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“Where did this XX come from If you dare to continue talking nonsense, dont blame me for being rude.” The boss got angry and he glared at the woman as he said in a loud voice, “You must be sent by someone to disrupt my business.”

Many people had gathered around them by this time.

The boss pointed at the womans nose and scolded her in Country Ems local dialect.

The woman snorted coldly, and walked over to Zi Yi who stood up and said to her in the international common language, “The small stone you are buying will not even cost you 50 thousand in the official stores.

This man obviously saw that you are rich and is purposely trying to scam you.

Ive never seen people as stupid as you are.”

As soon as the woman finished what she had to say, she turned to look at the boss who was still scolding her.

She squatted down, picked up a stone, and threw it in his direction.

Looking at the boss covering his nose and releasing a miserable scream, Zi Yi reminded her kindly.

“There are many stalls here belonging to the same boss.

Are you sure you are going to be able to escape later”

As soon as Zi Yi said that, several strong-looking men ran out with bats from the official store behind them.

There were also a few other strong-looking men approaching from the sides.

The boss covered his bloody nose and pointed angrily at that woman.

“Capture her! How dare she throw a stone at me!”

The woman looked at the group of strong-looking men coming in her direction.

However, she did not reveal any traces of panic.

Instead, she smiled and said to Zi Yi and Lu Jingye, “Fat sheeps, Ill see you when I see you.”

She had unexpectedly talked Chinese at that moment but she immediately ran away after that.

Looking at the woman who was dodging left and right in the crowd with her petite figure and who had soon escaped far away, Zi Yi retracted her gaze.

Her eyes curved into crescent moons as she looked at Lu Jingye and called out, “Fat sheep.”

Lu Jingye looked at her with his abstruse eyes before he turned to look at the boss who was swearing loudly.

The boss sensed Lu Jingyes gaze and he suddenly recalled the business deal.

He did not even bother with his bleeding nose and took out the POS machine at a fast speed and swiped the card.

50 thousand entered his wallet.

The boss suddenly revealed a bloody smile and returned Lu Jingyes credit card with both hands.

“Dear customer, please put away your card.”

Lu Jingye looked at the credit card that had a drop of blood on it and he did not immediately accept it.

Even though the boss could not see Lu Jingyes expression, he somehow knew that the customer was feeling disdain for his blood.

Thus, he hastily grabbed a piece of tissue to clean the surface before handing the card back to Lu Jingye.

Only then did he take the card and put it away.

Zi Yi held onto the piece of stone and left together with him.

Behind them, the boss was still swearing at that woman.

Lu Jingye lowered his eyes and looked at the young lady who was walking and checking out the stone.

He did not say anything.

Zi Yi spoke up just then.

“There should be a special element in this stone and perhaps there will be a surprise if its extracted.”

Lu Jingye responded with a nod.

Just then, Zi Yi asked, “Say, do we really look like fat sheep waiting to be slaughtered”

Lu Jingye looked into her beautiful eyes and the words he said were very domineering, “As long as you like it, even if this stone is worth 100 million, its worth buying it.”

Zi Yis eyes curved into crescent moons.

The both of them continued walking towards the center.

They saw some other stalls, but they did not enter any shops.

However, when they arrived at a shop that was flooded with customers, they noticed a huge commotion over there.

“What are they doing there”

“It should be that the stone someone purchased has increased in price.”

What Lu Jingye said was right.

Soon, excited voices could be heard.

“It increased! It increased! Its a big increase! Boss Huang used 5 million and opened up a stone that contained the best glass! This piece of glass is worth at least 80 million.”

The moment the words were spread around, even more people went to check it out.

They were all voices of envy.

“Tonight is the first time Ive heard of a big increase.

It seems like the stones in this shop are good.”

“Since thats the case, let me try my luck too.”

Over at this place, as long as one of the gambles resulted in an increase in price, that shop would become a hot cake on that particular night.

Zi Yi saw that and said, “These people are following the trend so easily, do they think that all the stones in this shop would produce good results”

“The stones are all imported from the same area and there cant be only a single jadeite in one place.

Tonight, this shop should be able to produce a few more pieces tonight.”

Zi Yi thought about it and found it reasonable too.

However, she did not want to go in to look either.

She pulled Lu Jingyes hand and they headed in another direction.

Lu Jingye looked at her.

“You dont want to go in and take a look”

“Nah, there are too many people.

In any case, I dont need to take a gamble when I buy stones.”

The both of them soon walked out of the bustling area.

After walking for another period of time, Zi Yi stopped in front of a shop that did not seem too big.

However, there was a doll hanging on the door.

Lu Jingye also saw the cloth doll and he asked, “Do you want to go in and have a look”

Zi Yi pointed at the doll.

“The boss of this shop is weird to have hung a cloth doll at their door.

This seems to have affected their stores business.”

Even though she said that, Zi Yi had headed into the store.

Lu Jingye followed behind her.

There were not many customers inside the store at the moment.

However, compared to the other stores that had male bosses, the female boss caused Zi Yi to take a second glance.

The boss was a middle-aged beauty who appeared to be in her forties.

The lady boss was seated behind the counter at the moment, with an abacus in one hand and a pencil in the other.

From the looks of it, she did not care whether there were any customers in the shop.

Just then, Lu Jingye said to her in an extremely soft voice, “This person knows martial arts.”

Zi Yi had also discerned something different from the middle-aged lady boss.

She directly walked over to her.

The middle-aged boss looked up and only gave them a glance.

Following that, she pointed at the stones placed around the shop and said, “Take a look on your own.

There are tools and price tags next to it, and there is no bargaining here.

If you fancy it, bring it here to check it out.

However, I dont have a cutting machine here and so you can go to other stores if you want them opened on the spot.”

“Are you trying to push out your customers” Zi Yi asked in a curious tone.

“This is my first time seeing someone like you.”

The lady boss did not bother to look at her and her attention was on the abacus.

“I like doing business like this.”

Zi Yi did not get angry either.

She held Lu Jingyes hand and headed over to those pieces of stones.

After they turned around, the middle-aged lady boss narrowed her eyes and sized up Lu Jingye.

Zi Yi touched a few stones and said to Lu Jingye, “This one.”

It was a football-sized stone and the surface of it looked good.

However, there were obvious cracks and from the looks of it, normal people would not want it.

However, Zi Yi was not an ordinary person.

After she took her pick, she glanced at the price tag.

It was only 100 thousand and she giggled as she told Lu Jingye, “Good quality and low price.”

Her words caused the middle-aged lady boss to look up at them again.

However, she did not have any reaction as she lowered her eyes and fiddled around with the abacus.

Zi Yi took a tour around the store and subsequently she took the price tags of the stones she took a fancy to, to the middle-aged lady boss.

“I want these few pieces.”

The middle-aged lady boss finally stopped playing around with her abacus.

She took the price tags Zi Yi passed her and started counting them.

“Its a total of 3.55 million.”

Lu Jingye took out his card and Zi Yi said, “We cant move so many stones.

Do you have delivery services here”

The middle-aged woman nodded her head two seconds later.


After the bill was settled, Zi Yi told her their address and left together with Lu Jingye.

After the both of them left, a middle-aged man lifted the curtain from behind the counter and walked out.

The middle-aged man looked at the door and said to the beautiful lady, “These two people are the ones the young master mentioned.”

The middle-aged lady boss continued fiddling with her abacus.

“I know.”

She then added.

“I have gotten their address.

You can bring some men and deliver the stones they purchased.”

The middle-aged man nodded his head and took out his phone to make a call.

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