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Zi Yi got Shadow to show the surveillance outside the door.

Looking at the man standing outside the door who was dressed like a peacock and wearing a flowery T-shirt, Zi Yi asked Lu Jingye, “Ah Jing, who is this”

Lu Jingye washed his hands and dried them and he said, “A young master from an aristocratic family.

Ive seen him once before in the past.

I am well acquainted with his lover and he owns several mines.”

He was about to head outside after he said that.

Zi Yi was a little curious about what he said and wanted to tag along.

However, she was a little hungry and so, she asked him, “Are you going to invite him in”

“No, Im only going to have a few words with him.”

“In that case, Ill finish making our lunch.”

After Zi Yi said that, she was about to start working on what he had half cooked.

Lu Jingye stopped walking when he heard what she said.

He turned around, held her hand, and grabbed the bag of lychees before pulling her outside.

“Ill take five minutes at most.

If youre hungry, have some lychees.

Ill come back and prepare the food later.”

Zi Yi looked at his serious side profile and in fact, she was not exactly fond of cooking and so, she nodded her head.

When Lu Jingye mentioned he wont be inviting the person inside, he really did not do so.

According to reason, Lu Jingye was someone who cared about manners and he would not commit such a low-level mistake.

Out of curiosity, she connected her phone to Shadows eyes.

Shadow was standing right next to Lu Jingye.

Lu Jingye walked to the entrance and headed over to the young man.

He looked at him calmly and asked, “I wonder what Mr.

Bu Di wants to see me for”

The young man smiled at the sight of Lu Jingye.

His smile looked slightly bewitching as he said, “Lu, long time no see.”

Having said that, he was about to approach him and give him a warm hug.

However, Lu Jingyes powerful aura headed for the young man and made him stand rooted to the spot.

“Sigh, youre really boring Lu.

Youre still as serious as ever to the extent that youre so boring.”

The man naturally moved back and looked amused.

“I heard that you brought your wife along this time.

I specially came here to see what kind of beautiful woman was capable of entering your eyes.”

Lu Jingye rejected him calmly.

“My wife is timid and you will scare her.”

The young man was stunned for a moment before he understood what Lu Jingye meant.

His expression changed in an instant.

“What do you mean by that”

Lu Jingye replied straightforwardly, “Its the meaning you understood.”

The young man snorted coldly.

“I suspect youre trying to be enigmatic with me But my sweetheart likes someone like me.”

Lu Jingye raised his hand to close the door.

“If Mr.

Bu Di has nothing else to say, please return.”

“Hey…” Bu Di hastily held the door and prevented it from closing.

“They all say that Lu Jingye is gentle and polite, but in my opinion, youre simply indifferent! Who would ever reject their guests outside the door like you!”

Lu Jingye stared at him and remained silent.

Bu Di did not mind his attitude either.

He raised his hand and touched his ring.

“To be honest, if not for my sweetheart who told me to look for you, I wouldnt wish to get in touch with a thousand-year-old fox like you either.”

“Thank you for your compliment.”

Lu Jingye thanking him seriously, causing Bu Di to feel stifled deep down inside.

“I dont understand.

Youre clearly so gentle and polite like a gentleman in front of everyone else but why are you so rude when youre in front of me

“Oh, I know! Could it be that you have a crush on me and because I chose my sweetheart, so you… hey hey hey, dont close the door.

Ill stop talking.”

Bu Di continued talking about how Lu Jingye was ungentlemanly, when the latter looked at him with a warning gaze, Bu Di finally moved on to serious business.

“I believe you must have also received the invitation to the mayors banquet Tonight, all the nobles in the city and businessmen who arrived here have all received the invitation.

Moreover, it was specially written for them to bring a female companion… Dont you find it very interesting”

After Bu Di said that, he did not wait for Lu Jingyes answer and asked, “Ive been standing here for so long and so will you really not intend to invite me in for a seat”

“You will frighten my wife.” Lu Jingyes attitude was firm and he repeated his words.

“Is your wife that timid!” Bu Di widened his eyes exaggeratedly.

“If you two were to attend the banquet tonight, wont she be eaten alive by those fierce women”

Lu Jingye tightened his lips and he looked at how he directed his own play and acted it out.

Bu Di said, “But you can leave your wife in my care at that time.

Ill definitely help you protect her well and prevent any woman from bullying her.”

Lu Jingye responded curtly, “Thank you, but I am able to protect my wife myself.”

He rudely shut the door in his face after he said that.

The sounds of Bu Di stomping his feet could be heard from outside.

“Lu, you hypocrite.

How dare you shut the door in my face when I havent finished what I was saying.”

Bu Di seemed to have seen through how Lu Jingye really had no intentions to open the door and he said, “Im here to bring you a message.

My sweetheart said to have a get-together after the banquet ends.”

Lu Jingye had already walked to the villa door at this moment and he had no plans of listening to his nonsense at all.

Zi Yi turned off the video when Lu Jingye walked over.

When he came in, she looked at him curiously and asked, “Is this person really from an aristocratic family”

Lu Jingye continued heading to the kitchen and he clearly did not wish to talk about this person.

However, Zi Yi became interested in Bu Di.

She hastily followed Lu Jingye and said, “This person looks a little weird.”

Lu Jingye stopped walking and Zi Yi did not pay attention, thus hitting his back.

Lu Jingye grabbed onto her and scooped her into his arms as they walked towards the kitchen.

While walking, he said, “This man likes men.

He came out to his family and ended up being suppressed.

As a result, he has become like that.”

“Then has he gotten together with the person he likes”

“Is that the sweetheart he has been mentioning”

Zi Yi tried imagining the appearance of Bu Dis sweetheart.

However, no matter what appearance he had, Bu Di calling him sweetheart allowed her to fantasize about many things.

“Could it be that the person he likes is a little cute dog”

“Little cute dog” Lu Jingye had never heard of such internet slang.

“It refers to a cute and adorable young man.”

When he heard Zi Yis explanation, Lu Jingyes expression turned strange.

Sometime later, he said, “No.”

She continued to ask, “Then what is he like”

Lu Jingye did not know how to explain and he said, “Youll know when the time comes.”

He released her and continued preparing the ingredients.

However, he told her some information about this young man.

“His name is Bu Di, the youngest son of the second-largest jadeite dealer here.”

Speaking of this, he added.

“But if Im not around you tonight you can stay with him.

He has a way to deal with people who are deliberately trying to find trouble.”

Zi Yi laughed after hearing his words.

“It seems like the both of you are friends.”

Lu Jingye responded with a nod.

“Then why didnt you invite him in”

Lu Jingye said it as a matter of fact, “If we let him in, we will be annoyed to death in the following days.”

After they finished lunch, Lu Jingye got Zi Yi to take a nap while he continued working.

When Zi Yi woke up from her nap, she noticed an evening dress placed next to her.


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