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When an obviously modified car ran past the red light and crashed into the car Mrs.

Lu was in, she knew that this must have been a deliberate accident.

The powerful impact caused many cars behind her to be affected and in an instant, the whole intersection was stuck.

The sounds of car alarms, loud voices, and screams could be heard.


Lu saw the sharp weapon that was shot from the opposite car that had smashed into her car.

The driver and bodyguard subconsciously blocked her head in an attempt to protect her, but the sharp weapon had split into three parts.

It first stabbed the driver and the bodyguard and both of them passed out.

When the last sharp weapon was flying in, Mrs.

Lu did not have the chance to feel fear and she saw the weapon being blocked by a light wave a few centimeters away from her.


Lu tilted her head and the weapon stabbed into the back of the car seat.

She instantly recovered her senses and grabbed the circular ball that Zi Yi had given to her from her bag.

She then warily looked at the people who were approaching her.

Since they dared to do something to her out in the open in such a busy area of the capital, it proves that the other party was desperate.

She was married to Lu Jianlin for nearly 30 years and she was no longer as panicky as before whenever she encountered something like this.

She knew that her husband, son and daughter-in-law would definitely receive an alert at the very first instance when something happened to her.

As long as she could protect herself for a few more minutes, they would be able to reach where she was.

Just then, the hand of a seemingly enthusiastic citizen had already been placed on the handle of her door.

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Lu stared at the person and her breathing was slightly sluggish.

She then saw the person taking out something to smash the window of her car while he was talking.


Lu leaned back and looked at what was in his hands.

On the surface, it looked like a piece of iron debris, but from her point of view, she saw a sharp weapon sticking out from the base of the iron debris.

Those people standing next to him were clearly covering for him, as they blocked the line of sight of the others.

Soon, a small crack appeared on the window, and instantly, the cracks spread out like spider webs.

The glass was soon broken.


Lu made eye contact with the man who smashed the glass.

“Madam, are you alright”

Even though the man was saying words of concern, a small hidden weapon appeared in his hands from an angle that those behind him were unable to see.

At the same time, he revealed a sinister smile at Mrs.


The hidden weapon and the circular ball in Mrs.

Lus hand flew towards each other at the same time.


Lu saw the man open his mouth but before he could even make a frightened scream, the strong vibration above the car roof had attracted everyones attention.

Zi Yi jumped down from her car under everyones surprised gaze and at the same time, she quickly threw out several circular balls.

The circular balls stretched out in the air and formed into a number of different reflective planes.

They seemed to have absorbed all the sunlight in the surroundings and instantly, blinded the eyes of the citizens present, to the extent they could not open their eyes.

Zi Yi made use of this opportunity to take Mrs.

Lu out of the car.

The circular balls then transformed at the same time, and it formed an infrared wall that could attack people and surround all the people around the car inside the area.

Zi Yi quickly checked if Mrs.

Lu was injured.

After she double confirmed that she did not lose a single hair, she called out Shadow.

“Yiyi, what are you doing”

“Ill make those who thought of doing something to you pay the price.”


Lu had never heard such a cold voice from Zi Yi ever before and Zi Yi was also giving off a strong murderous aura.

With a cold expression, she walked over to those citizens who had come to their senses and wanted to come out of the area surrounded by the infrared wall.

However, they ended up getting attacked.

“Whats going on What is this, why cant we come out”

Some people were frightened to the extent that their faces turned pale.

However, some of the others were looking at Zi Yi angrily as they shouted.

“You must have done something to us! We were kind enough to come and rescue Mrs.

Lu and so how dare you treat us like this!”

“Youre repaying kindness with evil and do you believe that all of us wont sue you when the police arrive”

Zi Yi looked at the person who was glaring at her and said with a cold tone, “Someone among you tried to harm my Mom.

When the police arrive, I will naturally let you out.”

Her words caused a few others to overreact.

They glared at Zi Yi and started scolding her.

Zi Yi tightened her lips and swept her gaze past the faces of those people.

In the next second, a few silver needles appeared in her hands and they directly pierced their acupuncture points.

They crouched down in pain and their faces were distorted due to pain.

The others all shut their mouths out of fright after they saw the situation.

The group of people behind her was noisy, as they were talking about her, but the group of people in front of her were looking at her with frightened eyes.

Zi Yi coldly said, “Ive said it earlier.

Someone among you tried to harm my Mom.

When the police arrive, I will naturally let you out.

Whoever dares to continue shouting, dont blame me for being rude.”

The group of people felt fear and anger at the same time.

The young lady before them had a pretty appearance but why was she so mean They clearly came over to rescue people.

Just then, the sound of police sirens could be heard from a distance.

At the same time, there was the sound of the helicopters turning propeller in the sky.

As it was a downtown area, it was not easy for police cars to enter.

The helicopter was the first to arrive here.

Many people subconsciously looked up.

They saw the door open and a tall man appeared at the door.

“Quick, take a look.

Is that man Second Master Lu”

“Yes! The helicopter is at least five meters above the ground and is he intending to jump down directly”

“Wont he crash and break his bones”

Among several screams, Lu Jingye directly leaped down from the helicopter.

He first jumped onto Zi Yis car roof before he jumped down from the car.

Many people had subconsciously breathed a sigh of relief.

Before they managed to react, they saw another tall figure running here from the rooftops at a fast speed.

“Its Third Young Master Lu!”

Many people subconsciously took out their phones as they wanted to capture the scene they saw.

Lu Jingye directly headed over to Zi Yis side.

Lu Yunxiao went to where Mrs.

Lu was.

When the group of people trapped within the infrared wall saw the gentle and elegant Lu Jingye appearing, all of them subconsciously started to complain.

“Second Young Master, please be the judge.

We were clearly trying to save Mrs.

Lu and yet, Zi Yi dared to use this thing to trap us in here.”

“This is considered illegal detention.

You had better get her to release us or we will be suing her.”

Lu Jingye had a stern expression on his face and his gaze swept past the group of people.

In the end, his gaze landed on the people who were squatting on the ground and in obvious pain.

He said, “Someone among you tried to harm my Mother.

After the police arrive, Yiyi will naturally let you go.

If we had locked you up wrongly, you can sue me if you wish to.”

Just then, Lu Yunxiao walked over.

He was expressionless, just like an emotionless robot.

He said, “The police are here.”

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