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In a certain high-end bar in Country Em.

“I heard that Lu Jingye came to Country Em.”

“Hes finally here.

Id like to see what he can possibly use to fight with us without the Lu Group as his backing.”

“Dont look down on him, hes someone who is capable of many things.

Im just afraid that he might find someone here to cooperate with.”

“Since hes here to purchase a mine, he certainly would not find someone to cooperate with.”

“Thats right… but it was said previously that Emperor Dan Long wanted to marry Princess Ye Lier to him.

Say, now that hes come to Country Em, do you think Emperor Dan Long would…”

“So what if hes married.

He can get a divorce and remarry.

Whats more, its said that Princess Ye Lier fancies Lu Jingye very much and Emperor Dan Long would certainly get him to do so.”

“That wont do.

If he marries Princess Ye Lier, he would be able to turn the tables around in his favor… Send more people to monitor him during this period of time.

If he dares to purchase a mine, I will make him go bankrupt.”

Country Em was located in an area where they experienced a tropical climate all year round.

When Zi Yi and Lu Jingye left, they were still wearing down jackets but they had changed into short sleeved shirts the moment they arrived here.

To Zi Yis surprise, Lu Jingye had a villa here and moreover, it was located in a big city that was surrounded by several of the major mining areas of Country Em.

There was no one inside the villa when they walked in.

Zi Yi asked Lu Jingye curiously, “Ah Jing, when did you buy this villa”

The moment he said that, Zi Yi managed to guess why he had done so.

Sure enough, he said, “We will be staying here for at least half a month and you should be unaccustomed to living in a hotel… most importantly, its convenient to cook here.”

Zi Yis lips curved up at his words.

The both of them headed inside the villa together.

While walking, Lu Jingye said, “Someone will be here to clean the villa during the day and we will be the only ones here at night.”

Zi Yi grabbed his hand and said, “Dont let others clean the villa.

Well get the robots to do the cleaning.”

Lu Jingye certainly would not have any objections.

Zi Yi called for the invisible shadows and at the same time, she took out several circular balls and transformed them into household robots.

After she was done, Zi Yi said to Lu Jingye, “Thatll be all.

Shadow will be the housekeeper, Shadow II will be responsible for purchasing supplies and ingredients, and Shadow III and Shadow IV will be responsible for the security of the villa.

In addition, there are these household robots, so we dont have to worry about anything else.”

Lu Jingye smiled in response and held her waist with one hand while his other hand pulled the luggage.

“With Madam around here, theres no need for me to take care of these things at all.”

Zi Yi instantly felt that she was very capable and she proudly raised her chin.

“Thats right.”

The both of them headed to the bedroom to wash up.

After washing up, Lu Jingye called his subordinates, who had arrived a few days in advance, to come over for a meeting, while Zi Yi grabbed a tablet and checked out what fun places there were to visit in Country Em.

Just as she started browsing, Lu Jingye hung up the phone and came to sit next to her.

Zi Yi showed him a picture.

“Ah Jing, take a look at this.

There is a big jadeite night market in the north of the city.

Why dont we check it out in the evening and see how accurate my testing equipment is in testing for jadeite

Jadeite is a crystalline aggregate that has reached a certain grade and is formed by its geological environment.

It is mainly composed of jadeite, sodium chromite, or sodium calcareous pyroxene (omphacite), and it may also contain amphibole, feldspar, chromite, and limonite.

Even though these components had already been identified quite some time back, there is no equipment that can accurately detect the jadeite water species within the original stone.

“When the time comes, we can bet on some high quality grade jadeite to make a teapot for my Grandfather and make some sets of jewelry for Mom and my Aunts.”

Lu Jingye heard Zi Yis plan and after she finished talking, he asked, “What about you”

Zi Yi shrugged her shoulders.

“I dont like to wear these stones.”

Other than her wristwatch, Zi Yi did not have any other accessories on her.

It wasnt because she was not in possession of any.

It was the opposite.

Lu Jingye had prepared hundreds of pieces of jewelry for her, but she was not fond of wearing them.

In her words, its because: “Some substances in these pieces of jewelry will affect the accuracy of my experiments, and wearing them would be burdensome instead.”

It was only because of this that Lu Jingye stopped buying pieces of jewelry for her.

Lu Jingye looked at her confident expression and stroked her hand as he said with a smile, “Is it considered cheating if we bet on the stones weve already checked”

“Yes,” Zi Yi said with a smile.

“But when I made the equipment, I had covered it with a layer of invisible material.

When other people see me holding onto the stone later on, they wouldnt be able to guess which stones will surge in price.”

Speaking of which, Zi Yi turned around and hugged Lu Jingyes arm as she discussed with him.

“Lets not disclose our relationship at that time.

Lets just say that Im your gambler.

Say, do you think anyone would come and poach me”

“No way.” There was no room for negotiation on this aspect.

Zi Yi looked at his serious expression.

She got an idea and suddenly propped herself up as she kissed the corner of his lips.

Lu Jingye looked at her and there was still theno room for negotiation expression on his face.

Zi Yi blinked her eyes several times and she clicked her tongue.

“You dont love me anymore.”

Lu Jingye looked at her seriously with his lips tightened together.

Zi Yi continued to say, “Its only a small request of mine and yet you refuse to allow it.

You must not love me anymore.”

She was about to release his arm after that.

However, in the next second, her view spun around and she ended up getting pressed on to the sofa.

There was a slight trace of a dangerous aura as he said, “Do you think I dont love you anymore Hmm”

He started unbuttoning her clothes.

Zi Yi looked at the man before her that was giving off a dangerous aura and she felt that he seemed even more handsome than usual.

Lu Jingyes expression was very heavy, and he looked as if he wanted to teach her a lesson.

However, he was very gentle when he unbuttoned her clothes.

Zi Yi wore a loose, short-sleeved bubble print T-shirt.

Lu Jingye had his eyelids slightly lowered and she could not see through what he was thinking at this present time.

Zi Yi thought that he would kiss her.

She was even prepared for the kiss.

However, she did not expect him to stop at that moment.

Zi Yi gave him a puzzled look.

She then reached out her hand in an attempt to hold his neck.

However, she was stopped by Lu Jingye.

“Dont move.” His voice sounded serious and hoarse and Zi Yi was instantly bewitched by him.

Zi Yi called out to him cutely, “Ah Jing.”

Zi Yi was the type that would not beat around the bush.

Only then did Lu Jingye look into her eyes.

He continued to ask in a bewitching voice, “Do you think I love you or not”

Zi Yi bit her lips and remained silent.

In the next second, Lu Jingye released her hands and started unbuttoning his clothes.

Zi Yi looked at how he unbuttoned each button one by one and revealed a hard, strong chest that looked slightly muscular.

Zi Yi subconsciously swallowed her saliva.

Lu Jingye asked again, “Are you going to listen to me”

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