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“That must be it! I heard that the Song Jewelry was previously closed for a period of time and perhaps all their staff have already run away.


Lu must have brought a newcomer here with him.”

“It seems like Mr.

Lu is very confident about this though, right”

“Perhaps he doesnt plan to buy large quantities of raw stones anyway and maybe hes only here to bring his wife to expand her horizons.


Bu Di sneered after hearing everyones remarks.

“Zi, your husband is really nice.

Hes willing to bring you out to expand your horizons.

In my case, I had to beg my sweetheart to bring me along with him.”

Zi Yis lips twitched and she said, “Youre really pitiful.”

“Isnt that so” Bu Di revealed a sad and upset expression.

Those around them could not take his behavior and they quickly distanced themselves from the trio.

Little Loli stood there and giggled.

It was still early and the government officials had yet to appear.

Everyone gathered at the entrance and waited for the mine to be opened.

Bu Di informed Zi Yi what the procedures were after the jadeite mine was opened to the public.

“When the time comes, all the bosses will get their gamblers to pick out a piece of raw stone at the venue.

After burning incense, they will cut open the raw stone on the spot to set the day off to a good start.”

“What if they open up a stone with inferior minerals”

“How is that possible The bosses are all acquaintances with the mine owners, not to mention that the gamblers that the bosses bring along with them are skilled themselves.

In addition, the mine owners would also send their men as a backup.”

Since it was to create an auspicious start, they would certainly not let the bosses open raw stones that were bad.

“The most precious mineral they managed to open up these past years is from the ice type jadeite.”

Zi Yi nodded her head and asked, “Whats the best one that had surfaced”

“Of course, its the glass type,” Bu Di said professionally, “Even though red, green, emerald, and purple jades are expensive, those glass types are the purest.

Green jade belongs to the first grade, while violet, white and blue jade belong to the second grade.

All these years, the best minerals that these bosses obtained were the glass type.”

“No one has ever opened up an emperor green jade”

“Theres only a small chance.

Ive been here for so many years and the first time Ive ever seen an emperor green jade here was when I was a teenager and it was about this size.”

Bu Di gestured how big the emperor jade he saw was.

It was the size of an egg.

Bu Di added.

“Speaking of this, you had better believe this story.

If someone really were to open the raw stone and obtain an emperor green jade, its likely that good minerals will show up.

Everyone says that this is the Jadeite Goddess rewarding the bosses.”

Zi Yis lips curved up.

“I dont believe it, but I believe that I can obtain good minerals today.”

Little Loli immediately agreed.


We only want the glass-type jade at the very least and we will be aiming for emperor green jade.”

Bu Di looked at the two ladies who were acting even more confident than the other.

“You should think about this deep down instead of saying it out loud.

Otherwise, you will get laughed at… But Ill help you check out the raw stones later and guarantee that youll have an auspicious start!”

Zi Yi and Little Loli rejected his offer at the same time.

Bu Di asked, “Zi, could it be that you really intend to have Little Loli act as your gambler”


Dont look down on Little Loli.”

Zi Yi had installed the detection device on Little Loli last night.

As long as Little Loli took a glance, she would be able to identify which raw stone had the best minerals.

Who could detect that they were cheating

Bu Di was a little worried.

He lowered his voice and reminded her.

“What if someone discovers that Little Loli is a robot”

Even though it was not openly indicated that robots and mechanical equipment were not allowed inside, if everyone were to express their dissatisfaction, it was also rather troublesome.

Zi Yi thought about it and felt that his concerns were reasonable.

She then said to Little Loli, “Youll wait outside in that case.”

Little Loli was very famous in the [Futuristic Bar] and there should be people here who know of her.

It was possible that someone would oppose Little Loli from entering the mines.

Zi Yi and Bu Dis thoughts came true very soon.

When the mine was opened for entrance, Lu Jingye and Sang Bo came over together.

While everyone was preparing to enter, someone said loudly, “Mr.

Lu and Mrs.

Lu brought along a robot with them.

Are you planning to disrupt our testing equipment”

As soon as someone said that, everyone turned their attention over to Zi Yis side.

There were many people who were surprised.

“It cant possibly be that young girl standing there right”

“Thats the one.

Shes one of the robots in Zi Yis bar.”

“Wow, if you didnt tell me, I cant tell that shes a robot at all.”

“I heard that Mrs.

Lus [Futuristic Bar] is fully operated by robots.

I didnt expect that the robots she made would be so human-like.”

Everyone gossiped in amazement about it but all of them agreed that robots should not be allowed inside.

“See, I told you so.” Bu Di crossed his arms and looked at those people claiming that Lu Jingye and Zi Yi wanted to cheat.

He angrily glared at those people.

“These people are most likely praying that you will choose an inferior raw stone later.”

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye swept their gazes across the group of people with calm expressions.

Zi Yi said to Little Loli, “Wait for me outside.”

Little Loli obediently answered, “Alright.”

Looking at them, the people around them started to doubt if the little girl was really a robot.

Zi Yi gave some orders to Little Loli and got her to head back to the car and wait.

Subsequently, Lu Jingye and her headed toward the square.

All the bosses along with their gamblers and their lapidaries also walked over.

After arriving at the square, what appeared before them was a large open space where the incense-burning tools and cutting machines had been prepared.

The government officials of Country Em came over at this moment.

When he saw a familiar face walking alongside the government officials, Bu Di who was standing next to Zi Yi cursed.

“F*ck, shes really everywhere.

For this woman to be here at this moment, shes definitely up to something nefarious.”

Zi Yi looked at Ye Lier who was standing in the middle of the government officials and being treated respectfully, and said with indifference, “Unless she has the ability to prevent us from selecting raw stones, what else could she possibly do”

“Youre right.” Bu Dis lips curved up.

“Unless she can make all the mine owners refuse to sell you anything theres nothing she can do.”

It was impossible for such a situation to happen.

Just then, one of the staff members came forward and began to say something.

It was something along the lines of welcoming everyone to Country Em and to the participation of the opening of the mines as well as hoping that all the bosses can strike the jackpot today.

After the staff member was done, he announced, “Alright, everyone can go ahead and choose the raw stones.”

All the bosses led their gamblers and lapidaries inside.

Walking into the quarry was like walking up a rolling hill.

Piles of raw stones were piled up in advance on the ground.

The gamblers that the bosses brought over would choose a pile and pick out a piece.

Among the group of bosses, only Lu Jingye did not bring along a gambler.

When he entered, he only brought along Zi Yi and Bu Di.

Not to mention, Bu Di had entered by following him.

“Lu, to think a day would come where you are so hasty.

You didnt even bring a gambler with you.

Fortunately, Im here today.

You can rest assured that I will definitely get a good mineral for you today.”

The more Bu Di talked, the heavier the responsibility that he felt.

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye did not respond to him.

However, they did not reject Bu Dis kind intentions either.

Everyone separated the moment they entered the quarry.

After the three of them walked for some time, Bu Di suddenly called out, “Lu, Zi.

The raw stones from this place are not bad.

Lets choose a piece out of this pile.”

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