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Zi Yi, Lu Jingye, and Lu Yunxiao followed Leader Zhang to the training camp.

As it was a holiday today, the training camp was more lively than usual.

Even though the interior was not as decorated as the secret base, today was a day where everyone could have their fill of meat and drinks.

Leader Zhang said, “Its rare that everyone can have a good meal and drink alcohol and relax.

Other than those who are on duty, everyone can eat and drink however they like.

This is all thanks to the robots Little Zi sent us.”

Zi Yi had made 10 robots for the training camp.

All these robots were very practical.

Each robot was capable of being on duty, investigating, and combat… Overall they were capable of everything.

Right now, these robots were Leader Zhangs babies.

“Since youre here, you should stay here today.

Lets have a bonfire night in the evening.”

In the face of Leader Zhangs enthusiastic approach, Zi Yi only smiled and remained silent while Lu Jingye spoke up.

“Apologies, but we have to rush back in the afternoon.”

Leader Zhang was under the impression that the three of them had a mission on hand.

Else, Zi Yi and Lu Jingye would not have faked their death.

Even though he was disappointed, he did not insist and said, “Alright then, its the same if we celebrate till the afternoon.”

It was currently around 10 a.m.

Leader Zhang had led them to their canteen.

The slaughtering of pigs and sheep had already started last night within the canteen.

Before they even reached the canteen, the thick scent of braised pork could be smelled from outside.

“It smells good.” Zi Yi wriggled her nose as she put on a hungry expression.

Leader Zhang laughed and said, “I had people go purchase the ingredients for seasoning two days back and the braised pork we prepared is the most authentic.”

While explaining, the group had arrived outside the entrance.

There were several leaders currently inside the canteen and all of them were laughing while conversing with each other as they waited for the food to be served.

There were several large canteens in the training camp and this canteen was specially catered for leaders.

When Leader Zhang faced Lu Jingye, he subconsciously started to cry poverty.

“There are six to seven thousand people in our training camp and after buying this meal, we can only drink porridge and eat pickles for the next following days.”

Zi Yi looked at him with a scorching gaze.

Lu Yunxiao was also looking at him.

Leader Zhang was thick-skinned and he did not seem embarrassed at all.

Instead, he became even more energetic.

“In particular, during this time where the Lu Group distributes the resources, it is rare for it to come down to us.

We have already been tightening our belts for quite some time.”

Lu Jingye spoke up.

“The Lu Group no longer has the ability to provide military supplies.”

“Ah!” Leader Zhang was stumped by his words.

“What do you mean you no longer have the ability”

He did not know the current situation in the Lu Group.

“Because all the overseas subsidiaries of the Lu Group have been snatched away during the economic war these days and they have suffered heavy losses.”

Leader Zhang was tongue-tied.

In the end, he finally said in horror, “To think that the economic war was so scary!”

“Thats right.” Lu Jingye nodded his head and remained silent afterward.

Clearly, he did not want to say anything more.

It was not appropriate for Leader Zhang to ask either.

He only asked, “Then who will be responsible for our military supplies in the future”

“Theres no need to worry about this.

The higher-ups will make the appropriate arrangements.”

Leader Zhang knows that the higher-ups would have their arrangement, but he was used to working with Lu Jingye.

He felt that there would never be a rich and easy-going person like Lu Jingye anymore in the future.

When they walked into the kitchen, everyone who saw Lu Jingye and Zi Yi would greet them.

Following that, when they looked at Lu Yunxiao, their expressions turned stiff subconsciously, as they felt shocked deep down.

The Third Young Master Lu even came together with them.

Lu Yunxiao was a ruthless character.

When everyone was training in the capital, the instructors would basically use him as an example.

They had never seen him before and now that they had finally seen him today, they felt an inexplicable sense of pressure deep down.

Lu Yunxiao expressionlessly swept his gaze across everyone and tightened his lips without saying anything.

This caused the group of people to feel even more pressurized.

The atmosphere had somehow become a little tense.

Zi Yi checked out everyones expressions.

The corner of her lips curved up and she said to Lu Jingye, “Ah Jing, I want to head over to the military dog training camp for a while.”

Lu Jingye motioned for her to wait a while.

He then turned to ask Leader Zhang, “Didnt you mention that there was braised pork Im hungry, can you give me some to eat first”

His words caused everyones gaze to shift to Lu Jingye.

All of them were thinking: “Isnt Second Young Master being too straightforward”

Leader Zhang knew that Lu Jingye was trying to liven up the atmosphere.

He was also vexed that he could not find a good reason before.

Now that Lu Jingye had spoken up, he laughed and said in response, “Of course.”

Shortly after, he shouted towards the kitchen, “Old Yang, bring out a bowl of marinated pork ribs.”

After hearing a response from within the kitchen, they soon saw a middle-aged man coming out with a pot of pork ribs that was the size of his face.

Zi Yi looked at those pork ribs that were around the size of her arm and she unconsciously swallowed her saliva.

The chef brought the braised pork ribs to Leader Zhang and Leader Zhang turned to look at Lu Jingye.

Lu Jingye asked, “Do you have disposable gloves”

The chef shook his head.

“We dont but we have gloves that we use.

Do you want them”

Lu Jingye was too polite and the chef became a little at a loss.

He hastily turned around and shouted to the kitchen staff.

Soon, someone rushed out with a pair of gloves.

Lu Jingye took the gloves and passed them to Zi Yi.

“Have some now to fill your stomach.

Dont play for too long and come back for lunch later.”

Zi Yis gaze swept across everyone who was staring at her before she grabbed the gloves, took the largest pork rib, and took a bite without any reservation.


She then added.

“Then Ill be leaving first.”

Zi Yi left while she bit the pork rib.

Everyone present was full of smiles.

So it turns out that Second Young Master asked for food to feed Student Zi!

This display of affection was too torturous!

However, the atmosphere inside the canteen had become much more relaxed due to this incident.

After Zi Yi left, Leader Zhang led the two brothers to take a seat at an empty table.

His subordinates brought a pot of tea.

It was quite casual here and the teapot they used was an aluminum pot while the cup was the bowl used to fill rice.

Leader Zhang said, “The conditions here are average, I hope that you dont mind.”

Lu Jingye took a sip of the tea and said, “Theres nothing to mind.

Tea can be drunk anywhere.”

Leader Zhang liked Lu Jingyes personality.

After he had his laugh, he turned to look at Lu Yunxiao.

Similarly, Lu Yunxiao did not say anything but took a sip of the tea.

Leader Zhang breathed a sigh of relief.

Following that, he and Lu Jingye had a casual chat.

They first mentioned the robots Zi Yi had sent them and while chatting, Leader Zhang brought up the recent situation.

“After finishing this meal, I will be going out on a mission with the robots.”

Lu Jingye was a little surprised.

“What kind of missions require you to attend them personally”

“Quite a number of people have disappeared within the Southern borders in recent months and the higher-ups tasked me and another two training camps to lead some people in search of them.”

Lu Jingye thought of the things Zi Yi managed to pry out from the Gu Master and he unconsciously furrowed his brows.

If it was what he thought, those missing people were certainly related to Gu Masters.

“Leader Zhang, how many people do you plan to bring along”

“I wont be able to bring many.

We are going over in secret and we might even have to leave the countrys borders.

However, the higher ups informed us to bring more military dogs.”

Lu Jingye nodded his head in response.

The both of them chatted a while more before changing the topic.

After all, this was a secret operation and it was inappropriate for Leader Zhang to divulge anything else.

Naturally, Lu Jingye would not ask anything more either.

However, Lu Yunxiao fell into deep thought as he heard the conversation between them.

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