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Zi Yis expression remained unchanged as she walked to the sink and washed her hands, before turning around while standing at the sink as she waited.

A few seconds later, she saw a young man coming in with two bodyguards.

“You didnt get an allergic reaction”

When the young man saw Zi Yi standing there looking perfectly fine, he could not help but furrow his eyebrows.

Zi Yis lips revealed her unhappiness.

She looked at the young man and said affirmatively, “You are from the He Family.”

The young mans gaze turned cold and he did not bother to exchange small talk with her.

He ordered the two bodyguards behind him.

“Bring her away.”

The two bodyguards directly moved in Zi Yis direction.

Zi Yi stood there without moving and at the same time, Shadows voice sounded in her ears.

“Master, theres someone in the vent, and Lu Yunxiao is behind that person.”

Zi Yi heard what Shadow said and did not order him to do anything.

Just as the two bodyguards were around a meter distance away from her a few subtle whistles came from the ceiling and subsequently, she saw two hidden weapons slicing past the necks of the two bodyguards.

Naturally, they had fallen down.

Blood scattered in all directions.

The young man got a fright and he subconsciously looked at the ceiling.

In the next second, his neck was also slashed open by the hidden weapon.

Zi Yi looked at the blood that splattered everywhere and she took two steps to the side expressionlessly.

In the very next second, the person who had killed the three people had jumped down from the vent and at the same time, another person jumped down and kicked him on his back.

“Yunxiao,” Zi Yi called out to him.

Lu Yunxiao nodded at her and just as he was about to bring the man in black away, Zi Yi stopped him.

“Leave him here.”

She then inserted a silver needle into a certain part of his body.

The man in blacks body turned soft and he remained unmoving.

Lu Yunxiao managed to guess what her plans were and told her.

“Theres a large group of reporters outside.

Leave with me.”

His body leaped up and he climbed into the vent.

Subsequently, he released a whip and grabbed Zi Yi by the waist with it, before lifting her up.

The vent here was rather big and it was not a problem to accommodate a person.

Just as they left the washroom, the door was knocked open and a group of reporters swarmed in while the flash of their cameras flashed repeatedly.

At the same time, someone screamed out loudly, “Ah… someone is dead!”

The seafood restaurant instantly exploded in commotion.

Xu Qingfeng who was standing behind the crowd held his forehead and took out his phone to call someone.

The call rang for some time before it got connected.

He gnashed his teeth and asked, “Is there a need to make such a big deal of this incident You must know that your woman is still at my restaurant, right”

The other party seemed to have said something in response.

Xu Qingfengs temples throbbed before he fiercely hung up the phone and headed elsewhere.

After the people in the hall heard the sounds of screaming, some of them were affected by the atmosphere and started screaming along with the people who were screaming.

There were also some people who ran over to check out the commotion.

Just then, a large group of police officers rushed in from outside the restaurant.

These police officers had everyone surrounded and a man dressed in an officers uniform strode towards the washroom.

The group of M.Uni students were all dumbfounded by the series of incidents.

When the police officers made their way inside, Nangong Yu stood up and was about to head in the direction of the washroom.

Yu Meng hastily called out to him, “President, what are you doing”

“Im heading over to take a look.”

As soon as Nangong Yu said that, Chen Yuying cried out in shock.

“Didnt Zi Yi just head over to the washroom earlier”

Her words caused the expressions of everyone in the group to change.

Everyone got up on their feet.

Just then, Zi Yi walked over from another direction and asked, “What are you doing”

Yu Meng said in surprise, “Zi Yi, why did you come from there”

Zi Yi replied, “When I arrived at the washroom on the other side, there was a sign saying that it was under maintenance, so I headed to the other washroom.”

When the three people blocked Zi Yi in the washroom, the sign was indeed placed outside.

The surveillance outside the washroom had been tampered with by her and when the time comes, no matter how they investigated it, they would only see an image of her walking to the door and turning around to leave after she saw the sign.

The group of people breathed a sigh of relief.

Zi Yi asked in confusion, “Whats wrong When I came out from the washroom just now, I heard that someone was dead in the washroom.”

“A group of reporters suddenly rushed in from outside and they were followed by a group of police officers.

All of us dare not head over there.” As soon as Yu Meng said that, he patted his chest.

“I heard that three people were suddenly killed in the washroom and all of them had their throats slit.

It is very terrifying.”

“Theres also a man in black and he seems to be the culprit.

He climbed in through the vent and he suddenly became ill, as his body was found lying on the ground with the other bodies.”

Even though they did not head over themselves, the story still managed to spread and those who had witnessed the scene soon described the whole situation.

“Zi Yi, fortunately, you didnt go in.

What kind of big hatred did they have for the three people to have slit their throats I heard that the whole washroom is filled with blood and just the thought of it is terrifying.”

The door had been blocked by the police and clearly, they were preparing for a thorough investigation and everyone was unable to leave for the time being.

Just then, Zi Yi saw Nangong Yu taking out his phone and sending a message.

Nangong Yu noticed her gaze and after he finished sending the message, he put the phone away and walked to her side as he said to everyone, “Someone will be coming over to take our statements.

We can leave as long as we finish registering our statements.”

“Oh… thats great.

I feel so anxious and panicky after encountering such an incident.”

It was terrifying to be staying at a crime scene of a murder.

Just then, another group of people made their way inside.

Among the group, there were several people carrying toolboxes and wearing white coats.

“Those people must be forensics doctors, right”

“It must be.

Zi Yis cousin is among them.”

As soon as Yu Meng and the other female student finished talking, they saw Dou Yurui coming over to their side.

“Yiyi, why are you here”

“Cousin Yurui, my classmates, and I came to have a meal.”

Dou Yurui looked at the others and nodded her head.

“Dont be afraid, you can leave after everyone has given their statement.”

Dou Yurui left after she said that.

Zi Yi and the rest could only return to their seats and wait.

Everyone was no longer in the mood to continue eating and they took out their phones.

Zi Yi and Nangong Yu however, did not use their phones.

Nangong Yu tilted his head and glanced at Zi Yi.

His gaze seemed to contain traces of examination.

Nangong Yu lifted the cup and he took a sip.

When the teacup left his lips, he said, “Junior Zi, you should pay more attention to your surroundings these days.”

Zi Yi slightly narrowed her eyes and responded with a nod.

Soon, some people came over to take their statements and the majority of them left after they were done.

Zi Yi and the group walked out together.

Nangong Yu asked, “Junior Zi, is someone coming to give you a lift”

Zi Yi pointed at a car parked nearby and said, “Yes.”

Nangong Yu nodded his head and said to the rest of the group, “Lets go back to M.Uni together.”

He led the group of people away and left after that.

Zi Yi walked to the car, opened the passenger seats door, and sat inside.

After the car started, she tilted her head and looked at Lu Jingye who was driving.

“Who was the culprit behind the death of the man from the He Family”

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