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Lu Jianlin said, “Your Eldest Uncle pushed away the work abroad with the higher-ups and he will be focusing his attention on the Lu Group during this period of time.”

Eldest Master Lus work was related to the economic sector and it was not a problem for him to manage a medium-sized company.

However, he was working for the country and he could not put all his time into managing the company.

Lu Jingye asked, “How is our elder cousins condition”

He did not pay any attention to his situation since they left for the secret base.

“He has already returned to the main residence and he should be returning to the company in the next month.”

Lu Jianlin only casually mentioned Lu Zhiheng and Lu Jingye also merely casually listened to it and did not take the information to heart.

The father and son duo were not interested in the Lu Group in the slightest.

After they chatted a while more, they hung up the phone.

Lu Jingye looked towards Lu Yunxiao.

Lu Yunxiao said, “I wish to leave this place.”

It just so happens that he could personally deliver this monkey back.

Lu Jingye thought about it and did not immediately agree.

“Check with your sister-in-law.

If she gives the green light, you can leave first.”

Lu Yunxiao was surprised for a moment but he understood his brothers intentions in the next second and nodded his head.

After they locked the monkey in the cage, they headed to the canteen.

Zi Yi was currently surrounded by the managers as they asked her about the virtual screen she showed earlier.

“Ive never seen such an advanced computer.

Second Young Madam, how did you manage to create it”

Zi Yi said with a smile, “Its because Im smart.”

The two brothers just so happened to reach the door when they heard Zi Yi praising herself.

Lu Jingyes lips curled up unconsciously while Lu Yunxiao subconsciously glanced in his brothers direction.

Just then, Zi Yi saw the two brothers and she hastily waved at Lu Jingye.

“Ah Jing, quick, come over! The kitchen is roasting a whole sheep tonight and it will be done soon.”

Lu Jingye and Lu Yunxiao made their way over.

Everyone had put together several tables tonight and placed a few jars of alcohol on them, along with some fruits.

The managers saw the two Lu brothers approaching and they dispersed while returning to their seats.

Lu Jingye walked over to Zi Yis side and she wriggled her eyebrows while she suggested.

“Why dont we go for a walk first”

After Lu Jingye walked over to Zi Yis side, he sat down and ignored her suggestion.

Zi Yi pointed at the alcohol and fruits on the table.

“Wang Biao has contributed all his alcohol and we shall all have some tonight… you wont say anything, will you”

She even winked at him after she said that.

Lu Jingye looked at Wang Biao who was sitting in an upright position opposite and nodded his head.

“Today is a holiday, we can all have some alcohol.”

His words caused Wang Biao to breathe a sigh of relief.

Not long after the two of them sat down, the chef had carried the whole sheep over.

The sheep was very fleshy and it was contained in a large baking tray.

Beneath it was some charcoal and right now, it was dripping with hot oil.

Half of it was sprinkled with cumin while the other half was sprinkled with chili powder, and the fragrance saturated the whole canteen.

Zi Yi seemed as if she was about to salivate from the fragrance.

During the meal, everyone had their fill of the food.

After dinner, Zi Yi, Lu Jingye, and Lu Yunxiao headed to their courtyard.

Lu Yunxiao informed Zi Yi about how he wanted to leave here right away.

Zi Yi thought about it for a moment and nodded.

“Even though your body has yet to recover to its previous state, its fine as long as you dont go on missions.

Its okay if you wish to return, Ill give you an invisible robot, in which I will set up a detection device.

If you were to encounter something like the situation before, theres no need for you to worry anymore.”

Having said that, she called out Shadow IV.

Shadow IV appeared and called out.


Zi Yi said to Lu Yunxiao, “Stretch out your hand.”

Lu Yunxiao heeded what she said.

Zi Yi gave Shadow IV a command.

“He will be your Master from now on.”

“Command received.” Shadow IV stretched out its hand and a virtual halo appeared between their palms.

“Reading the data of the new owner.”

“Data read successfully.”

“Hello Master, I am 5241, please give the order.”

Zi Yi said to Lu Yunxiao, “You can give him a new name and he will appear whenever you call him by that name.”

Lu Yunxiao thought for a moment and said, “Your name shall be Night.”

Lu Yunxiao had nothing for the robot to do for the time being, so Night waited for a short while before it turned invisible.

Lu Yunxiao said to Zi Yi in a serious tone, “Thank you.”

“No need for that.

Im your sister-in-law and Im responsible for your safety.”

After Zi Yi said that, she even gave him a smile.

Lu Yunxiao saw her smile and felt that he should return a smile too, so he tried his best to move his facial muscles.

However, he did not manage to smile in the end.

Whats more, Zi Yi had turned away and looked at Lu Jingye and so, he relaxed his facial muscles.

Lu Jingye noticed that and he raised his hand to caress Zi Yis hand as he asked him, “When do you plan to leave”

“I will be leaving later this evening.”

The three of them walked to their courtyards and Lu Jingye said to Zi Yi, “Go in first.”

Zi Yi nodded her head and pushed open the door as she entered.

Lu Yunxiao left together with Lu Yi.

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye stayed in the base until the afternoon of the 3rd.

Only then did Zi Yi get the robot to lift Dou Xiangling out from the nutrient solution.

When Dou Xiangling regained consciousness, she somehow had a feeling that she had escaped from the god of death.

Just then, Zi Yis crisp voice could be heard from above.

“Cousin, I have already removed the parasite poison and theres no need to worry about having heartaches in the future.”

Dou Xiangling tilted her head and looked at Zi Yi who was standing next to her.

A gentle smile curved up on her lips.


Zi Yi also gave her a smile in return and told her about Zhang Hanyus ending.

Dou Xiangling was silent after hearing the story.

Her expression was calm.

There was no gloating nor were there any emotions of fury.

On the morning of the 4th, the three of them left the secret base and returned to the capital.

The car arrived at the villa in the afternoon.


Lu was already waiting for their return in the yard and the moment she saw the car driving in, her lips curved up unconsciously.

Zi Yi pushed the door open and gave her a big hug.

“Mom, were back.”


Lu happily patted her back.

When the two of them separated, Mrs.

Lu carefully sized up Zi Yi and nodded satisfactorily.

“It seems like Yiyi has been eating well over these past few days.

Your complexion looks good.”

Zi Yi also smiled in return.

“Its because Im happy that I managed to treat Yunxiao and my cousin, so I ate well and slept well.”


Lu smiled at her explanation and she could not help but pinch her cheeks.

She then turned to Dou Xiangling.

The latter smiled and greeted her.

“Hello, Auntie Lu.”


Lu nodded her head and said with an expression of heartache, “Child, you have suffered.”

“No, Ive been sleeping during this period of time and was recovered by the time I woke up.”


Lu appreciated Dou Xianglings way of thinking.

“This outlook of yours is good too.”

Dou Xiangling smiled and nodded her head.

The four of them headed to the backyard.


Lu said as they walked, “Its great that all of you have returned.

I told Jianlin today that our family will get together for dinner tonight.”

She did not forget to ask Dou Xiangling, “Xiangling, will you be staying today”

Dou Xiangling shook her head.

“Its fine, Im thinking of returning home to meet my family.”

Even though everyone thought that she had left to gather inspiration, Dou Xianglings thoughts were completely different.

It could be considered that she had a brush with death and she could not wait to return and see her family.


Lu nodded her head in understanding.

“Alright then.

Get Jingye and Yiyi to send you back after lunch.”

Dou Xiangling looked at Mrs.

Lu gratefully.

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