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Zi Yis hand paused for a moment and she turned to look at Lu Jingye, who was eating calmly.

Lu Jingye grabbed some dishes for her and said, “There was no one in the yard.”

Zi Yi was finally at ease.

Little Loli grudgingly thought: “Am I not a human Alright, I am indeed not a human.

However, I had heard an entire morning of background noises.

Hee hee…”

Just then ​Zi Yi said to Little Loli, “In the future, stay somewhere further away from our room.

Youre not allowed to stay so close.”

“Why Sister, you said it yourself that Im not a human.”

“Even if you arent a human, Im still worried that I might be psychologically affected.”

After the meal, both of them brought along their bodyguards and left the courtyard.

Even though they did not encounter any situations on the road to the mountain, the RV didnt arrive at City X until 7 p.m.

in the evening.

Zi Yi did not expect Lu Jingye to have a house here as well.

Lu Jingye said, “I have had interactions with people here in the past and its inconvenient to stay in a hotel, so I bought a place.”

The house Lu Jingye bought was not big.

It was a small, two-story house with a yard outside.

The RV was able to drive into the yard without any difficulty.

At this time, Lu Yunxiao was already waiting for them in the yard.

As soon as Zi Yi and Lu Jingye alighted, he called out to them, “Brother, Sister-in-law.”

Lu Jingye nodded and walked over to him to pat him on the shoulders.

There was no need for a lot of words for the two brothers to communicate clearly.

They easily knew each others thoughts.

On the other hand, Zi Yi giggled and asked, “Yunxiao, was it alright staying here”

“Yes, thank you sister-in-law for your concern.

I am doing well.”

Little Loli added.

“Then did Oppa miss me”

Lu Yunxiao tilted his head and looked at her expressionlessly.

Little Loli was heartbroken and she hit her chest.

“Oppa, you didnt miss me…”

Lu Yunxiaos lips twitched.

He did not know how to answer his sister-in-laws robot and ended up remaining silent.

Zi Yi said to Little Loli, “If you have nothing to do, go around and tour the place.

Dont tease Yunxiao.”

“Okay, sister! Ill go out for a stroll right away.” Little Loli giggled and walked towards the main gate.

Zi Yi reminded her from behind.

“Change your appearance first.”

Only then did the three of them head to the living room.

After taking a seat on the sofa, Lu Yunxiao gave them a simple rundown of the situation here.

“I have already pinpointed the thing sister-in-law mentioned.

Its at the place of the most influential boss here, Long Aotian.”

Zi Yi burst out laughing at the name.

When the two men looked at her, she said, “Long Aotian is the male lead of the N number of novels Little Loli has read.

I didnt expect it to be used here.”

Lu Jingye asked Lu Yunxiao, “Did you find out if Rick was brought there”


I got Night to monitor Long Aotians place.

Rick was brought over at midnight the day before yesterday.

Zi Yi snorted.

“We must resolve Rick this time around.

Otherwise, allowing this madman to stay alive will be a hidden danger.”

Lu Jingye suddenly thought of the Rick who had bombed his car and said, “Its possible that Ricks body has been taken over by the worm.

The person who appeared in front of my car that day was very similar to Rick but it wasnt him.”

Zi Yi thought about it and said, “The person that resembled Rick might be a clone.”

Lu Yunxiaos expression turned cold at the mention of the wordclone.

He said, “This person must have been created by the secret lab in Country A.”

Lu Jingye said, “So, the worm is cooperating with a certain higher-up of Country A.

Or perhaps it has taken over one of the government officials bodies.”

Zi Yi said, “The possibility of it occupying the body of a higher-up is very high.

Moreover, I have a feeling that these two worms are thinking of occupying Earth.

Moreover, their intention of taking over is very strong.”

Zi Yis words cause the expressions of the two brothers to turn serious.

Lu Jingye pondered about it and asked Zi Yi, “What is the worms reproductive ability”

“If it is a queen worm, they can breed tens of thousands of babies a year.

For an average female worm, they can breed hundreds of babies a year.

Based on the time, that female worm would have already bred at least fifty or sixty child worms.”

The time Zi Yi mentioned was starting from the day she first arrived here on ancient Earth.

Lu Jingyes expression turned even more grim.

Even though Lu Yunxiao did not quite understand what the worm was that they were talking about, he had still sensed the severity of the situation.

“What should we do now”

Lu Jingye looked at Zi Yi.

“What we can confirm now is that the female worm is here.

As long as the female worm is killed, theres no need to fear her reproducing again.

Itll be easy to take care of the remaining worms.”

“Then lets take care of the female worm first.”

“We are unable to do so for the time being.

I need to create some equipment first.

The female worm is capable of releasing a sonic soundwave and I have to take care of that first.”

Having said that, Zi Yi turned on her virtual screen and started operating.

“If I get my company to start working on the materials needed, it will take at least a week and this would be too late.

Therefore, I have to extract the elements I need from other things.”

“What do you need Yunxiao and I will set out to search for it right away.”

Zi Yi quickly operated the virtual screen and soon, a list was shown.

Some of them were elements that were easy to find, but some of them were rather tricky.

Zi Yi pointed at a few of the elements with strange symbols and said, “These elements have to be extracted from meteorites from outer space.

We have to find a meteorite right now.”

The two brothers went into deep thought about where they could find a meteorite stone.

Sometime later, Lu Yunxiao said, “A meteorite that fell in District L of Province Y in China ten years ago was discovered and we can search there.”

Their current location was not considered far away from Province Y and if they sent the robots over, they would be able to return in a few hours.

Thus, the problem of finding a meteorite could be considered resolved.

Zi Yi had originally brought along some equipment when she left.

She could just purchase additional materials to make the equipment she needed.

Zi Yi showed the list of materials and elements she needed to them again.

After reading through the list, Lu Yunxiao said, “We can visit the largest clubhouse in the central area.

Theres an auction house there and they have everything.”

The three of them discussed it and planned to visit the clubhouse this evening.

However, as soon as they were done discussing, Shadows voice sounded from outside.

“Master Lu, someone is requesting to meet you.”

Lu Jingye asked, “Who is it”

“The other party said that he is Boss Longs subordinate.

His name is Zhang Ze.”

Lu Jingye and Lu Yunxiaos expressions turned cold at the mention of the persons name.

Lu Jingye said to Zi Yi, “Head to the bedroom and wash up first.

After we finish eating, well visit the clubhouse.”

Zi Yi knew that Lu Jingye did not wish for her to interact with those people and so, she did not say anything and headed upstairs.

Lu Yunxiao had also walked towards the back of the house.

Only then did Lu Jingye speak.

“Bring him in.”

The person who came in was a tall man with a beard.

He extended his hand toward Lu Jingye with great enthusiasm when he came in.


Lu, welcome to the Bermuda Triangle.

Long time no see.”

Lu Jingye shook hands with him and said after letting go, “Mr.

Zhang Ze, please take a seat.”

The moment he sat down, Zhang Ze looked around the living room and asked openly, “I heard that you have brought Mrs.

Lu along with you.

Why dont I see Mrs.

Lu around”

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