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After Mrs.

Lu changed her clothes and came down, Lu Jingye sent them to the art gallery.

There were not many people walking around this street even on usual days and now that it was still so early, it appeared even more deserted.

“Its still so early and I wonder if Xiangling is here yet”

“She has been staying in the art gallery these past few days.”

As soon as Zi Yi said that, she saw the door of the art gallery opening and Dou Xiangling walked out from inside.

Dou Xiangling saw Zi Yi and Mrs.

Lu the moment she stepped out and she immediately came over.

“Auntie Lu, Yiyi, youre here.”

“Where were you headed off to”

Dou Xiangling had her bag on her shoulders and she said in response, “I was heading out to have breakfast.”

She took out her phone and said, “Since youre here, Ill just call for takeout.”

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Lu said, “Child, why havent you eaten by now If I knew this earlier, I would have brought some food for you.”

Dou Xiangling made a shy smile and said, “There were many materials that arrived yesterday and so, I slept a little later than usual.

Therefore, I woke up later too.”

She then held both their hands and walked into the art gallery.

“Its cold outside, lets go in first.”

As the main layout inside was done, upon entering the art gallery, there was a difference as great as heaven and earth compared to when Zi Yi came the previous time.

Zi Yi entered and took a look around the art gallery.


Lu and Dou Xiangling walked behind her.

While walking, Mrs.

Lu nodded her head.

“It seems like the renovation speed of your art gallery is pretty fast.

At this rate, you should be able to finish everything by the end of the month, right”

“Im sure we can.

The materials we need have all arrived in a timely manner, together with the help of Yiyis robots and also…” Speaking of this, Dou Xiangling paused for a moment and looked at Zi Yi before she said, “Its all thanks to brother-in-laws friend, Ians help.”


Lu had a good impression of Ian.

“That young man is really a nice chap.

Even though he is a member of a Counts family, he isnt arrogant at all.

Most importantly, he is a gentleman.

When Lu Jingye and Zi Yi got married, he helped out a lot.”

When Ian lived in the villa during that period of time, Mrs.

Lu had gone to supervise the wedding venue every day.

As long as Ian did not go out for the day, he would help out.

The moment they brought up Ian, they started commenting about him.

Zi Yi listened to their comments and the corner of her lips raised up.

She was thinking what kind of reaction Ian would have if he knew that he was the topic of their discussion.

However, she did not pay much attention to this.

After checking out all the renovations, Zi Yi asked Dou Xiangling, “Have you met any suspicious people or were there any weird incidents that happened”

Dou Xiangling had heard of Lu Jingyes matter and now that Zi Yi was asking her this question, she became nervous, “Is it about the He Family”

She then furrowed her eyebrows and said affirmatively, “Second Master Hes death definitely doesnt have anything to do with brother-in-law.

I feel that there must be someone else behind this incident who is trying to frame him.”


Lu nodded her head.

“This matter is very complicated and there is indeed someone trying to frame him.

Therefore, Yiyi is worried about your place.”

Zi Yi added on.

“Those people are unable to deal with me and Lu Jingye and its possible that they might try to deal with you instead.

However, theres no need to worry.

The robots I gave you can take care of them.”

After hearing what Zi Yi said, Dou Xiangling suddenly thought of something.

“There seemed to be sounds of movements coming from outside of the art gallery the night before.”

With the robots by her side and how she asked Dou Yurui to accompany her that night, only then did she dare to stay there for the night.

Zi Yi called for the robots after hearing what she said.

She asked, “What happened outside the night before yesterday”

One of the robots answered, “Master, someone tried to set this place on fire the day before yesterday.”

All three of their expressions changed at once.

Dou Xiangling was furious.

“To think that these people were planning to do such a thing!”

Zi Yi only snorted coldly and said, Cousin, dont worry.

With the robots around, as long as there is danger approaching, they will be able to sense it.”

She then turned to the robot and said, “Show me the recording of that night.”

The robots eyes flashed and soon, a virtual screen appeared before them.

The virtual screen played the recording of that night.

They saw several thugs getting down from a seven seater SUV.

After they alighted, they headed to the trunk and each of them carried an oil can, before they headed towards the art gallery.

Its obvious that these people did not have any friendly intentions.

Moreover, when the robots were monitoring the surroundings, they detected a group of people carrying gasoline.

As such, they had been stopped at least around 10 meters away from the art gallery.

“I had set up the robots in such a way that they would take care of the other party as soon as dangerous items are in the vicinity.”

Sure enough, the robots stopped those people and started beating them up without any reason.

As soon as the robots beat up the thugs who had yet to understand the situation, another group of men on patrol came over to arrest them.

The patrolling group did not cause much of a commotion either.

“From the looks of it, the higher-ups are also protecting your art gallery.” After she saw the scene, Mrs.

Lu was at ease.

After Dou Xianglings takeaway arrived, she went to eat breakfast, while Zi Yi helped her count the materials she did not manage to finish counting last night.


Lu saw that Zi Yi was busy and so, she talked about her thoughts of having a meal together with the Dou Family.

Dou Xiangling was certainly going to agree to her idea.

“Ill give my family a call shortly.

They should be able to find time before Yiyi leaves.”

It was the end-of-year examinations for university and the professors became even busier.

Not only did they have to check the experimental results of the students they were taking care of, there were also many things to do at the countrys research lab.


Lu did not insist.

“If they are too busy, its the same if we get together again during Chinese New Year.

Work is more important.”

Dou Xiangling nodded her head.

She was unable to make decisions on behalf of the family right now.

Zi Yi and Mrs.

Lu remained here until the afternoon before they left.


Lus housekeeper came to fetch her, while Zi Yi connected to her racing car remotely and got it to fly over from the skies.

Before they separated from each other, Mrs.

Lu asked Zi Yi, “Yiyi, what would you like to eat for dinner Ill go home and prepare it for you.”


Lu liked to prepare soup and desserts when she had nothing to do and she had been very keen to prepare them for Zi Yi these days.

Zi Yi was not picky at all.

“I like everything Mom makes.”


Lu was instantly delighted at her response.

After Mrs.

Lu left, Zi Yi sat in her racing car and left.

As usual, she was flying in the sky.

The racing car was flying at an altitude of twenty meters away from the ground and there was not the slightest hindrance.

However, not long after she drove away, her watch flashed twice.

Zi Yi had set up an alarm device.

As long as someone she cared about had encountered danger, the device would directly send a signal to her wristwatch.

She quickly tapped on the watch and a virtual screen appeared.

When she saw who was the person in danger, her heart clenched tight.

At the same time, Lu Jingyes phone call arrived.

“Yiyi, are you with my Mom right now”

There was no longer the usual calmness in his voice and instead, his tone sounded very heavy.

In particular, there were the sounds of footsteps and the sound of the wind brushing past coming through the speaker.

“Im not.” Zi Yi quickly locked onto Mrs.

Lus position and said to him, “I just separated from Mom not too long ago… I have arranged an invisible robot to be next to Mom and nothing will happen to her.”

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