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Li Peirong and Zi Lians scheme would not succeed if He Fei was absent.

For the whole day, they had been on edge.

On the other hand, Zi Xu was feeling refreshed.

He went out early in the morning to check out the market in the capital and thought about how he should slowly transfer his assets over so they could grow in value.

The day ended with each of them concerned with only their own thoughts.

The next morning, Zi Xu began to feel anxious when Master He had not called him to ask about his decision.

He then said to Li Peirong and the girls, “Im making a trip to the He family.”

Following this, he glanced at Zi Yis clothing.

“Yiyi, change your clothes and wear nicer clothes.

He Fei should be fetching you shortly.

Go and hang out with him.”

Zi Yi remained silent when she saw Zi Xus happy appearance.

The moment he left, Zi Lian stared at Zi Yi with an expression of hatred.

“Since youre not fond of He Fei, why didnt you stop the situation from progressing Youre so scheming.”

Zi Yi glanced at her with indifference and could not be bothered to entertain her.

Zi Lian felt that Zi Yi was mocking her and her hatred grew.

“Are you feeling very proud of yourself now He Fei did not return yesterday and you must have deliberately sent him away.

You must be afraid that I will snatch him away.”

Zi Yi did not expect that woman to misrepresent the facts to such an extent.

She sneered and asked, “What so I should have asked him to stay so that he can be drugged by you again”

When Zi Lian heard her, her expression became twisted.

Her hatred for Zi Yi intensified greatly.

“Youre just a shameless fox.

If not for you, He Fei definitely would have fancied me!”

“Pft, lunatic.”


Zi Yi could not be bothered to waste her time with Zi Lian.

She walked away to her room.

“Zi Yi, you better stay right there!” The thought of Zi Xu bringing the news of Zi Yis marriage when he returned caused her to lose her reasoning.

She took a fruit knife from the table and dashed in her direction.

She wanted to disfigure that face of hers.

In that case, He Fei would no longer fancy her!

Li Peirong who had been watching as a bystander saw Zi Lian losing her mind and pretended to be frightened as she said, “Lianlian, what are you thinking of doing to Yiyi Dont be rash!”

Her feet, on the other hand, seemed to have been rooted to the spot and remained motionless even after a long time had passed.

She originally felt that weaklings were unworthy for her to take action on.

However, she saw that the knife was aimed for her face.

Since it threatened her safety, she had to abandon her principles for the time being.



A girl and a knife flew away.

Li Peirong was dumbfounded.

Zi Lian heavily landed against the sofa, toppled it over and fell onto the ground herself.

When she felt the intense pain, she reacted with a yell.

Immediately after, she began to cry.

Zi Yi picked up the fruit knife near her feet and walked towards Zi Lian.

At the moment, her whole body exuded a cold aura.

Even Li Peirong was shocked by her.

What was that slut intending to do

Dont tell me she intends to kill Zi Lian As long as the slut kills Zi Lian, she will be guilty of murder and will have to stay locked up in prison.

In that case, no one will fight over the inheritance with Zi Xuan.

When she thought of this, Li Peirong pretended to stop Zi Yi.

“Yiyi, dont mess around.”

Even though she walked in her direction, she deliberately slowed down.

Zi Yi suddenly tilted and glanced at Li Peirong as she walked straight to Zi Lians side.

Zi Lian could not move out of pain.

When she saw Zi Yi walking over with a knife, she started to panic.

“Ah… what are you doing What are you planning to do Dont come over, dont!”

“What do I plan to do” Zi Yi curled her lips.

“What were you planning to do to me earlier Thats what Im going to do to you!”

Zi Lian screamed and covered her face.

“Dont disfigure my face! Ahhh!”


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