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All the chips they had on hand were piled up in the middle and there was no need to mention how spectacular it was.

One of the people sitting opposite Zi Yi glanced at the chips on the table and he was clearly satisfied.

He then said in a gentlemanly way, “Ladies first.

You can reveal your cards first.”

Zi Yi put her hands on the cards and looked at the group of people staring at her.

She smiled and said, “Then Ill be revealing my cards.”

She flipped open all three cards at the same time.

The room fell into a dead silence.

Sometime later, one of the bosses stood up and shouted in disbelief, “How is that possible! How can it still be three 10s!”

The moment he shouted, the others immediately recovered their senses.

The bosses could not believe it.

In particular, the gambling god who was sitting in the middle.

He was so agitated that his face turned red and he pointed at Zi Yi.

“You must have cheated!”

“Right, you must have cheated!”

The bosses stood up at the same time and all of them were staring at Zi Yi fiercely as if they wanted to give her a full body check to see if she had brought along a cheat.

“You must have cheated, theres a need to check her.”


How could you possibly get three 10s consecutively!”

When two different pairs of hands slammed on the table at the same time, the table had almost broken into pieces right in front of them.

While the bosses were startled, Lu Jingye said, “Whoever dares to touch my wife can give it a try”

Lu Yunxiao chimed in.

“Ill kill whoever dares to touch my sister-in-law.”

Both of them radiated a murderous aura, scaring the bosses to the extent that they dared not even make a sound.

Their cheeks flushed red as they held in their breaths.

Just then, the man standing in the middle spoke up.

His voice also sounded very cold.

“When did you start acting like you cant afford to lose Since thats the case, you can get lost from here right now and dont ever come back again.”

The expressions of the bosses were deathly white and they dared not utter a single word.

The boss of the clubhouse turned to look at Zi Yi and the Lu Brothers.

“Customers, you can take your leave and head elsewhere to play.

You only need to leave your bank details.

I guarantee that the money you won will be transferred to your bank account before you leave the clubhouse.”

There was a rule here.

The clubhouse would take a 20% commission of the earnings and since their stakes were rather high, there were sure to be more procedures.

Lu Jingye nodded his head.

He took Zi Yis hand and headed towards the door.

Lu Yunxiao kept up with his pace.

After watching them leave through the door, the man turned to the bosses who were shaking.

The aura he radiated had turned extremely chilly.

“You must abide by my rules if you wish to play here.

Do you really think I wouldnt know if they had cheated or not”

Having said that, he looked at the cards scattered on the table and said to the manager, “Bring me this deck of cards.”

Having said that, he turned around and left.

After the man took his leave, the bosses felt as though their bones had disappeared, as they slumped on their respective chairs.

When Zi Yi and the Lu Brothers walked to the first floor, Lu Yunxiao suddenly asked, “Sister-in-law, how did you do that”

Zi Yi knew what Lu Yunxiao was asking and she said, “Shadow.”

Lu Yunxiao immediately understood.

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye were still holding hands and they did not let go of each other, even when they arrived somewhere crowded.

While walking, Zi Yi said, “That man seemed to have recognized you.”


There are only ten people in this world who have that black card.

Everyones card is different and its normal for him to be able to recognize me from the card.”

“Then will we be in trouble”


This man knows whats best for him.”

“Isnt he one of the bosses in the Bermuda Triangle”

“He is, but his identity is rather unique.

He doesnt get involved in the gangs here and only manages the clubhouse.

As long as people do not cause trouble here, he doesnt care about anything else.”

Zi Yi breathed a sigh of relief and started her plans.

“We made 400 million in one go.”

Lu Jingye reminded her.

“The clubhouse will draw 20% of it.”

“In that case, we have a profit of 320 million.

Its definitely enough to buy the materials we need.”

“It doesnt matter if its not enough.

We are not short of money.”

“It feels better to use someone elses money.”

Lu Jingye smiled and asked, “Do you want to head over to the auction now or would you like to play around awhile more”

As soon as Zi Yi was about to respond, she heard the conversation between two individuals who walked past them.

“I heard that the activity in basement level one is extremely exciting tonight.

In order to get the reward money, theres someone who dared to challenge the boxing champion.”

“Really Is that person sick of living The fighting here is a life and death battle and the boxing champion has won for several months.

To think that someone dared to challenge him.”

“However, if they manage to win, I heard that the reward money is 200 million.”

“Thats right.

Whats more, for that person to dare to challenge the boxing champion, they must be rather skilled too.

Quick, lets go.

We will still be able to witness the most exciting moment.”

Subsequently, the two of them quickened their pace.

Zi Yi looked at Lu Jingye.

“Oppa~ I also want to take a look.”

Lu Jingye certainly would not have any objections.

As such, the three of them went to the basement level one.

The interior of the basement was simply worlds apart from the other floors.

After they arrived, there were spiraling staircases all around the whole venue and the fighting ring was in the middle.

The fighting ring was very big.

Instead of those soft guardrails one would often see on TV, the whole platform was covered by a large cage.

There was a display screen several meters large next to the fighting ring.

Even those spectators who were sitting at the back could clearly see the fight.

There was a flat ground about five meters wide under the fighting ring.

It was where the rich people could watch the fight at close range.

The moment they entered the place, sounds of cheering, cursing, and laughter hit them straight away.

Zi Yi looked up at the large screen in front of her.

It just so happened that she saw a familiar individual inside the fighting ring.

He was getting hit in the stomach by the opponents elbow and the opponent looked as strong as a mountain.

Zi Yi was surprised.

“To think that he dared to fight this man”

Lu Jingye glanced at the side.

“Hes not participating voluntarily…”

She originally assumed that He Fei was doing it for the 200 million reward money.

Lu Jingye pointed at the black ribbon tied on He Feis arm shown on the large screen.

“This black ribbon shows that he owes money here and is being forced to fight.

As long as he wins, the debt will be written off.”

Zi Yi was surprised.

“He Fei is actually doing so badly here”

She always knew that He Fei and Ouyang Ming were at the Bermuda Triangle.

“However, Little Loli told me before that He Fei and Ouyang Ming wanted to do business with one of the big bosses here.

However, they were detained by that man instead.”

“Yes, it should be due to this.”

Lu Jingye asked Zi Yi, “Do you want to go down”

Zi Yi thought about it for a moment.

Even though she disliked He Fei pestering her in the past, he did not do anything heinous towards her.

Not to mention, his father had been killed by his uncle, and yet, he wasnt able to rush back to send his father off.

She felt a little sympathy for him and nodded.

“Lets go and take a look.”

The three of them walked down the aisle.

When they arrived at the bottom of the fighting ring, those rich people sitting around them got even more excited.

Zi Yi checked the surroundings and saw a red-eyed Ouyang Ming who was shouting loudly to He Fei, asking him to hang on.

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