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The sudden release of information on the internet caused everyone to shift their attention to Rick and Dan Wei.

Even if the Prince had sent people to suppress all the news online, everyone was still having a heated discussion in private.

This had diverted the attention of the public away from Lu Jingye.

On the night before the opening of the jadeite mines, Sang Bo and Bu Di went over to Zi Yis villa.

The moment Sang Bo arrived, he headed to the study room with Lu Jingye to discuss business, while Zi Yi and Bu Di sat on the sofa.

Bu Di drank the fruit tea prepared by Zi Yis robot and revealed a pleasant expression.

Zi Yi looked at him and said, “You seem to be very happy”

Bu Di gave her a wink and said with a smile, “Of course.

That hateful person is in such a miserable state and if not for my sweetheart holding me back, I would have opened a party to celebrate the good news.

“However, its fine that I cant have a party.

I brought along several bottles of good wine.

When the food is served later, Ill serve the wine and we can celebrate.”

Zi Yi was speechless and she directly exposed his motive.

“Just say it outright that you want to come to my house and have a meal.

To think that you had even come out with such a grandiose excuse.


Bu Di did not feel ashamed when his motive was exposed.

After all, he was thick skinned.

“Its not like were here for a free meal anyways.

You can ask Lu to prepare more rice for my sweetheart later, he can afford to eat fewer meat dishes.”

Zi Yi looked at him.

“Where is your moral integrity”

Little Loli heard their conversation when she came in and she laughed heartily.

Bu Di turned around and his eyes brightened up.

“What a pretty Little Loli.”

“Hehe, how did Oppa know that my name is Little Loli” Little Loli walked over to Bu Dis side and sat down, while looking at him with her large eyes.

Bu Di melted at the sight of her big Barbie-like eyes.

“Oh, my little darling.

How can there be such an enchanting Little Loli You look so Loli-ish, so calling you Little Loli is really suitable.”

“Hehe… Oppa, whats your name You look good too.”

“Really My name is Bu Di.

Do you really think that I look good”


Youre the best looking out of all the males Ive met.”

Zi Yi who was sitting beside them: “…”

“Oppa must be very popular…”

Zi Yi resisted the urge to hold her forehead as she stood up and headed outside.

“Sister, where are you going” Little Loli casually asked.

Zi Yi replied with a wooden expression, “Im going outside to have a video call with my Mom.

Dont follow me outside and help me entertain Bu Di.”

After Zi Yi headed outside.

Little Loli and Bu Di sat there and flattered each other.

Zi Yi could not bear to listen to them anymore and she decided to walk further away before she sent Mrs.

Lu a video call.


Lu was working on a jewelry design and she immediately smiled at Zi Yi after answering the video call.

“Mom,” Zi Yi sweetly called out.


Lu asked, “Hows it like over there Did you have fun”

Zi Yi told her about what happened when she went to A.Uni.


Lu nodded her head and said, “Good, good.

Our Yiyi is really very smart and just to think that you can give lectures to teaching staff and graduate students now is amazing.”

Speaking of this, she asked, “Yiyi, will you be giving lectures at M.Uni during the next semester”


I will most likely be cooped up in the lab during the next semester.”


Lu disapproved.

“I thought you said you were going to play for another semester Why are you entering the lab so soon”

Zi Yi was also vexed and she told Mrs.

Lu the reason behind it.


Lu could not help but laugh.

“Since it was your Uncles and Teacher who requested for you, it is indeed hard to refuse them.”

The both of them conversed for a while more before the conversation shifted to jewelry.


Lu asked, “Tomorrow is the day of the opening of the jadeite mines.

Is Jingye really not intending to buy any”

“Nope,” Zi Yi said, “Ah Jing and Sang Bo are going to cooperate.”

Sang Bo had several mines in his hands and he was rather well-known in the jade industry, so Mrs.

Lu also knew of him.

She then said with a smile, “Thats good.

Ah Jing wouldnt need to then send people over to manage the jadeite mines either.”

Sang Bo and Bu Di originally planned to sell their jadeite mines and leave the country to stay elsewhere.

However, after what happened these few days, they changed their minds.

Sang Bo clearly experienced Lu Jingyes financial capabilities and coupled with Lu Jingyes ability, they were sure to profit if they cooperated with each other.


Lu chatted with Mrs.

Lu for half an hour or so.

Just as she was about to disconnect the call, she heard Lu Jingye asking Little Loli from inside the living room, “Wheres Yiyi”

Little Loli answered, “Sister is having a video call with Auntie outside.”

Zi Yi then told Mrs.

Lu to hold off on ending the call.

Soon, Lu Jingye made his way out.

When he saw his Mother on the video call, he called out, “Mother.”


Lu smiled and nodded her head before she started lecturing him.

“I know youre busy, but you should take time out to accompany Little Yi no matter how busy you are.”

Zi Yis eyes curved into crescent moons at Mrs.

Lus words.

Lu Jingye tilted his head and glanced at her before he replied to Mrs.

Lu, “Alright.”


Lu was not worried about their affairs and so, she started talking about Lu Yunxiao.

“Yunxiao hasnt called me during this period of time.

That little kid… He would always forget about his Mother whenever he goes out.”


Lu knew that the job of her youngest son was unique, but she could not help but grumble.

Having said that, she added.

“After you two return from your trip, itll be Chinese New Year soon.

I have discussed with Jianlin that hes not allowed to assign any work to Yunxiao.

During Chinese New Year, Ill get someone to introduce some girls to him… You two arent allowed to inform him in advance.”

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye nodded their heads.

At this juncture, they had to agree with whatever Mrs.

Lu said.

Deep down, they were silently sympathizing with Lu Yunxiao.

They chatted for a while more before Mrs.

Lu chased Lu Jingye away to prepare food for Zi Yi.

After disconnecting the call, Zi Yi raised her eyebrows at Lu Jingye.

“Say, if Yunxiao were to know that Mom is arranging blind dates for him, would he go”


Its just that its possible that his blind date partner might not be able to stay still.”

At the thought of Lu Yunxiao staring at the other party expressionlessly, while he radiated a chilly aura, Zi Yi understood the meaning behind what Lu Jingye said.

The two of them headed to the living room.

When they came into the living room, Bu Di asked without the slightest care, “Lu, are you going to cook yet”

Lu Jingye glanced at him and said to Sang Bo, “If you two want to stay here for dinner, one of you must come in and help.”

Bu Di leaned on the sofa like an old man and pointed at Sang Bo.

“Of course, my sweetheart will take on such a task.”

He even gave Sang Bo a wink.

“Sweetheart, I am very optimistic about you.”

Sang Bo glanced at him and silently followed Lu Jingye into the kitchen.

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