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Lu Jingye had been like this since he was a child.

Before he did anything, he would make a meticulous plan in advance, and not to mention, he was very resourceful.

He was able to defeat the opponent without any commotion.

Lu Jianlin was not worried that the Song Jewelry would be defeated by the other companies and thus, he did not continue on this topic.

Just then, Mrs.

Lu and Zi Yi each brought a cup of milk tea out and came over.

After Mrs.

Lu sat down next to Lu Jianlin, she suddenly asked, “Second Master He is dead and his son, He Fei hasnt come back yet”


Lu had seen He Fei before in the past and even though he seemed playful, he was not bad in nature.

Not to mention he was an emotional person and according to reason, he should have rushed back home the first instance something so big happened.

Lu Jingye knew the reason for this.

“He and Ouyang Ming went to do business at the Golden Triangle but they have been detained.”

Thus, it was possible that He Fei was completely unaware of the things that happened at home.

Perhaps he had already known of it, but it was just that he was unable to return.

Lu Jingye did not say that part out loud, but everyone managed to guess it.


Lu only sighed and changed the topic.

She said in a complaining tone of voice, “Yunxiao disappeared from our sight as soon as he returned and his body has yet to completely recover.

Why did you send him out for a mission so early”

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Her last sentence was clearly complaining about Lu Jianlin.

Lu Jianlin raised his hand and patted her hand, as if trying to comfort her.

“We must try to find out the person who harmed Yunxiao as soon as possible.

Otherwise, it would be even more troublesome if things are delayed.

It just so happens that we have Little Zis robot disguising as him openly and its much more convenient for him to investigate things this way.”


Lu was still worried in her heart and she asked Lu Jingye, “Jingye, will Yunxiao be going to Country Em together with you”

“He will be heading to the Golden Triangle.”

The moment Mrs.

Lu heard of the Golden Triangle, she furrowed her brow.

“Thats where all the drug and arms bosses are gathered, right Wouldnt it be dangerous for him to go there”

“Little Zi has prepared invisible robots for him and so he will not be in danger.

Whats more, we will also be heading there afterwards.”


Lu turned to look at Zi Yi.

She nodded her head and said, “Thats right, I will also prepare a few more invisible robots these days and get Yunxiao to bring them along with him when the time comes.”

Only then did Mrs.

Lu feel slightly at ease.

The four of them chatted for some time and the dinner was soon served.

After dinner, Zi Yi accompanied Mrs.

Lu to the backyard to take a stroll.

There was no snow for the past two days, but the temperature was still low.

There were many different roses planted in the backyard and also several varieties of climbing roses.

As the weather was chilly, the roses were not in bloom.


Lu was worried about Zi Yi tagging along and kept reminding her to protect herself well.

She even said that if she was unaccustomed to the food outside, she should get Lu Jingye to cook for her.

After she talked for some time, Mrs.

Lu suddenly thought of something and said, “Before you leave the capital, lets have a meal together with the Dou Family.

“You can ask them when they are free.

Your Grandfather has yet to completely recover and we should be the ones visiting him.”

At 9 p.m.

Zi Yi returned to Lu Jingyes bedroom.

Lu Jingye was still in the study room together with Lu Jianlin and they had yet to come out.

Zi Yi changed into her pajamas after taking a bath and she sat on the bed and scrolled through her phone.

Her energy company in Country X had been doing well recently and with the new energy source it had developed, many large international companies had expressed their interest in working together with her.

It could be considered a hot commodity.

Zi Yi thought for a moment and wrote a new set of energy source data and sent it to Zhou Shiyu.

The two of them then discussed which areas this new energy source would be invested into.

After they finished their discussion, Zi Yi asked Zhou Shiyu, “Hows the progress of finding new racers going on your younger brothers side”

Ever since that proud and awkward man, Zhou Shijin went out to search for racers, he had never contacted Zi Yi again.

Since Zi Yi did not have time, she also let him be.

It just so happened that she thought of him and casually asked.

Zhou Shiyu said, “Its not going too smoothly on his side.”

Zi Yi did not say anything after hearing that.

Zhou Shiyu asked another question, “If Shijin were to find some racers from abroad, would you be alright with them”

Zi Yi thought about it and said, “The racers I want dont need to be famous, but they must be willing to work hard.

Moreover, they should not have other thoughts.”

Zhou Shiyu was silent for a moment before he nodded his head.

“I will help him check them out when the time comes.”

Zi Yi smiled and the both of them exchanged a few more words before hanging up the phone.

Following that, she contacted Ian.

It was currently morning in Country M and Ian was wearing a white suit.

He already had a fair skin tone and a handsome appearance.

Now that he wore a white suit, his dazzling blond hair was illuminated by the morning light, making it seem as if he was glowing.

“Hi Zi.” Ian greeted her in an upbeat tone and from the looks of it, he was in a good mood.

Zi Yi had no intention to exchange pleasantries with him and she went straight to the topic.

“Hows the construction of my research base”

Ian raised his eyebrows and smiled.

“I just arrived there, you can have a look at it yourself.”

He then turned on the camera and showed her the research base that was under construction.

The foundation had already been done and through the screen, she could see potholes everywhere with no end to the sight.

Sometime later, Ian switched the camera to his front facing camera.

“I have purchased all the farms in the vicinity and your research base can expand a bit more.”

Zi Yi also raised her eyebrows as she said, “Thanks.”

Ian smiled and said, “No need.

I have been staying here every day recently.

I feel that your research base is likely to become successful and the economic benefits generated will be immeasurable.”

Zi Yi looked at him speechlessly.

A few seconds later, she roasted him.

“Since youre staying at the construction site, why are you dressed so… ostentatiously”

Ian did not care about Zi Yis roasting.

“I will be having a video call every day with Dou and as a gentleman, how can I dress casually in front of a woman I admire”

She was actually speechless.

Ian still had a smile on his face.

“I plan to visit the capital for Chinese New Year in the following period of time.”

Zi Yi rudely rebuked him.

“Chinese New Year is a custom in our country and it has nothing to do with you.”

“Who says so” Ian retorted.

“When Dou and I get married in the future, I would also be Chinese through marriage, and celebrating Chinese New Year definitely has something to do with me.”

Zi Yi replied, “… In your dreams.”

Zi Yi understood her cousin well.

After experiencing the incident with Zhang Hanyu, she would not easily accept any other man.

She suddenly looked at Ian with a sympathetic gaze and soon, she disconnected the call.

Zi Yi continued ordering some things from abroad.

After she was done with all these things, Lu Jingye had yet to return.

Zi Yi did not head to bed either.

She wrote some information related to biological weapons and sent them to Nangong Yu.

At the same time, she wrote: [Theres no need for thanks.

Im rejecting all phone calls and text messages.]

She did not wish to answer the phone or send any more text messages.

Nangong Yu still replied with a short message.

[I still have to thank you no matter what.]

After sending that message, he did not bother her anymore.

It just so happened that she heard the sound of the door opening just then.

She looked over and saw Lu Jingye coming in.

“Why havent you gone to sleep yet”

Lu Jingye saw how she was holding onto her tablet and phone in her hands.

He walked over, leaned down, and took her tablet and phone to place them on the bedside table, before he looked at her seriously.

“Youve been playing with these for at least three hours.

Its bad for your eyes.”

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