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After the four finished their greetings, the housekeeper standing by the side greeted them.

Subsequently, he asked, “The meal has already been prepared.

I wonder if Madam, Second Young Master, Second Young Madam, and Miss Dou would be having the meal now or would you like to have a rest first”

Lu Jingye would be very busy now that he has returned, so he said, “Well eat first.”

Thus, the four of them headed to the living room in the backyard.

During the meal, Mrs.

Lu asked about Dou Xianglings situation.

Only after hearing that there would be no complications in the future did she relax.

After the meal, Lu Jingye sent Zi Yi and Dou Xiangling back to the Dou Family residence and he left after going in to give his greetings.

Today was a workday and most of the Dou Family members had all gone out for work.

Only the First Madam and Third Madam were at home taking care of Elder Dou.

Before Zi Yi left, she only told them that she and Lu Jingye were going out to play and so, the Dou Family thought that she went on her honeymoon.

Lu Jingye had already prepared gifts for them and Zi Yi was handing the gifts over to the three of them, while she then put aside the remaining gifts.

The third Madam was happy deep down, but she purposely said, “Since you two went to enjoy yourselves, you should have gone out to play.

Why prepare so many gifts”

Zi Yi smiled and answered, “Going out to play is all about buying things because otherwise, whats the point”

The Third Madam was amused by her words and said, “What you said is indeed the truth.”

The other three also laughed in response.

Everyone chatted merrily for a while more before they mentioned the fake accident that Zi Yi and Lu Jingye had been in.

Elder Hu asked, “Has Little Lu found out the mastermind behind the car accident”

When the car accident happened, Lu Jingye gave Dou Jingning a phone call.

As it was already rather late by that time, no one informed Elder Dou.

He only got to know about the incident after they had come over to visit the next morning.

They did not linger at the Dou Family residence for long and they only mentioned that they would be leaving the capital in the following days, and that they would be leaving for their honeymoon in disguise, so the Dou Family did not have to worry.

There would be bodyguards to protect them and no matter who asks, they should just remain silent.

“Its the Lu Familys enemy.” Zi Yi only revealed that piece of information.

Elder Dou was silent and he was obviously prejudiced against the Lu Family.

He said, “I heard that Little Lus Grandfather had a fall during your wedding night and that he has been lying in bed ever since; is that true”

He felt that Patriarch Lu must have done it deliberately, and was trying to make the two young people feel bad deep down inside.

The other Dou Family members had the same thoughts.

Zi Yi did not wish to discuss Patriarch Lu and so, she hugged Elder Dous arm and said, “Grandpa, lets not talk about this unpleasant topic, alright Ill tell you some happy stories.”

Following that, she talked about how she visited the training camp and played with the military dogs.

Elder Dou and her two aunts were laughing out loud by the end.

Dou Xiangling stood there and smiled as she looked at her family members.

She had felt strangely relieved.

Fortunately, no one had discovered her condition before.

Dou Xiangling had remained silent all along and just then, the Third Madam asked her, “Xiangling, how come you returned together with Yiyi Didnt you leave to gather inspiration”

Dou Xiangling glanced at Zi Yi and said with a smile, “I heard that Yiyi would be coming back today, so I specially arranged it so that I would be able to rush back in time.

In fact, Im rather worried about the renovations of our art gallery.”

Zi Yi nodded her head together.

“We intend to get the renovations done before Chinese New Year.

It would be best if we can hold an exhibition too.”

Elder Dou was very supportive of the children in the Dou Family developing their careers.

He said, “Good, good.

Ill pay a visit too when you hold the exhibition.”

Zi Yi and Dou Xiangling were very happy to hear that.

Zi Yi had remained in the Dou Family home for the whole afternoon until Lu Jingye came to fetch her at around 4:30 p.m.

The Dou Family would obviously get them to stay for dinner.

Lu Jingye did not reject them, but he told Zi Yi in private, “Mom told us to go back home to stay tonight.”

In fact, Mrs.

Lu planned for everyone to have dinner tonight, but at the thought that Zi Yi went back to visit the Dou Family, she would definitely have to stay for dinner.

As a result, she got Lu Jingye to fetch Zi Yi home at night instead.

At around 5:30 p.m., the other Dou Family members returned one after another.

All of them were seated in the living room as they waited for the food to be served.

The four adults had asked about the accident and if they had found the culprit yet.

They also asked what plans they had from now on.

Zi Yi had already made arrangements for her schedule in the following days.

“I will be taking my exams in the following half a month and I wont be doing anything else.”

Lu Jingye said, “I am currently preparing to push Song Jewelry into the international market next year.”

Everyone was confident about Zi Yi taking her exams.

Dou Jingning only asked a question, “Yiyi, how many scholarships do you think you can receive”

Zi Yi was extremely confident.

“Of course, its all the majors I am studying in.”

Her words immediately caused Dou Zerui to make a comment.

“Yiyi, you better not be too confident.

If you fail to achieve a scholarship for two majors, it would be embarrassing.”

Zi Yi gave him a snort and said, “Even if your project fails, I wont fail.”

“Hey, hey, hey… are you itching for a beating How could I fail my projects”

“Then how could I fail to obtain the scholarships”

Dou Zerui was speechless for a moment.

Zi Yi saw his appearance and purposely said, “If you arent convinced, we might as well have a bet.”

“If I obtain the scholarships for all my majors, you shall give me the same amount of money I will be receiving from the scholarships.

If I were to fail in getting the scholarships for even one of the majors, Ill hand over all the scholarships I receive to you.”

The scholarships that M.Uni hands out were eight thousand per major and since Zi Yi was taking ten majors, it was equivalent to 80 thousand.

“Then Ill just wait for you to hand over all your scholarships to me.” Dou Zerui was considered to have accepted her bet.

Dou Muyang chimed in.

“We are all witnesses and so we all have a share.

No matter who wins the bet, they would have to treat us.”

Zi Yi smiled and said, “Sure, Ill use the money that Zerui loses to me to treat you all to an expensive meal.”

Dou Zerui scoffed and said, “Some people better not refuse the terms of the bet when they lose… If I win, Ill cover for all of this years Chinese New Years goods.”

“Second Brother, this is what you said and we are all witnesses to that.”

“Yes, no matter who wins when the time comes, you are not to default on your promises.”

Everyone chatted merrily as they waited for dinner to be served.

After finishing dinner, Zi Yi and Lu Jingye stayed for a short while before they left.

They drove the car back to the Lu Familys villa.

Lu Jingye was the one driving while Zi Yi sat in the passenger seat.

On the way home she took out her phone to check the news.

The moment she was checking the news, she discovered that the netizens had all exploded.

She tilted her head in Lu Jingyes direction and said, “You had held a press conference in the afternoon”

Moreover, he was announcing that he was alive and kicking and for those people who caused the accident to wait for their retribution.

Lu Jingye had a calm expression.

“Sometimes, being high-profile is also a means of pre-emptive action.”

Zi Yi thought about it and nodded her head.

“I guess so.

Well let those people panic and become anxious, and then there will be some people who are unable to sit still.”

It just so happened that they were in the open while Lu Yunxiao was in the dark.

They shall let them have a taste of being attacked on both sides.

“What shall we be doing next” Zi Yi rubbed her hands and was especially cooperative.

“Its just going to be me and Yunxiao, this does not include you.” Lu Jingye informed her.

“You only have to pay attention to your exams.”

Zi Yi nodded reluctantly and said, “Alright then, Ill prepare some nice items for Yunxiao.”

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