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What Lu Jingye prepared for Zi Yi was a champagne-colored dress that was inspired by the cheongsam.

Cheongsams were the specialty of China and they gave off an elegant and mature feeling.

The embroidery on the cheongsam was that of a laurel and rabbit, making it look somewhat cute.

When Zi Yi put it on, it complemented her fair face and it showed off a little charm of hers, due to her wonderful figure.

It looked stunning but not sultry.

It was clearly the most conservative style of cheongsam, but when Zi Yi wore it, it still made her look dazzling.

When Lu Jingye pushed open the door and saw her wearing the cheongsam, he unconsciously strode towards her.

“Do I look nice” Zi Yi did a twirl in front of him.

“Yes.” Lu Jingye touched her loose hair and his voice was slightly deep.

“Youll look even better with your hair pulled up.”

Zi Yi nodded her head and walked to the dressing table.

She noticed that there was not only a jade hairpin on the table, but that there was also a string of layered pearl necklaces.

She took the jade hairpin and tried putting it in her hair as she looked at herself in the mirror.

In the next second, Lu Jingye took the jade hairpin and said, “Ill do it.”


I did some slight research in the afternoon.”

Zi Yis lips curved up at his words.

Lu Jingye soon inserted the hairpin into Zi Yis hair.

Moments ago, she gave off the aura of a young woman, but right now, she looked more like a noble lady.

Lu Jingye then wore the layered string of pearls necklace on her neck.

He then pulled her into his embrace and said, “You look beautiful.”

Zi Yi placed her hand on his chest and stroked her hand over it.

The fabric of the suit was nice to touch.

Her eyes curved into crescent moons as she said, “You are also very handsome… so, we are a match made in heaven.”

Lu Jingye prepared a handbag for her and the both of them went down the stairs.

Shadow had already prepared a car for them while Shadow III and Shadow IV would be tagging along.

One acted as the driver and the other acted as the bodyguard.

It was still 4 p.m and the banquet at the mayors house would start at 5 p.m.

The temperature in Country Em was hot and humid.

It would often rain cats and dogs after the rainy season and so, the buildings here had open space at the bottom.

Even though the mayors house was a villa, it had adopted an open space concept and the house was several steps higher than the ground.

As the weather was good today, there were all sorts of expensive cars parked outside the mayors house by the time Zi Yis car arrived there.

There was an endless stream of guests walking toward the mayors house.

There were sounds of greetings, laughter, and chatter… It had formed a bustling scene.

Before they alighted from the car, Zi Yi looked at the door and said, “There are so many people.

If a fight breaks out, it would be very interesting.”

Lu Jingye looked at her and reminded her.

“If a fight really breaks out, stand at a corner where no one is and watch the scene.”

Shadow IV opened the door for them and Lu Jingye was the first to alight.

Zi Yi noticed that when he alighted from the car, the crowd that was supposedly heading towards the villa had stopped to take a look.

There were some who were whispering among themselves.

“The mayor had actually invited Lu Jingye from the capital!”

“I heard that Lu Jingye is here to acquire a Jadeite mine this time.

The Lu Family has fallen and is solely relying on the Song Jewelry, does he have the purchasing power”

“Therefore, there are many people who came here this year and I heard that all of them are here for Lu Jingye.”

“What are they trying to do”

“Lu Jingye has been too rampant in the business world recently and there is no lack of people who wish to teach him a lesson.”

“Haha, wouldnt there be a good show to watch later”

“I heard that Lu Jingyes wife is very beautiful.”

When Zi Yi alighted from the car, there was a burst of exclamations nearby.

“Heavens, what a beautiful woman.”

“This person must be Lu Jingyes wife I heard that this woman is very famous in her university.”

“Shes only a student and being famous is most likely because of her good results and that face of hers.”

“Thats right.

From the looks of it, she must have had tons of suitors.

Do you think she married Lu Jingye because he is rich”

“It must be so.

Its easy for such a woman to join a rich family.”

After Zi Yi alighted from the car, she held Lu Jingyes arm and they headed towards the main entrance together.

Those attending the banquet were either from aristocratic families or big bosses.

Even if they were gossipy, they would not gossip in front of their faces.

Therefore, while Zi Yi and Lu Jingye were walking past them, many of them would politely greet Lu Jingye on the surface or exchange one or two pleasantries.

Lu Jingye displayed his strong communication skills at this moment.

He had a handsome and gentle appearance and he merely used a few words to make those people who exchanged pleasantries smile.

Zi Yi followed Lu Jingye and did not talk.

Even if someone said, “I believe this must be Mrs.


Shes really beautiful.”

It was Lu Jingye who answered them with a, “Thank you.”

However, the Lu Family had fallen and there were not many people who greeted him.

The both of them soon came to the entrance.

The mayors family members were currently attending to the guests.


Ponnevin, please come in.”

When Lu Jingye and Zi Yi made their way over, the mayors third son, Ge Danwei greeted him, “Mr.

Lu, welcome.”

Lu Jingye shook hands with Ge Danwei and exchanged some pleasantries.

When Ge Danwei was greeting Lu Jingye, his gaze would shift to Zi Yi from time to time.

He could not conceal the amazement in his eyes and after he exchanged one or two pleasantries, he specifically asked, “This must be Mrs.


Sure enough, you are as beautiful as what the rumors say.”

When facing Ge Danweis undisguised sizing up, Lu Jingyes expression remained unchanged but he quietly blocked his line of sight and said, “Thank you.”

Subsequently, he led Zi Yi inside.

Ge Danwei stood there and looked at their back views.

Just then, the mayors second son, Ge Danpeng came over and reminded him.

“Third Brother, dont just stand there, come and welcome the guests.”

Ge Danwei gave Ge Danpeng a meaningful smile.

“Second Brother, dont you feel that Lu Jingyes woman is not only beautiful, but that she has a unique charm”

Ge Danpengs lips curved up slightly and he said, “Lets talk about it later, its time to receive the guests.”

The two brothers made eye contact and smiled tacitly.

The villa of the mayors house was divided into different areas.

After the men went in, they were all directed to the main living room, while the women were directed to the second hall by the female family members of the mayor to entertain them.

When Zi Yi and Lu Jingye made their way inside, the originally bustling living room had become silent for three seconds.

Subsequently, the mayor walked over in their direction with a smile.

Rick and another man were right beside the mayor.

The mayor revealed an enthusiastic smile.

“Lu, Mrs.

Lu, welcome to my home.”

Lu Jingye shook hands with him.

The mayor specially introduced Rick and the man to Lu Jingye.

“This is the distinguished Young Master of our Country Em, Young Master Dan Wei.”

Dan Wei stretched out his hands towards Lu Jingye and revealed a friendly smile.

“Lu, long time no see.”

Lu Jingye returned his handshake.

“Long time no see.”

“So Mr.

Lu and Young Master Dan Wei are acquainted.

Then I believe Mr.

Lu and Mr.

Rick must be familiar with each other and theres no need for me to introduce the both of you.”

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