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After Ye Lier walked to the living room at a quick pace, she slowed down and walked slowly to her brothers side.

“Next years economic situation…”

Ye Liers voice was gentle and it sounded particularly nice.

It caused the people who were in a conversation to stop.

Ye Lier said elegantly and with a smile, “Brother, didnt you say that you would let me practice my piano playing in front of a crowd There are many people around right now.

Dan Wei smiled indulgently and said, “Since our little princess wants to practice the piano, I would definitely approve of it.”

He then turned to the mayor.

“Ge Danmai, do you have any pianos here”

“Yes, of course.” The mayor hastily replied, “My youngest has a piano and I wonder if Miss Ye Lier would be accustomed to it”

Dan Wei revealed a proud smile.

“Itll do.

Our Ye Lier has obtained the certificate of a piano grandmaster and she would be able to handle any piano.”

Upon hearing how her brother praised her, Ye Lier blushed.

This resulted in many people praising her for being capable and beautiful at the same time.

The mayor immediately got the helpers to fetch the piano.

The brother-in-law that Dan Wei had taken a fancy on for Ye Lier was Rick.

When everyone was praising Ye Lier, he specially said a few more words about the outstanding qualities of his younger sister in front of Rick.

In the end, he purposely said in a joking tone, “My father was worried that Ye Lier does not have the ability to please her husbands family and even specially prepared two of the best jadeite mines as her dowry.

I wonder who will end up getting a profitable windfall in the future”

Rick managed to discern the hidden meaning behind Dan Weis words.

His lips curved up and he raised his glass as if giving him a response.

The two of them smiled tacitly.

When Dan Wei shifted his gaze away, Rick saw Ye Lier who was secretly peeking at Lu Jingye.

His lips tightened into a straight line.

Ye Liers mind was filled with Lu Jingye right now.

When she saw Lu Jingye for the first time, she had been attracted by his elegance.

Coupled with his handsome face, and the gentle and noble temperament he gave off, she did not hesitate to fall for him.

She did not care that Lu Jingye was already married with a wife.

Other than appearance, the woman was unable to compare to her.

She believed that as long as she showed Lu Jingye her outstanding qualities, Lu Jingye would certainly fall for her.

The piano was soon carried in carefully by the helpers.

The piano of the mayors daughter would not be lacking.

It was even made from an internationally famous brand.

When Ye Lier walked over to the piano, she deliberately walked up to Lu Jingye and spoke to him with a smile.

“Lu, do you remember visiting my house two years ago when you just so happened to see me playing the piano back then”

Lu Jingye looked at her and there were not the slightest waves in his eyes.

This made Ye Lier frustrated in an instant, but at the thought that Lu Jingye had just gotten married, even if he does recall it, he could not possibly say it out loud in front of everyone.

She instantly felt better and added.

“Ill be playing a piece tonight and so do take a look to see how much Ive improved, compared to before.”

She turned around and headed to the piano.

However, Ye Lier purposely striking up a conversation with Lu Jingye caused many people to start imagining things.

The way everyone looked at Lu Jingye had also changed.

Sang Bo who was standing next to Lu Jingye whispered, “This woman is interested in you.”

Lu Jingye replied with a calm expression, “I am not interested in her.”

Dan Wei and Rick, who were standing not far away from them, overheard Lu Jingye.

Dan Weis expression slightly changed and there was no need to mention how unhappy he was deep down.

His younger sister was such a good catch and yet, Lu Jingye dared to say such things

However, he was not satisfied with Lu Jingye either.

He had never thought of him being his brother-in-law at all.

Therefore, he purposely raised his voice and said to Rick, “Rick, it seems like Ye Lier and your younger sister, Aisha, are from the same school, right”

“Is that so” Rick revealed the right amount of surprise on his face.

“They are both students from Country X International Conservatory of Music.

One is a pianist and one is a dancer.

Ive seen the video of Ye Liers school Christmas party.

It just so happens that their performances were also similar.”

After he mentioned this, Dan Wei started talking more.

“Later on, Ye Lier also told me that she is one year behind Miss Aisha.

Miss Aishas dance has already received praises from world-class dancers very early on.”

When Rick heard Dan Wei praising his sister, the lines on his face subconsciously softened.

Dan Wei looked at him and said, “If we can become a family, the two girls would have many common topics to talk about.”

He had made himself very clear.

Many people had subconsciously turned to look at Lu Jingye standing a little way away.

Only to realize that Lu Jingye was currently in a conversation with Sang Bo and they were talking about jewelry.

No matter if Ye Lier had played the piano well or not, everyone had applause for her after she finished the performance.

Ye Lier did not look at anyone else but Lu Jingye.

She then realized that his gaze was not on her at all and she was a little hurt.

Just then, Dan Wei and Rick walked over to her.

Dan Wei smiled and hugged Ye Lier.

“Little baby sister, your piano performance is really good.

Rick and I were both intoxicated by it.”

Ye Lier subconsciously looked at Rick.

He revealed a gentlemanly smile and said, “Miss Ye Lier definitely deserves the title of a master pianist.

With your standard, holding a solo concert is more than enough.”

Ye Liers vanity was boosted by his words, but she still wished that Lu Jingye could praise her.

Therefore, she beckoned for the helper who had a serving plate, and took a glass of red wine from it.

She then headed towards Lu Jingye.

Dan Wei did not manage to stop her in time and he glanced at Rick.

Rick did not seem angry.

Instead, he kindly reminded him.

“Lu would treat the person he is disinterested in very coldly.

Miss Ye Lier might get hurt.”

Dan Weis expression changed and he quickly followed her.

Rick looked at Lu Jingye who was conversing with other people with a cold gaze.

Traces of chilly intent flashed past his eyes.

Ye Lier walked over to Lu Jingye and the people who were talking to him stopped talking.

Ye Lier raised her glass towards Lu Jingye and she revealed her most charming smile.

“Lu, what do you think of my piano performance”

Lu Jingye did not raise his glass and he only replied out of politeness, “It was nice.”

Ye Lier pursed her lips and she moved her raised glass towards him.

With some slight emotions, she said, “Since thats the case, shouldnt you propose a toast to me”

Lu Jingye was still looking at her with those calm eyes of his, as if he was looking at a strange and unruly woman.

Ye Lier felt so humiliated and she teared up.

When she was about to confront him frankly, Dan Wei who was standing behind her pulled her back.

However Ye Lier did not let herself get pulled back.

Instead, she fell towards Lu Jingye as she tried to struggle out of her brothers grasp.

The red wine in her glass had also poured out.


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