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Lu Jingye walked over to her the moment she came out.

“How is it”

“The operation is complete and the various data results of my cousin are normal.”

Lu Jingye nodded his head.

He had absolute trust in the words she said.

However, Lu Yunxiao looked at her with a surprised gaze.

Zi Yi smiled at him.

“If you have anything to ask, you can go ahead and ask.”

Lu Yunxiao was silent for a few seconds before he asked, “How did you accomplish that”

When Lu Yunxiao heard that Zi Yi would be taking out a patients heart to repair it for a few days before putting it back in, it was impossible for him not to be shocked.

He had never heard of such an operation before.

However, his sister-in-law acted as if it was a small operation and this was what made Lu Yunxiao the most surprised.

Zi Yi saw how Lu Yunxiao clearly looked as if he was curious but still managed to maintain his expressionless face.

She suddenly had the thought of teasing him and said, “As long as preparatory work is done well, such as setting up the program of changing the heart, theres nothing surprising about this type of operation.”

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Lu Yunxiao: “…”

He was thinking deep down with an expressionless face on the outside: “If this is not considered surprising, then what type of operation would be able to surprise you”

Lu Jingye saw how his wife was deliberately bullying his brother and he raised his hand to stroke her head.

“Dont be naughty.”

Zi Yi gave him a grin and only then did she explain to Lu Yunxiao seriously.

“This type of operation of taking out the heart, only I am capable of it at present.

It involves a wide range of fields and it is not pure medical knowledge.”

Lu Yunxiao was silent.

After several seconds, he asked, “Then will you promote this type of operation”

“No,” Zi Yi said, “No one can do it except for me.

Im also not a doctor that specializes in medicine and if everyone comes to me, then wont I end up exhausted”

Lu Yunxiao: “…”

He had no words to refute her argument.

Lu Jingye, on the other end, agreed with her reasoning.

“The development of humans should follow its natural course.

Theres no need to encourage accelerated growth.”

The next day, Zi Yi headed to the ward early in the morning.

The various data from the machine monitoring Dou Xiangling was very stable after her repaired heart was put back into her body.

However, Zi Yi planned to let her soak in the nutrient solution for another two days because it would be beneficial for her in the future.

After she checked up on Dou Xiangling, she left the room.

Today was the 1st of January, New Years Day.

Lu Jingye had informed Zi Yi last night that there would be a holiday in the secret base today.

After walking out of the room, she saw Wang Biao and Ji Dekun shoveling the snow with several other people.

There were also some who were holding onto lanterns to hang them under the eaves outside the lab.

Zi Yi looked at them for a while and asked Lu Jingye, “What will we be doing”

Lu Jingye thought about it and said, “We can hang the lanterns.”

Zi Yi did not feel like doing it.

“We can get the robots to do that, itll be done very quickly.

Having said that, she pulled him towards the canteen.

“Lets go and see what we are having today”

As soon as they came closer to the canteen, they heard the sounds of pigs getting slaughtered and voices from behind the canteen.

Zi Yi increased her pace and wanted to go around the canteen to take a look.

Lu Jingye pulled her back and said, “Its dirty at the back.

If youre bored, we can go to the mountains to take a look.”

Zi Yi who originally wanted to see the pigs getting slaughtered had immediately dismissed that thought of hers after hearing Lu Jingyes suggestion.

She hastily nodded her head.



Lu Jingye looked at how she was dressed and said, “Go back and put on a cloak.

The trees in the mountains are covered in snow and the snow will fall inside of your clothes if youre not careful.

Zi Yi was a little unwilling.

“Then what about you two”

Lu Jingye said, “Well go prepare the equipment for heading up the mountains.

Come to the back door after wearing your cloak.

Well wait for you there.”

Only then did Zi Yi head towards where their courtyard was.

Looking at her departing back view, Lu Yunxiao asked Lu Jingye, “Is it fine for sister-in-law to follow us”

Zi Yi looked soft and weak and he was afraid that she would get frightened if she saw wild animals.

Lu Jingye did not answer him directly and said, “Dont underestimate your sister-in-law.”

He left for the utility room after he said his piece.

After Zi Yi wore the cloak and went to the back door, Lu Jingye and Lu Yunxiao were already waiting for her there.

Other than them, Lu Yi and Tian Dongquan were also present.

Lu Jingye tightened her cloak and held her hand as all of them made their way outside.

The secret base was originally built in a primitive forest and the moment they went out, they soon entered the part of the forest that blocked out the majority of the sunlight.

There were dead branches and a thick layer of snow under their feet.

Their feet would sink into the snow with every step they took and the dead branches would cause crackling sounds.

From time to time, a mass of snow would fall from a tree.

If they were slightly late in dodging it, they would end up getting hit.

Lu Jingye had been holding onto Zi Yis hand as they walked.

However, Zi Yi felt a little tired after walking for a short distance.


Lu Jingye asked her, “Do you want me to carry you”

His words caused the others to look in their direction.

Zi Yi shook her head and said, “No, if you carry me, your brother and the rest would feel that Im useless.”

Having said that, she took out two circular balls and threw them on the ground.

The circular balls quickly transformed and soon, an automatic snowboard could be seen.

Zi Yi stepped onto it and said to Lu Jingye, “Ah Jing, stand behind me.”

Lu Jingye looked at the snowboard under her feet and said, “You can give Yunxiao and the rest one too.”

Lu Yunxiao stared at the snowboard under Zi Yis feet and opened his mouth.

He very much wanted to ask how she managed to bring that out.


However, Zi Yi did not give him a chance to ask any questions at all.

She took out a few circular balls from her cloak and threw them on the ground.

Soon, the circular balls transformed into three more snowboards.

Zi Yi said, “You can control the direction the snowboard is heading in by your voice.”

Having said that, she waited for Lu Jingye to step onto her snowboard with her and the two of them actually left first.

Tian Dongquan went over and stepped on the snowboard before he said, “Third Young Master, Lu Yi, Ill give the Second Madams technology a try too and Ill make a move first.”


He then looked to the front and shouted, “Forward!”

The snowboard had moved forward in an instant.

Lu Yunxiao and Lu Yi were left behind as they stood on the spot.

Lu Yi saw how Lu Yunxiao remained unmoved even after a long time and he called out, “Leader.”

Lu Yunxiao looked at him and asked, “What kind of person is my sister-in-law”

Lu Yi had seen Zi Yis prowess in machinery and computers.

Besides, he had been in contact with the outside world and heard many things about Zi Yi and so on, so he said, “The Second Young Madam excels in many fields, and in particular robotics, medicine, and computers.”

Lu Yunxiao was silent for a moment before he silently walked to the snowboard and stepped on it.


Sure enough, the snowboard moved forward.


Zi Yi had Lu Jingye blocking the snow and wind that was blowing from behind and she did not feel cold at all.

She started getting more and more engrossed in playing and she would point and command the snowboard to the left and right randomly.


The more they snowboarded, the further they went.

It was unknown how long they had snowboarded for until Lu Jingye reminded Zi Yi.

“We cant go ahead anymore, or else we wont be able to get back in time for lunch.”

Only then did Zi Yi stop commanding the skateboard.

Yet at this moment, there was a sudden tremor in front of them.


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