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Zi Yi brought out the virtual keyboard and quickly tapped on it as she looked at the list of toxins.

Shortly after, the antidote corresponding to each toxin was reflected.

Just then, Lu Jingye and Elder Hu came in.

Elder Hu was originally about to say something but when he saw what was reflected on the virtual screen, he instantly forgot what he wanted to say and widened his eyes at the same time.

Sometime later, he raised his voice and asked in shock, “Little Zi, how did you do that”

Zi Yi replied in a casual tone, “As long as these toxins are detected and compared against the worldwide medicinal database, such information would appear.”

“…Gosh! You know that was not what Im asking.

Im asking you how you managed to detect so many toxins!”

“By using the equipment,” Zi Yi casually answered as she continued typing on the virtual keyboard.

Lu Jingye saw how she looked at the screen without blinking and knew that she did not carefully hear what Elder Hu asked.

In the end, he answered on her behalf, “It should be the equipment over there that helped Zi Yi detect so many toxins at one time.”

Elder Hu looked at the equipment with shining eyes.

He instantly felt that it was exceptionally powerful.

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He had not seen the equipment work before and thus, he felt that Zi Yi was merely exaggerating its functions.

However, he has now witnessed the evidence of the equipment.

“This equipment of yours is too amazing.

Its simply a huge step forward in the advancement of the medical technology of the medical industry.

With this, it would shorten the several months needed for examination time to a few minutes.

How many lives can this save”

Zi Yi only casually answered with anoh.


Elder Hu did not get angry with her response.

He cheerfully thought of how big of a sensation this equipment would bring about if it appeared in the medical field.

Zi Yi looked at the screen for some time and said to Lu Jingye, “Ive identified all the toxins.

Immediately get someone to help me gather these medicinal ingredients.”

While talking, Zi Yi tapped on the virtual keyboard.

By the time she finished what she said, the list had already been sent to Lu Jingyes phone.

Lu Jingye took out his phone and took a glance, before he tapped his screen and sent it out.

He said, “These medicinal ingredients will be sent over before tomorrow noon.”


Only then did Zi Yi stop working and turn off the virtual screen and keyboard.

She then turned to look at Zhang Hanyu who was lying on the other side and said to Lu Jingye, “You can start catching the person who planted the parasite now.”


When Zhang Hanyu opened his eyes, his mind was blank.

He then subconsciously checked his surroundings and discovered that he was in a closed room.

Other than the bed beneath him, there was nothing else in the room.

It took him a few seconds before he remembered that he had been knocked unconscious.

“Ugh! Where am I”

He jumped down from the bed in panic and tried to find his way out, only to discover that there was no door in this enclosed space.

Unspeakable fear caused his heart to tighten.

He pressed his chest.

Some time back, he would often inflict pain on himself.

Whenever he felt even the slightest nervousness now, his heart would start to hurt a little.

Just then, sounds ofscritch~ scritch~ scritch~ could be heard.

Zhang Hanyu got a fright and started looking around.

He discovered a rat shivering in a corner.

When Zhang Hanyu was about to walk over, the rat seemed to be greatly frightened and darted directly towards him.

“Motherf*cker! Even a rat dares to do this to me!”

When the rat ran past his feet, Zhang Hanyu revealed a cruel expression.

He turned to face the direction that the rat ran in.

After locating the rat, he was about to chase it.

Just then, a bell chime could be heard from one of the directions.

Zhang Hanyu quivered due to fright and suddenly turned around to take a look.

When he saw the two people among the three who walked in, his pupils shrank sharply.

He seemed to have thought of something in the next second and revealed a strange smile.

“Zi Yi, to think that you were the ones who caught me… Do you think you can do anything to me by capturing me Let me tell you, if Im dead, your cousin wont be able to live either.”

The more Zhang Hanyu spoke, the more confident he got.

His lips were originally a noticeable red and he even deliberately licked his lips at this moment.

“I know what youre trying to do by locking me up.

Do you believe that if you make me anxious, I wont immediately commit suicide As long as Im dead, Xiangling will be following me right away!”

“Pei! Shameless thing!”

Elder Hu could not listen to his nonsense anymore.

“Ive never seen an evil-hearted person like you before.

Miss Dou doesnt like you and yet, you secretly planted a parasite on her.

Arent you afraid of getting struck by lightning”

“Hahaha… Im scared of dying,” Zhang Hanyu said, “But whatever way I go, Xiangling will have to accompany me.

Even if I have to go up the mountains or jump into a wall of flames, I would be willing.”


Zi Yi coldly snorted and said in a chilly tone, “You dont have that right.”

“You-” Zhang Hanyu thought that Zi Yi had no means to deal with him and so he had deliberately said that.

Instead of getting angry, he laughed out loud.

“You dont have the final say whether I have that right or not!”

He clutched his chest and said, “You better not provoke me or else Ill let Xiangling experience heartache right away.”

“Zhang Hanyu.” Zi Yi looked at Zhang Hanyu and asked, “Are you feeling very proud right now”

“Yes, I am feeling proud.

Even if you have me locked up here, you cant do anything to me.

Is it very infuriating Hahaha…”


Shadow appeared out of thin air.


“Beat him up.”

Zi Yi pointed at Zhang Hanyu and said, “Hit him where his heart is.”


Zhang Hanyu looked at Shadow walking towards him with an expression of disbelief.

Shadow raised its arms and gave him a punch to his heart.




Zhang Hanyus body crashed into the wall before it fell to the ground.

At the same time, blood flowed out from his throat.

He looked at Zi Yi and the others with an expression of disbelief.

A trace of ruthlessness flashed past his eyes.

In the next second, he held his heart and his expression became twisted in pain.

While he was in pain, the rat that was in the corner released a piercing scream.


Elder Hu looked at Zhang Hanyu whose complexion alternated between green and white, and he looked like he was about to faint at any point in time.

He smiled at him mockingly.

“Good and evil are ultimately rewarded by what is deserved.

I believe this saying is befitting of someone like him.

Hes doing his best to let his heart get gnawed on by the parasite, but doesnt he know that the life of a rat is more fragile than a humans It cant stand such pain for a long time.”

“Its not going to be that easy even if he wants to die.” As soon as Zi Yi said that, a silver needle was thrown out.

The silver needle directly blocked Zhang Hanyus pain nerves.

Zhang Hanyu knelt on the ground for a long time and gasped for air.

He felt that he seemed to have nearly gone into the gates of hell.

He looked up at Zi Yi and her group.

There was an indescribable pleasure deep within his eyes.

Elder Hu shook his head.

“Poor thing.”

Zi Yi pointed at the dying rat next to him and suggested.

“Why dont you let the parasite attack happen again We havent seen enough of this rats performance.”

Zhang Hanyu looked at her inexplicably.

Zi Yi held a marble in her hands and flicked it out.

It directly hit the rats heart.



The pain made him feel as if his heart was about to explode and it made him unable to breathe properly.

He gasped for air and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

Zi Yi coldly said, “I forgot to tell you that the parasite in my cousins heart has been shifted to this rat.

You can slowly enjoy yourself with it.”

Having said that, the three of them left, while Zhang Hanyu looked at them with a frightened expression.


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