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Elder Hu could not help but sigh and say, “Sure enough, its good to be knowledgeable.

Even if Little Zi is fooling others, its so high class!”

Lu Jingyes smile deepened as he revealed pride on his face.

Inside the room.

The Gu Master was stunned by Zi Yis words.

In particular, Zi Yi even walked towards him at that moment.

While walking she said, “Not only can I create a barrier, but I can also even spy into others inner thoughts.

Since you choose to remain silent, I can only use my other ability.”

The Gu Master felt his heart clench tightly and his expression instantly changed.

“Dont come over.”

Zi Yi did not stop walking as she slowly approached him.

While walking, she said, “Its not too late for you to tell me who is behind you.

Otherwise, if I use my ability to spy into your inner thoughts, that wont be the only thing Ill be looking through.

Ill find the entire eighteen generations descended from your ancestors.

Our Hundred Poison Sect likes to implicate the entire clan and dig up ancestral graves.

So… would you like to say it yourself or would you like me to do the honors”

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“Ill speak, Ill speak!”

He had just seen someone appearing out of thin air and the barrier that suddenly appeared before her.

The Gu Master felt that there was nothing this woman was unable to do.

He hastily said, “It was our Clan Master who told me to cast a parasite on Zhang Hanyu.

He said that as long as I can accomplish that and watch him bring out another woman, Ill be able to obtain numerous poisonous insects and money.”

Zi Yis expression turned cold.

“Why did your Clan Master order you to do this Who instigated your Clan Master”

“I dont know!” The Gu Master felt like crumbling into pieces.

“The Clan Master only ordered me to do this and I dont know anything else.”

“Do you really have no idea”

Zi Yi pointed at him.

The Gu Master suddenly smelled a medicinal scent and the next second, he saw a drop of liquid hovering in front of him.

His body trembled while his eyes checked his surroundings.

He did not see a single person around him.


“Ill talk, Ill talk.

I saw my Clan Master bringing back a few foreigners a few months ago.

After they left, the Clan Master had a private chat with a few of the clan members.”

“How many people were contacted”

“Five… seven to eight people.”

“Where have all of them gone”

“The- the… capital.”

Zi Yi stared at the Gu Master.

He felt great pressure from her stare.

A few seconds later, Zi Yi said, “Tell me the detoxification method for your various parasites and Ill pardon your familial eighteen generations and ancestors.”

The Gu Master suddenly looked at Zi Yi as he thought, “Youre asking me for the detoxification method Could it be that you dont know how to detoxify the poison at all”

Zi Yi added.

“You can choose not to tell me.

In any case, I can use our Hundred Poison Sect methods to detoxify the poison.

However, Im a rather ruthless person.

At that time, I might use the most brutal method to destroy your clan.”

The Gu Master: “…!”

“If you dont believe me, you can give it a try.”

Having said that, Zi Yi had unexpectedly disappeared.

The Gu Master stared at the space before him without even blinking.

He was feeling extreme terror deep down inside.

At this moment, he heard Zi Yis voice.

“Im only giving you three minutes to think about it.

In three minutes time, if you have thought things through, explain the detoxification method to the air.

If you remain silent, theres no need for us to discuss any further.”

After her voice ended, the entire room turned eerily silent.

The Gu Master swallowed his saliva with great difficulty.

His heart was beating so fast and it seemed as if it would jump out of his throat in the next second.

He moved his body with great difficulty and in the next second, he heard the sizzling sound of something getting fried.

When he followed the sound and looked over, those poisonous parasites that dropped to the ground had all been fried to death.

The Gu Master immediately spoke.

“Ill talk, Ill talk!”

Zi Yi listened to the Gu Master revealing all the detoxification methods as she stood in the next room.

Following that, she put away the virtual screen and turned to look at Elder Hu and Lu Jingye as she revealed a proud smile.

“How was it My bluff was great, right”

Elder Hu gave her a thumbs-up as he said, “If not for the fact that I am aware youre using advanced technology, even I would believe that there are ghosts in this world.”

Zi Yi giggled in response.

After that, she turned to look at Lu Jingye.

Lu Jingye said, “We can only wait for Yunxiao to wake up now.

When he does, well know who is behind all this.”

Zi Yi nodded her head.

The three of them headed outside together.

While walking, Zi Yi said, “From my observations after changing the medicine for Yunxiao these days, his condition is very good.

I feel that he will be waking up very soon.”

Lu Jingye felt excited deep down.

In the end, he held her hand and responded with a nod.

It was going to be lunchtime soon and after the three of them had walked for some distance, Elder Hu headed for the canteen.

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye returned to the small courtyard they were staying in.

When they entered the living room, Lu Jingye told Zi Yi about the situation outside.

“The large corporations worldwide have been secretly acquiring the shares of Lu Groups subsidiaries.

However, the mysterious force that appeared on the first day has stayed hidden.”

“They really hid themselves”

Zi Yi felt that the mysterious force was doing it as a cover to confuse everyone.

Sure enough, Lu Jingye said, “Ive been paying attention these days.

The large corporation who is purchasing the shares is from Country A.”

“Country A Could it be that those people are connected to the higher-ups in Country A”

“I cant confirm that as of now.

If my guess is right, that mysterious force will launch the fiercest attack tomorrow night.”

“Have the higher-ups in the capital intervened”

The Lu Group was a large corporation and the tax they paid every year accounts for 10% of the countrys GDP.

Therefore, it was impossible for them to sit idly by and let the Lu Group fall.

“They intervened.

But the situation this time is a little tricky.”

When Lu Jingye was in charge of the Lu Group, he had expanded into too many fields and it could be said that all the businesses worldwide were all eyeing the Lu Group.

With so many corporations attacking them, coupled with the power of the mysterious force, the higher-ups could only keep the Lu Groups business that were within the country at most.

“This sounds good.

Its exciting.”

The two of them had walked to the door of the dining room.

As soon as Zi Yi said that, she took a step inside while Lu Jingye followed behind her.

At that moment, the stove inside the room was operating and their lunch was stored in the steamer.

Zi Yi sniffed the surrounding scent in the air and said, “Theres stewed chicken with mushroom and my favorite bacon with winter bamboo shoots for lunch.

Wow~ I want to eat a bowl and a half!”

Lu Jingye was amused by her words as he said, “Alright.”

He walked over and brought out the dishes, while Zi Yi set the table with bowls and utensils.

After eating a few bites, Zi Yi asked, “When do you intend to take action”

“Tomorrow night.”

Zi Yi nodded her head.

“Ill detoxify my cousins poison tomorrow.

After that, Ill have fun playing with those people and it can be considered a celebration.”

Lu Jingye nodded in response.

After lunch, Zi Yi continued being cooped up in the lab, while Lu Jingye continued working.

The day passed by in a flash.

It was currently still snowing in the mountains these days.

In the evening, Lu Jingye went to fetch Zi Yi from the lab and they slowly walked towards their courtyard side by side.

Zi Yi played with the snow while walking and she was suddenly in the mood to have fun.

She squatted down and grabbed a handful of snow as she compressed the snow into a snowball, before throwing it at the nearby three.

As soon as the snowball crashed against the tree, the accumulated snow on the tree had scattered down.

Lu Jingye looked at the playful Zi Yi and did not stop her.

After she was done playing around, he grabbed one of her hands and put it in his pocket.

“We can get up early tomorrow morning to build a snowman.”


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