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After the meal, the three of them had a video call with Second Master Lu and Mrs.


Lu Yunxiao looked at his parents who seemed older than in his memories and his voice unconsciously trembled.

“Father, Mother.”

As soon as Mrs.

Lu heard Lu Yunxiaos voice, her tears flowed out uncontrollably.

She hastily used a silk handkerchief to wipe her tears and said with a smile, “Yunxiao, you have finally woken up.”

“Im sorry to have made the two of you worry.”

“It doesnt matter as long as you are okay.”


Lu wiped her tears with a smile.

She then reached out her hand to touch the screen.

Even though she knew that she could not touch the real person, she felt assured deep down.

Lu Jianlin patted her on the shoulder.

He looked at Lu Yunxiao with a stern expression to conceal his excitement deep down and said, “Take good care of yourself over there.

Dont be in a rush to return.

We will handle the matters outside.”

Lu Yunxiao opened his mouth.

He originally wanted to say something, but he could not manage to say anything because he felt emotional and ended up nodding his head.

Zi Yi looked at Lu Yunxiaos reaction and turned to Lu Jianlin and Mrs.

Lu, and said with a smile, “Dad, Mom, you can rest assured.

Ah Jing and I will take care of him so well that he will grow fat and round before we send him to you.”

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The two of them looked at Zi Yi and traces of gratitude flashed across their eyes.

Lu Jianlin said to her solemnly, “Little Zi, thank you.”

“Whats there to thank me for” Zi Yi tilted her head and looked puzzled.

“We are a family and its my responsibility to cure my younger brothers illness.”

As soon as Zi Yi said that, she smiled and asked Lu Jingye, “Ah Jing, is what I have said right”

Lu Jingye resisted the urge to pull her into his arms and nodded.


Lu Jianlin and Mrs.

Lu revealed a smile at the same time.

Following that, Lu Jingye told Lu Jianlin about what Lu Yunxiao told him.

Lu Jianlin had a serious expression after he heard the story.

“I will immediately report this matter to the people above.”

He then added.

“Yunxiao must train his body and only return after he has fully recovered.”

He felt that there must still be people from Country A lurking in the capital.

Lu Jingye responded with a nod.

“Yiyi will formulate a targeted rehabilitation training program for Yunxiao during this period of time.”

“That would be for the best.”

Lu Jianlin told them about the current outside situation.

Since the global economic war went haywire last night, the stocks of many companies have plummeted today.

“All the overseas subsidiary companies of the Lu Group have been lost and we are completely removed from the placement of the top 100 companies in the world.”

Lu Jianlin was very calm when he said this.

He clearly knew that his son had taken action last night.

However, he did not ask anything or bring up anything.

He only said, “Its better this way.

The first family is unable to manage such a large multinational group and now that they are only responsible for the business within the country, it shouldnt be much of a problem.”

Lu Jingye responded with a nod and did not bring up what happened last night either.

The two of them chatted for a while before Lu Jianlin suddenly asked, “Little Zi, are you able to cure someone from the parasite now”


Zi Yi thought about it for a moment and said, “If you are in a rush to wake him up, I can send a robot over first… Elder Hu can go back together with the robot.

He knows the cure too.”

Other than the love parasite, Zi Yi had told Elder Hu the cure for other parasites as well.

With how Patriarch Lu treated Zi Yi, it was understandable that she did not wish to come back in person and treat him.

Lu Jianlin thought about it and nodded.


As a result, this was how the matter was resolved and it was settled just like that.

They continued chatting for some time before ending the video call.

Lu Jingye sent Lu Yunxiao back to where he would be now staying.

Lu Yunxiaos residence was situated right next to theirs and it was also a small courtyard.

Walking into the living room, Lu Jingye patted Lu Yunxiaos shoulders and said, “Have a good rest tonight and we will discuss other things tomorrow.”

Lu Yunxiao nodded his head.

Lu Jingye was about to turn around and leave when Lu Yunxiao called out to him, “Brother.”

Lu Jingye stopped and turned to look at him.

Lu Yunxiao said, “After marrying sister-in-law, youre much warmer than before.”

Lu Jingye was momentarily stunned before he smiled and nodded.

“Yiyi is my sunshine and with her around I will always be warm.”

Lu Yunxiao also smiled in return.

He was the only one who knew that even though his brother usually seemed gentle and polite, it was merely a façade.

Deep down, his heart was much stronger and colder than anyone elses.

Lu Jingye had told him in the past.

Only someone with a strong and cold heart would be able to take charge of a large organization like the Lu Group.

How could someone who was constantly living in a place full of hidden knives be warm

When Lu Jingye returned to his courtyard, he remained outside for a moment.

He originally planned to think about something but just then, the door opened a small crack and Zi Yis small head appeared from within.

“Ah Jing, why are you standing there”

Lu Jingye looked at her and the corner of his lips curved up.

“I was thinking if I should bring you some fruits.”

Zi Yi said, “Its still snowing outside and its so cold.

Who needs you to go and get fruits Hurry up and come in.”

Having said that, the door opened wider.

The young lady had clearly gone to take a shower earlier and she was currently wearing pajamas right now.

She had worn outerwear on top of her pajamas.

When Lu Jingye saw how she was dressed, he was worried that she might catch a cold from the wind and hastily walked inside.

Zi Yi made way for him when he came closer.

Lu Jingye stepped inside and closed the door while Zi Yi immediately jumped into his embrace.

“My whole body is chilly, dont catch a cold.”

While Lu Jingye said that, he hastily unbuttoned his outerwear and pulled her inside his embrace.

The two of them headed to the bedroom together.

Lu Jingye asked, “Do you have a plan for repairing your cousins heart”

“Yep, I have a plan,” Zi Yi said, “It just so happens that the cell regeneration solution used on Yunxiao can be used to repair my cousins heart.

However, I have to take out her heart.”

Zi Yi was too calm when she said that.

It was as if to her, taking out a heart was not something surprising.

Lu Jingye was also used to her shocking words and thus, he was not surprised either.

He merely asked, “How long will it take”

“Around a week.

It hasnt been long since my cousin was inflicted with the parasite.

The parasite would only bite the heart once when the attack triggered it, and so it did not manage to damage her heart too much.”

Lu Jingye responded with a nod.

He then asked, “What will Yunxiao be doing in the subsequent days”


Zi Yi then said, “The both of you can discuss what type of training to do, just as long as it does not overload his body.

Its best to take it step by step.”

Lu Jingye already had a plan in mind and said, “Alright, Ill make a training plan for him tomorrow morning.”

The two of them arrived at the washroom as they chatted and Lu Jingye headed in to wash up.

Zi Yi took off the coat, ran to the bed, and wrapped the quilt around her body.

She sat crossed-legged and only revealed her hand and head as she started swiping across the tablet.

When Lu Jingye came out of the washroom, he saw how her lips were curved up and she appeared to be gloating at someone or something.

He walked over and sat in front of her before asking, “What has made you so happy”

Zi Yi handed him the tablet and said, “I just found out that we caused UP Group to suffer hundreds of billions in losses last night.”

Hearing this, Lu Jingyes lips had also curved up.


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