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Zi Yi said while she walked, “We didnt manage to harvest any food or prey today.

I wonder if Lu Yi and Tian Dongquan have found anything good”

As soon as they were in the vicinity of the canteen, they heard Wang Biaos loud voice.

“Hey, hey, hey… quick, stop it.

Dont let it escape.”

“It ran out, quick, give chase!”

“Quick, hurry up! Dont let it disappear from your sight.”

Among the loud voices of a few men, Zi Yi saw something that resembled a monkey darting out of the canteen.

Before Zi Yi had the chance to react, she felt a flurry of wind pass by from her side and in the next second, Lu Yunxiao was holding the fur on the back of the neck of the monkey, and raising it up.

The monkey seemed to have been startled, as it struggled and squealed in Lu Jingyes hands.

Zi Yis jaw dropped in awe.

“Yunxiaos movements are so quick!”

Lu Jingye tilted his head and looked at her, while Zi Yi gave him a smile.

“Youre just as capable.”

Lu Jingyes lips curved up and he raised his hand to touch her head.

The group of people in the canteen had all come out just then.

When they saw the Third Young Master, they hastily greeted him.

Zi Yi looked at the monkey and found some peculiarities.

She asked, “Who caught the monkey”

Tian Dongquan hastily said, “I caught the money.

This monkey leaped straight onto me and it should be very hungry, as I could not get rid of it no matter how hard I tried.

In the end, it followed us back.”

Zi Yi furrowed her eyebrows.

Lu Jingye had seen such an expression on her face before and he asked, “Is there a problem with the monkey”

Zi Yi did not immediately answer him but instead, she continued asking Tian Dongquan another question, “Where did you encounter this monkey”

Tian Dongquan gave her a general estimate of the place.

Lu Jingye also furrowed his brow when he heard his response.

“This is the route where the wolves had run earlier.”

“Wolves” Tian Dongquan was a little surprised.

“I didnt discover any traces of wolves.”

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye made eye contact and Lu Jingyes expression became serious.

Lu Yunxiao said something at this point, “The training camp getting attacked by wild animals is a man-made incident.”

Lu Jingye then looked at Zi Yi and asked, “What peculiarities are there with this monkey”

Zi Yi pointed at the monkey.

The moment the monkey saw Zi Yi pointing her fingers at it, it stretched out its hands swiftly in an attempt to scratch her.

Lu Jingye hastily pulled Zi Yis hand back and slapped the monkeys hand.

The monkey ground its teeth in pain.

Zi Yi said, “Its a semi-mechanical monkey.”

Everyones expression froze at the same time when they heard the news.

Zi Yi called out Shadow and said, “Test this monkey.”

Shadows eyes flashed and in the next second, Wang Biao who was looking into the monkeys eyes suddenly said in a loud voice, “The monkeys eyes seemed to have flashed for a moment.”

Everyone then looked towards the monkeys eyes.

Zi Yi said to Shadow, “Connect to the data in its body.”

Zi Yi brought out the virtual screen at the same time.

Strings of numbers that would cause one to go dizzy were scrolling up the screen.

Sometime later, the strings of data stopped moving.

Everyone was staring at the data reflected on the screen.

Lu Jingye asked, “Who allowed this monkey inside”

Zi Yi mentioned a string of codes.

When everyone heard the string of codes, their expressions turned serious at the same time.

Sometime later, Lu Jingye said to her, “Yiyi, you should change the data inside.”

Zi Yi nodded her hand and a virtual keyboard appeared in front of her.

She quickly tapped on it and after she finished writing strings of codes, the data on the virtual screen changed.

Lu Jingye looked at the data and said in a heavy voice, “It seems like after destroying the Lu Family, their next step is to infiltrate into these places of ours.”

He then made eye contact with Lu Yunxiao and the both of them headed in the direction of their office.

Before he left, Lu Jingye said to Zi Yi, “Yiyi, if you are hungry, go ahead and eat first.

Well be back shortly.”

He was only a businessman now and all he had to do was to report this to the higher-ups.

Zi Yi responded with a nod and put away the virtual screen.

When she turned around, she saw Wang Biao and a few others looking at her.

Upon seeing Zi Yi looking in their direction, Tian Dongquan asked with a worried expression, “Second Young Madam, I brought this monkey into the secret base.

Would it have already exposed our exact location here”

“No,” Zi Yi said.

“An Eight Diagrams Array has already been set up here and coupled with the interference of my magnetic field, the other party wont be able to find this place.”

With the help of the magnetic field, the coordinates the other party received would have greatly deviated from the exact location.

Tian Dongquan breathed a sigh of relief, but he was still a little vexed.

“If I had known earlier, I wouldnt have brought it back.

I didnt expect it to be such a scourge.”

Ji Dekun did not think the same way.

“If you didnt bring it in, we wouldnt have known that it was planted by some other people.”

Zhang Hongliang agreed.

“Its fortunate that it crashed against you.”

However, Zhang Hongliang was a little puzzled.

“Since its a semi-mechanical monkey, would it still feel hungry”

The others also revealed expressions of doubt.

Zi Yi said, “Its only a semi-mechanical monkey and its not like its digestive system was removed.

Why wouldnt it feel hungry Whats more, if it was fully transformed into a mechanical monkey, it would not have been able to enter here.”

There was a detection system inside the base.

It was likely that the mechanical portion in its body was turned off most of the time and it would not affect its normal survival anyways.

The few of them understood it now.

On the other side, Lu Jingye informed Lu Jianlin about this incident.

Lu Jianlin said in a serious tone of voice, “I will report this to the higher-ups, you dont have to intervene.”

Lu Jingye had no intentions of interfering anyways.

He responded with ayes.

Lu Jianlin looked at the monkey in Lu Yunxiaos hands and said to him, “Send this monkey over.

It just so happens that the higher-ups are planning to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the training camp.

This monkey should be beneficial to the search.”

Lu Yunxiao nodded his head.

Lu Jianlin took a long look at his youngest son.

He originally wanted to say some words of concern, but he was unable to get such mushy words out.

He ended up saying.

“When you come back, spend more time with your Mother.

She had been upset for a long time because of your situation.”

Lu Jianlin opened his mouth again.

He felt that it was too difficult to chat with his youngest son and so, he turned to Lu Jingye and asked, “How is Little Zis cousin doing”

Lu Jianlin and Mrs.

Lu knew of how Dou Xiangling had been inflicted with a love parasite.

Lu Jingye said, “She has been fully cured.

Yiyi said that shell let her cousin soak in the nutrient solution for another two days.

Its beneficial for her body.”

Lu Jianlin nodded his head.

“In that case, youll be able to return before Little Zis lessons start.”

Lu Jianlin gave a satisfied nod.

“This is good.

Your Mother misses her, you should get her to accompany your Mother when she returns.”

After they finished conversing about this incident, Lu Jianlin informed them of the situation with Patriarch Lu.

“Your Grandfather is awake at present, but he is no longer as… irritable as before.”

In fact, it was because Patriarch Lus cranial nerves were damaged and thus, his intellect had dropped.

There were many things that he could not remember and whats more, he would have a headache whenever he got irritable.

Lu Jianlin did not elaborate on this point with the two.

He only said, “After you come back, the both of you can just live your life.

If Little Zi does not wish to interact with the rest of the Lu Family, she doesnt have to.”

Lu Jianlins words aligned with Lu Jingyes thoughts and he nodded in response.

Following that, Lu Jianlin changed the topic and started talking about the Lu Group.

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