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Zi Yi did not expect the two brothers to be so good at gambling.

In less than half an hour, they had been stopped by one of the managers of the casino.

The tone of the manager was considered polite, but the words he said had no room for refusal, “Dear customers, according to the rules of the casino, as long as the customer wins 20 rounds consecutively, they have to enter private rooms to gamble.

Please follow me.”

Zi Yi looked at Lu Jingye with a confused look.

“Theres such a rule here”

Lu Jingye explained to her calmly.

“They think that we are cheating.”

Zi Yi was silent for several seconds before she asked, “Then who will we be gambling with later”

“It might be the gambling experts employed by the casino or the rich bosses.”

In any case, the casino will get individuals who are good at gambling to compete with them.

“What are the consequences if they determine that we are cheating”

“Theyll break your hands and legs.”

Zi Yi shifted her attention to the manager and spoke in the international common language.

“If we win, will you prevent us from leaving”

The managers lips twitched at her words and he guaranteed her.

“Miss, do be assured.

We are doing long-term business here and as long as you have that ability, even if you were to win the entire casino establishment, our boss will give it to you with both hands.”

The manager thought deep down: “Ive already exaggerated my words to such an extent, I dont believe you wont follow me.”

Zi Yi looked relieved after she heard him.

However, she seemed to have thought of something and asked, “Can I start a live broadcast then”

The managers expression changed.

As soon as she saw the change in his expression, she grabbed Lu Jingyes clothes and hid behind him.

Lu Jingye looked at the manager in displeasure.

The manager took a deep breath and said, “This should be your first time here and you are still unaware of our rules here.

We do not allow any live broadcasts here, and not even taking photos is allowed.”

What a joke, this was the Bermuda Triangle where dragons and snakes mingled together.

Nine out of 10 of the individuals here did not wish to be revealed to the public and in particular, those top bosses.

If this girl really held a live broadcast, wouldnt the face of the bosses here be shown on the internet and let the international police catch their tail”

Zi Yi looked at the manager whose expression had changed several times and she finally stopped asking.

The manager invited them once again.

“Dear customers, please follow me.”

“At the very least, you have to tell us who we are gambling with Also, how long will the game last We still have to make our way to the auction later and I dont want to miss it.”

The manager said, “Miss, theres no need to worry.

I guarantee that we will let you leave before the start of the auction.”

As long as they confirmed that these three people were not cheating, obviously, he would not make things difficult for them.

Only then did Zi Yi say to the two brothers in a satisfied tone, “In that case, lets go and play.”

She even added.

“Ill gamble this time and strive to win all the money from the opponent!”

This girl is building castles in the air1!

Lu Jingye glanced at Zi Yi who was purposely acting naughty and stroked her head.


The manager who had a straight face was laughing to himself deep down inside.

“Dear customers, please.”

Only then did the three of them follow the manager into the private rooms.

Behind the hall was where the private rooms were.

This clubhouse covered an area of at least 2000 ping (one ping is equivalent to 3.3057 square meters).

It was very large and not to mention the entire floor was a casino.

There were many different private rooms.

The room they entered was Room Three.”

There were already several people seated inside the private room.

Also, Lu Jingye had recognized all of them.

He said to Zi Yi, “They are all the bosses of several different industries.”

Lu Jingye did not specifically tell her what industries they were in.

However, he had more or less told Zi Yi that these people were rich.

There was only a transparent long table around three meters long and two meters wide in the room.

The bosses were all seated at the opposite end of the table.

Among them, there was someone who gave off a different feeling compared to the rest.

Before Lu Jingye had the chance to tell Zi Yi who that person was, the manager introduced him.

“You will be gambling with these bosses today and they have invited the gambling king, Mr.

Qiao Luosi… The three of you can have a discussion about who will be stepping out to gamble.”

“Ill do it.

What are we gambling” Zi Yi was very curious.

“How much is the minimum bet”

The moment Zi Yi asked that question, everyone across the tablet looked at her like she was a beginner.

This girl did not know anything and yet, she dared to come here and gamble It seems like shes here to gift them money.

However, does such a beginner-looking girl have the money to gamble with them

At the thought of this, one of the bosses frankly said, “Our minimum bet is a hundred thousand and theres no maximum bet.

If you dont have that much money, you had better not join in.”

Another boss added.

“Also, take out one of the business licenses for your company to let us have a look.”

None of them knew these three people and perhaps they were individuals who wanted to try their luck with a few pennies.

They did not have that much time to play around with them.

Zi Yi did not expect that they would need a business license and she turned to look at Lu Jingye.

“Oppa, what should we do if we didnt bring our business license”

Lu Jingye was suddenly stirred up by the way she called him.

He narrowed his eyes and said in a deep voice, “Call me again.”

Zi Yi blinked her eyes in confusion.

Lu Jingye said, “Call me that again and Ill give you whatever you want.”

Zi Yi had never heard such provocative words from Lu Jingye before and she felt inexplicably happy deep down.

Her cheeks were even slightly red.

Thus, she called out once again, “Oppa~”

With a sharp gaze, Lu Jingye looked at the group of people sitting opposite them.

Their gazes were all looking at Zi Yi.

He then took out a black card and asked, “We dont have our business license.

We only have this card.

Are we able to gamble with you”

The people sitting down had their eyes wide open.

In the next second, all of them responded.

“Of course, yes you can.”

Even the manager became very polite and personally went over to pull out chairs for the three of them.

“Distinguished customers, please take a seat.”

Inside the surveillance room.

The manager looked at the situation inside Room Three and he hastily said to one of the staff members, “Go and report to the boss and tell him that a black card customer is here tonight.”

As soon as the staff member was about to leave, the manager quickly called out, “Forget it, Ill personally report to him.”

He then trotted off and went to look for the boss.

Zi Yi, Lu Jingye, and Lu Yunxiao went over and took a seat.

When the bosses sitting on the opposite side saw that Zi Yi was sitting in the middle while the two men sat either side of her, all of them revealed surprised expressions.

One of the bosses raised his voice and asked, “Is this young lady going to gamble with us”

“Cant I” Zi Yi looked at them.

Why would they stop her Its obvious that this woman looked like someone who did not know how to gamble.

If they gambled with her tonight, wouldnt everyone profit

The bosses tried to control their excitement, and they were even afraid that the three of them might suddenly change their minds.

Thus, one of the bosses said eagerly, “Lets begin.”

The manager personally went to get the chips.

Both sides had a box of chips and as soon as the manager was about to speak, the door was suddenly opened.

They saw a few strong-looking men accompanying a man coming in.

The aura he radiated was very unique.

It was both good and bad, and one could not discern his real inclination.

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