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Lu Yunxiao had been in a coma for four to five months and by the time he woke up, he felt that something big had happened in the outside world.

While he was waiting for Lu Jingye to wake up, he quickly organized his thoughts about what happened before his incident and he felt inexplicably anxious.

He subconsciously looked in the direction of the door due to his anxiousness.

It was unknown for how long he had been staring at the door, but when his keen senses sensed noises coming from inside the room, he subconsciously sat upright.

His body was taut as his gaze was constantly staring at the door.

Lu Jingye had slept for around an hour or so.

He felt somewhat thirsty, so he got up to head to the living room and pour some warm water for himself.

The moment he opened the door, he was met with Lu Yunxiaos eyes.

The two brothers looked at each other for a few seconds in silence.

In the next second, Lu Jingye smiled.

That smile of his was a gentle smile that Lu Yunxiao was familiar with.


He tried to lift the corner of his lips.

However, he was someone that did not like to smile, and coupled with how he had not used his facial muscles for the past several months, he discovered that trying to smile was very difficult.

“How long have you been waiting here for me”

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Lu Jingyes voice was calm and gentle.

The sense of familiarity unconsciously made Lu Yunxiao relax.

“Not long.”

He looked at Lu Jingye walking over and called out to him, “Brother.”

Lu Jingye nodded at him and asked, “Are you able to drink water now”


Lu Jingye headed over and poured a cup of water for each of them before he came over to where Lu Yunxiao was.

Lu Yunxiao grabbed the cup and felt warm deep down inside.

He raised his eyes and looked at Lu Jingye.

“Theres something wrong with the housekeeper next to Grandfather.

Hes not the real housekeeper.”

Lu Jingye heard his hoarse voice and motioned to him.

“Drink some water first.”

When Lu Yunxiao was drinking the water, Lu Jingye told him about what had happened while he was unconscious.

Lu Yunxiao was silent and he unconsciously radiated a chilly aura.

Lu Jingye asked him, “Who injured you”

“A woman.”

Lu Yunxiao stopped talking after that.

He lowered his eyes and continued drinking water as if he was thinking of how he should explain everything to Lu Jingye.

Lu Jingye did not rush him either and took a sip of water.

Sometime later, Lu Yunxiao spoke up again.

“When I went to Country A for a mission, I accidentally broke into their secret base.

They are doing an experiment that could possibly destroy the whole of mankind.”

“What experiment”

“They are doing human cloning and copying the subjects memories at the same time.

They are thinking of changing people into clones.”

Lu Jingye was shocked at the news.

“Which stage are their experiments at”

Lu Yunxiao looked into his eyes.

“The housekeeper is the first batch of experimental bodies they created.”

Lu Yunxiao had discovered this and as a result, he was hunted down.

Lu Jingye did not understand.

“Based on your abilities, why were you unable to escape”

After he asked that question, he thought of the woman Lu Yunxiao mentioned.

He seemed to have thought of something and suddenly became silent.

Lu Yunxiao did not mention that woman instead, he said, “They captured me and wanted to make a clone of me, and then copy my memories over.

I had escaped and something happened in the middle.”

He was the one who chose to make himself braindead.

That was the only way that the other party was unable to copy his memories and create a clone that was an exact replica of him.

However, he did not expect that he would truly manage to escape and return back to himself in the end.

Lu Jingye tapped his finger on the cup and said, “Tell your sister-in-law about what you saw at the secret research base later on.

She has a way to handle such things.”

Lu Yunxiao looked at him in surprise.

Lu Jingye did not explain and instead, he lowered his eyes and took another sip.

Lu Jingye was originally a taciturn person.

Since Lu Jingye did not explain, he did not ask either.

The two brothers each had a cup in their hands as they sat there silently and drank water.

The silence lasted for nearly two minutes before Lu Yunxiao spoke up again.

“Their first goal was to destroy our Lu Family.”

The reason for that was because of the two of them.

One was a business genius and the other one possessed secret guards that could pose a threat to them.

As a result, the Lu Family had to be removed first.

Lu Yunxiao clearly felt a little uncomfortable after talking too much and he took another sip of water.

Just as he was about to speak again, the sounds of a door opening could be heard from outside.

Shortly afterwards was the sound of approaching footstep sounds.

Lu Jingye placed the glass on the table and stood up.

“Your sister-in-law is here.”

He headed to the door to welcome her.

When Zi Yi saw Lu Jingye walking out, her eyebrows furrowed together.

She strode over with a lunchbox in her hand and she said discontentedly, “Didnt I tell you to sleep until dinner time Who told you to get up so early”

Lu Jingye took the lunchbox from her hand and held her hand with the other as they headed to the door.

“I was thirsty and I woke up to have a drink.”

Zi Yi stopped scolding him after hearing his explanation.

“I prepared some tonic soup that helps to soothe your nerves and invigorate your Qi.

Have a bowl later and you can continue sleeping after dinner.”


The two of them headed inside together and saw Lu Yunxiao standing there looking at them.

Zi Yi looked at the glasses of water on the table and said with a smile,”It seems like the both of you already had a talk.”

She then turned to Lu Jingye and said, “Ah Jing, go get a bowl and drink the tonic soup.”

Lu Jingye nodded his head and walked to the kitchen to fetch a bowl.

The three of them sat on the sofa, while Zi Yi and Lu Yunxiao looked at Lu Jingye drinking the soup.

The strong, pungent medicinal scent wafted in the air.

Lu Jingye seemed as if he had not smelled anything and finished the bowl in three mouthfuls.

Zi Yi asked, “Is it delicious”

Lu Jingye answered honestly, “No, it tastes bad.”

Zi Yi giggled and said, “Youre right that it isnt delicious.

Those medicinal tonics that taste good dont have any good effects.”

Lu Jingye clenched his hand and asked, “Shall I pour a bowl for you too”

Zi Yi hastily shook her head and said as if it were a matter of fact, “Im not going to drink such tonic soup.

It tastes awful.”

Lu Yunxiao who was seated next to them: “…” It tastes bad so you prepared it for my brother to drink


Zi Yi made eye contact with Lu Yunxiao and she said with a smile, “It just so happens that we will be staying here for a few more days.

Ill prepare some tonic soup for you too.”

Lu Yunxiaos lips slightly moved and he very much wanted to say that he does not want to drink it.

However, under his brothers stare, he could not get the words out.

Lu Jingye answered on his behalf, “Sure.”

Zi Yi was delighted with the response and said to them, “Lu Yi will be sending the food over later.

We can chat for a while now before he arrives.”

Lu Jingye nodded his head and told her what Lu Yunxiao had said to him just moments ago.

Zi Yi made a strange sound when she heard about human cloning.

“Whats wrong”

The two brothers looked at her at the same time.

Zi Yi said, “Such a backwards technology is only available at this time”

The two brothers: “…”

Zi Yi added.

“Human cloning isnt good.

In fact, its similar to our robots but the clones do not live as long as the robots.

Moreover, many problems will start coming up when time passes.”

Lu Jingye asked, “If there are clones that appear in front of us, are you able to make a device that can distinguish them”

“My robots are able to tell them apart.

Ill just set up a program for them to identify the clones when the time comes.”

Zi Yis tone of voice sounded very casual and this caused Lu Yunxiao to feel a little weird.

What kind of background did his sister-in-law have

Why did she seem indifferent when they mentioned human clones

Lu Jingye seemed to have seen through Lu Yunxiaos doubts and so he vaguely explained.

“Yiyi is very talented in this aspect.

Youll understand in the future.”



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