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Ricks expression changed and he took out a bottle of liquid and looked at his surroundings warily.

He then shouted, “Show yourself!”

Nothing appeared before him.

Rick sneered.

“You want to use invisible robots to deal with me Hmph, thatll depend on if your robots have the ability to do so first!”

Having said that, he pressed one of the beads on his bracelet, and in the next second, his surroundings seemed to have been shrouded in an invisible barrier.

Sometime later, the light on the bead dimmed.

He then caressed the beads on his wrist.

“Sure enough, this item is able to deal with those robots of Zi Yis.”

Zi Yi and the rest waited for Dan Wei to arrive and around an hour or so had passed by then.

Dan Wei alighted from the car and checked out the people who were standing outside the villa.

“What happened here Who dared to frame Mr.


The officer had already been standing outside for around an hour and at the sight of Dan Wei, he finally felt at ease.

He quickly recounted what happened earlier to Dan Wei.

After Dan Wei heard about the situation, he did not take it seriously.

“This was clearly done by Mr.

Lus competitor.

As long as the culprit who deliberately framed Mr.

Lu is caught, everything will be settled.

Was there a need to call me over specifically”

His words clearly expressed his dissatisfaction with Lu Jingye making a mountain out of a molehill.

As soon as Dan Wei said that, he headed to the entrance and said to the officer, “Since you caught a person, bring him back to the station and interrogate him thoroughly.

Dont always claim that you dont know how to resolve this incident.

Otherwise, whats the need for people like you in the police station”

The officer opened his mouth and he very much wanted to say: “If the situation was as simple as what you described, would there even be a need for me to call you over”

However, he did not dare to reveal these thoughts out loud.

Dan Wei walked to the door and was somewhat displeased.

“Wheres Lu Jingye and the rest Since they called me over, lets settle things quickly.

I am a busy man!”

The officer said in a complicated tone, “Young Master Dan Wei, Mr.

Lu mentioned earlier that you can call for him outside when you arrive.”

“What do you mean that I can call for him outside when I arrive!” Dan Weis expression sank.

He was the son of the Prince and even though his status was similar to that of Lu Jingye, they were in Country Em right now.

Since they were in Country Em, he was the most authoritative one.

Yet, Lu Jingye did not personally come out and welcome him

Dan Wei stood outside the door and refused to enter.

The officer quickly walked to his side and said respectfully, “Young Master Dan Wei, Ill call for the people inside on your behalf.”

“Why should you call” Shouldnt they be the ones coming out to welcome him

“The ambassadors of their country are all here.

They mentioned that if you do not wish to come over, they will directly contact the Prince.”

Dan Wei took a deep breath and cursed internally! He gnashed his teeth and said, “Shout for them.”

The officer quickly shouted towards the courtyard, “Mr.

Lu, Young Master Dan Wei has arrived.”

Half a minute or so later, Lu Jingye and the ambassadors walked out of the doorway.

Dan Wei tried his best to suppress his displeasure and faked his courtesy.

“I heard that Mr.

Lu was framed.

Exactly who has the courage to dare to frame Mr.


Lu Jingye glanced at Dan Wei who was talking strangely and nodded towards the ambassadors.

Ambassador Xiang spoke up.

“Young Master Dan Wei, we have just investigated and found out that the courier had your subordinates contact number.

I would like to ask why your subordinate is in contact with the courier Could it be that they are acquainted”

The moment Dan Wei heard the question, he exploded.

“What do you mean Are you suspecting that I was the one who ordered people to frame Mr.


“I didnt say that.

I was only asking a question.

After all, the courier had made a false claim and through our investigation, we found out that the Young Miss of the Yale Family had met with one of your subordinates.

Moreover, it just so happens that the subordinate of yours has had contact with the courier.”

Ambassador Xiang had reason and evidence on his side.

Dan Wei was internally cursing the eighteen generations of that subordinate of his.

However, he could not remain neutral at this point in time.

Otherwise, if this matter were to spread to his father, he would be in deep trouble.

Dan Wei held in his anger and revealed an expression of disbelief.

“Why dont I know anything about this!”

He muttered a curse and looked at Lu Jingye.

“I will give you an explanation for this matter.”

Having said that, he turned around and headed for his car.

He was going back to beat that subordinate of his to death!

Motherf*cker! That bastard cant seem to do anything right!

To think that he had left behind such a weakness!

Sh*t, Lu Jingye! Count yourself lucky this time.

“Is Young Master Dan Wei planning to leave just like that” A calm voice sounded from behind him, but the voice seemed to contain a powerful pressure.

Dan Wei stopped walking.

He had no choice but to do so.

He tried his very best to suppress his anger and turned around and spoke to Lu Jingye in a polite tone.


Lu, how should we resolve this matter then”

“I feel that we should inform the Prince about this and get him to resolve it.

After all…” Speaking of this, Lu Jingye looked at Dan Wei with those abyss-deep eyes of his.

“Right now no one can confirm if you are involved in his incident or not.”

“What do you mean” Dan Wei exploded.

“I meant what I said.” Lu Jingye walked to where Dan Wei was.

With every step he took, he radiated a strong aura.

“Unless you can produce strong evidence that you have nothing to do with this incident… Oh, I forgot to tell you that I have a group of computer experts who are better than hackers.

Its a very simple thing to check your phone records.”

“You dare to do so” Dan Wei had never been threatened like that throughout his entire life.

The more he thought about it, the more furious he got.

However, he could not do anything to Lu Jingye.

In the end, Dan Wei thought deep down inside, “Lu Jingye, just you wait.

When the day comes when you are penniless, lets see how I will deal with you!”

On the surface, he tried his best to appear sincere.

“To express my sincerity, Ill have the men you mentioned arrested right away and handed over to you to personally handle.

Would that suffice”

Lu Jingye made eye contact with Dan Wei and his expression seemed unpredictable.

The two of them maintained eye contact for a minute before Lu Jingye nodded.


Dan Wei had unexpectedly breathed a sigh of relief.

In the next second, he got even angrier at his own behavior!

Dan Wei called for his men to bring over the subordinate in question.

That subordinate took the blame for the whole incident and after Lu Jingye extorted a large sum of mental and reputational damages from him, the matter was finally solved on the surface.

Looking at Dan Wei who left while fuming in anger, Zi Yi smiled and said to Lu Jingye, “Dan Wei will definitely be jumping around in anger when he returns.”

However, as to whether he would really do that when he went back, it was none of their business at all.

However, this incident was soon spread around.

Zi Yi had even exaggerated the incident and uploaded the news online.

At the same time, she added a question: Could Young Master Dan Wei really know nothing about this incident

For a moment, almost everyone was secretly discussing and speculating what really happened.

“Isnt it a joke that he doesnt know what his subordinate has done”

“Shh… Some things are better left unspoken.

All of us know the truth and theres no need to explicitly mention it.

Otherwise, you might get sent a parcel out of revenge.”

For a period of time, the words [Sending A Parcel For Revenge] had trended on the internet.

As for Dan Weis reaction after this, only he himself knew it best.

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