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Lu Yunxiao had the space magnetic field disruptor that Zi Yi had passed to him previously.

He took out a circular ball from his body and threw it in front of him.

The magnetic field was broken and the space returned to normal.

The moment it returned to normal, he was confronted by a group of people.

Without saying anything, the other party fired at him.

Lu Yunxiao quickly dodged to the side and while he dodged all the bullets, he had also fired at them.

However, just as two shots were fired, the lights in the whole corridor went out.

Subsequently, even more intense firepower came from the opponents side.

Lu Yunxiao was dodging all the attacks and in the end, he opened a door and broke in.

The moment he broke in, he made eye contact with a woman who was holding a glass of water and seemed as though she was just about to take a sip.

The woman looked at the man who suddenly barged in and just as she was about to talk, Lu Yunxiao used his powerful oppressive aura and said, “Lend me this place for a minute.”

The woman looked at the man who was leaning against the door and listening to the movements outside.

When she was about to take a step forward, Lu Yunxiao turned his head and gave her a glance.

That glance of his was extremely chilly.

However, the woman did not get frightened.

Instead, she laughed.

She then took large strides over and stood next to him as they both listened to the movements outside.

After listening for some time, she clicked her tongue and asked knowingly, “Are you being chased”

Lu Yunxiao kept his mouth shut and remained silent.

The woman did not care either and continued asking, “Are you one of Lu Jingyes men”

As expected, Lu Yunxiao did not reply and remained silent as usual.

The woman was finally bored with his reaction and clicked her tongue.

She stood there with her arms crossed and looked at Lu Yunxiao as she said, “The whole of the third floor has been reserved by Long Aotian.

Do you think you can escape easily”

Lu Yunxiao, who originally planned to go out, suddenly stopped.

The next second, he placed his knife against her waist.

The woman looked at him in disbelief.

“Youre biting the hand that just fed you”

Lu Yunxiaos voice was cold and expressionless.

“Since this floor is filled with Long Aotians men, you must be his subordinate too.

If I take you as a hostage, they wont do anything to me.”

The woman opened her mouth and took a long time before she said, “Your reasoning seems good, but how are you so sure that they will care about me You must know that Long Aotian has mentioned this before.

Whenever his men encounter the enemy, unless the hostage is himself, his men should make the hostage become thehero of the gang by dying.”

Lu Yunxiao looked at her.

He was still as expressionless as before.

“They wont be able to randomly kill a woman in this Heavens Room.”

Having said that, his knife approached her and he said, “Turn on the lights for the whole corridor.”

The woman was unhappy, but she did not resist.

She merely said, “You should look for the manager for such tasks.”

Lu Yunxiao pondered for two seconds and said, “There must be a way downstairs from this room.

Lead the way.”

The woman clicked her tongue.

“Youre so rude to me.

Why should I lead the way”

With that, her body slid down like a loach and she quickly escaped the danger posed by the dagger and retreated.

Just as she was secretly pleased with herself, she was pulled by her waist and in the next second, the knife was held against her waist.

This time, the knife was not as polite as before.

“If you move again, Ill kill you.”

The woman looked at Lu Yunxiaos ordinary-looking face and found it somewhat off.

However, Lu Yunxiao did not give her the chance to continue examining his face as he said, “Lead the way.”

A glint flashed past her eyes and there was a faint purple color in her black pupils.

She nodded her head and said, “Alright then, follow me.”

She tried taking a step forward.

As soon as Lu Yunxiao said that, the woman turned her head and opened her mouth.

A pill slipped directly into her mouth.

“Ugh…” After blanking out for a moment, the woman narrowed her eyes.

“What did you feed me”

“Poison,” Lu Yunxiao said expressionlessly, “As long as you dont play any tricks, Ill give you the antidote when we get downstairs.”

The woman looked at him with a weird gaze and said, “Youre not one of Lu Jingyes men! You are… one of Lu Yunxiaos men, right”

“Youre asking too many questions.”

However, the woman smiled and she purposely tested him.

“You are Lu Yunxiao.”

What answered her was his knife tearing her clothes and the pain from the knife pressing against her skin.

The woman finally kept her mouth shut and took him to the left side of the room.

There was a washroom on the left.

Unexpectedly, the secret door was inside the washroom.

The woman opened the secret door and said, “This can lead to the utility room on the first floor.”

The woman turned around and glanced at him before she took a step inside.

Behind the secret door was a narrow passage.

The whole passage was dark and narrow and when most people took this kind of route, they would feel suffocated.

However, Lu Yunxiao was accustomed to this type of place and he did not feel anything.

His eyes were able to see in the dark.

When he saw the woman reaching her hands into her cloth bag, Lu Yunxiao warned her.

“You better not make any moves.”

Having said that, his knife pressed against her harder.

A faint scent of blood could be smelled in the narrow passage and the womans faint breathing sounds.

She furrowed her brows and expressed her dissatisfaction.

“Can you be a little more gentlemanly”

Lu Yunxiaos flat voice sounded.


The womans voice suddenly became weird.

“You must be Lu Yunxiao, the killing machine of the Lu Family.”

Lu Yunxiao did not bother answering her.

“Lu Yunxiao, my name is Anya.

Just you wait.

The next time I see you, Ill definitely take revenge for today.”

As usual, there was no response.

Anya had also shut her mouth.

The both of them walked in the narrow passage for nearly three minutes before the space before them widened up.

Very soon, there was a door in front of them.

Anya walked over and was about to open the door.

Lu Yunxiao stopped her with a low voice.

“Wait a minute.”

Anyas hands paused and the next second, an apology sounded in her ears.


In the next second, she felt a strong incoming wind that struck the back of her neck.

Anya had been prepared in advance.

When the strong wind came, she quickly titled her head and successfully avoided the acupuncture points.

She held back the urge to yelp when the hand struck the back of her head and she fell down softly.

Lu Yunxiao pulled the door open and left.

After a minute later, there were knocking sounds coming from the door.

What followed after was a deep voice.


Anya responded with a groan.

Her neck still hurt and she was currently regretting it deep down.

She should have let Lu Yunxiao knock her unconscious instead.

The door was pushed open and strong rays of light came shining in.

A tall figure stood by the door like a guard.

The tall figure said in a teasing voice, “It seems like Lu Jingyes men were not nice to you at all.”

Anya got angry.

“Bro, cant you see that Im dying from pain Cant you send some sibling love and help me rub my neck”

The man ended up coming over and he squatted in front of her.

The light from outside finally shone in.

Anya asked, “Where did that person go”

“…This person is even more ruthless than I thought.”

“Sis, why does your tone of voice sound as if you are admiring him”

Anya sneered.

“At least the Lu Family members know how to take care of their people.

Theyre not like you.

In order to watch a good show, you didnt even care about your biological sister.

If not for the fact that he suddenly barged into my room, I wouldnt even know that you rented out the entire third floor.”

The man massaged her neck gently but ended up saying, “I thought you could protect yourself.”

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