the phone call already.

Say, do you think I should call him back and finish my sentence”

“What for From what Ouyang Ming is saying, it seems like theyre about to return very soon.

Whats more, Lu Jingye has made all our families suffer recently, well just let Ah He misunderstand them for a while longer.

So what if he finds trouble with Lu Jingye when he returns”

“Youre right.

In any case, theyll know the truth when they return.”

Ouyang Ming had found out many things in City X during this period of time and he knew where he could find the prohibited drug He Fei wanted.

Coupled with the fact that Long Aotian wanted to make use of him and He Fei, he was also willing to give them some convenience here.

Therefore, when Ouyang Ming went to purchase the drug, the other party sold him the drug the moment Ouyang Ming mentioned Long Aotians name.

Most importantly, the female worm had just so happened to send one of her children to take He Fei away.

When Ouyang Ming returned to where He Fei was, he took advantage of the opportunity, when both sides were fighting, to feed He Fei the drug.

He Fei felt that the pain he felt was blocked and he got up.

Soon, they secretly left the hotel together.

When Zi Yi got to know of the situation there, Lu Jingye merely said, “Since they wish to leave, let them be.”

There was no need to explain to someone who was unwilling to believe in him.

Since they wanted to go against him, then go ahead and do so.

It was 11 a.m right now.

Lu Jingye whipped up something for Zi Yi to eat.

After she was done, the both of them got in the car and headed towards Long Aotians place.

It was still raining outside, but the rain was not as heavy as it was in the morning.

Lu Jingye was still worried and he reminded her again.

“Dont wander around alone when you arrive there.

If you wish to go to the washroom or go out for air, tell me.”

Long Aotian was one of the most powerful bosses in the Bermuda Triangle that dealt with arms and none of his subordinates were small fry.

Lu Jingye did not wish for Zi Yi to come along at all, but she had insisted.

Zi Yi was busy assuring him.

“I wont go anywhere.

Im just worried that the female worm might be in possession of weapons from the future that I dont know of.

If I follow you, Ill be able to make a weapon to resist hers the moment I see it.”

They had eight invisible robots and Little Loli.

Zi Yi got them all to carry some items along with them and if they really encountered a situation like what Zi Yi had described, she would be able to create something to block against their weapons right away.

They were heading to Long Aotians place, called the Tian Long Stockade.

The stockades of these big bosses were all located in the mountains.

Each of them occupied a place.

When the car drove out of the city, both sides of the road became lush with vegetation.

Zi Yi turned on the virtual screen and quickly connected to the satellite in the sky to check the nearby situation.

She called out to Lu Jingye after checking, “Ah Jing, the terrain structure of this Tian Long Stockade is so strange.

Isnt it similar to the Taiji Eight Diagrams we have in our country”

Lu Jingye looked at the topographic map and said, “One of Long Aotians aides is from our country.

Moreover, hes an expert in this field.”

“Its no wonder.” Even though Zi Yi said that, she was not worried in the slightest.

“The arrays and magnetic field on Earth have no influence on my robots.”

Lu Jingye pointed at the east of the map.

“This place is near a lake, but there are cliffs surrounding it.”

“Do you think Long Aotians arsenal is kept around here”


Yunxiao went around to investigate before.

However, it is heavily guarded and he did not go in to take a look.”

Both of them were not presently as concerned about this.

What they were more concerned about was where Long Aotian would keep his arms that he was intending to use to blow them up.

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