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The next morning, someone knocked on Zi Yis door.

She went over and opened the door.

Li Peirong stood outside and affectionately said, “Your father went out in the morning.

Lets have a chat.”

“A chat about what”

Zi Yi walked out the door and they sat down together on the sofa.

Li Peirong stared at her face and with a sad expression, she asked, “Do you not like Fourth Young Master He”

“Get to the point.” Li Peirong must have had other intentions with her question, and Zi Yi did not answer her.

“Im sure youre aware of what happened yesterday.

Your cousin has been taken by Fourth Young Master He.

When your father returned yesterday, he said that you can still get married to him if this matter does not spread.”

Zi Yi raised an eyebrow.

Li Peirong was obviously trying to provoke her into making a fuss.

If she was the original owner, she would have already made a fuss.

Instead, she merely asked indifferently, “How is she doing”

“Not good.” Li Peirong panicked when Zi Yi did not react as per her expectation.

“Something like that happened to your cousin yesterday, and perhaps she might be pregnant with Fourth Young Master Hes child.”

Zi Yis lips curled up.

“He was merely in the toilet for ten minutes, and cousin is already pregnant”

“Thats right.”

It was Zi Lian who said that.

She opened the door, walked out, and caressed her stomach while looking like a victim.

“You dont know how anxious he was last night.


Speaking of this, she covered her face as if feeling shy and sobbed in a low voice.

“I dont blame his roughness, but the child is innocent.

I dont want the child to be fatherless in the future.

Yiyi, Im begging you.

Please give He Fei to me.

Im already his and if I cant marry him, I shall become a nun.”

“Nun” Zi Yi nodded and said in all seriousness, “Then go ahead.”

Zi Yis words caused Li Peirong and Zi Lians expressions to change.

“How could you speak to your cousin like that!” Li Peirong educated her.

“Lianlian is already so heartbroken.

Dont you know how to comfort her”

“How should I comfort her” Zi Yi looked at Zi Lian and asked, “You can be upfront about your intentions.”

Zi Lian looked at Zi Yis face which incurred her jealousy.

“Yiyi, tell He Fei that the impact of yesterdays incident was too much for you.

You drowned your sorrows with alcohol and slept with someone else.”

Zi Yi looked at Zi Lian who said those words without the slightest guilt.

She was shocked by how shameless she could be.

She remained silent, took out her phone, and called He Fei.

As soon as the call was connected, she said, “He Fei, if youre free now, come to the hotel.” Zi Yi spoke calmly before she hung up the phone.

Zi Lian felt a rush of joy deep down.

However, Li Peirong felt strange.

She constantly felt that this b*tch would not say that, even though she had called He Fei over.

He Fei arrived at the hotel very quickly.

It could be said that he received Zi Yis call while he was on the way here.

When the doorbell rang, Li Peirong went to open the door.

The moment he entered, he hastily said to Zi Yi, “Yiyi, listen to my explanation.”

“The explanation can wait.

Let me ask you.

Did you get my cousin pregnant last night”

Zi Lian looked at He Fei in nervousness and uneasiness.

After she took the drug last night, other than bodily reactions, her mind was in a blur.

She believed it was the same for He Fei.

When He Fei heard her question, he exploded.

“Impossible! I didnt even take off my pants last night!”


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