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Eldest Master Lu and Lu Jianlin went after the housekeeper together.

The First Madam and the rest supported Lu Zhiheng inside the room and Doctor He hastily went over to check on him.

Just then, the scanner in Lu Jingyes hands had reached Patriarch Lus head

Looking at the worm wriggling in Patriarch Lus head, Zi Yi and Lu Jingyes expressions froze at the same time.

“What parasite is this”

Zi Yi looked at the parasite that was squirming beside the brain marrow and she said with a serious expression, “If my guess is right, it should be a parasite that feeds on ones marrow.

As long as the parasite enters the brain marrow, even an immortal cant save him anymore.”

Her words caused the expressions of everyone to change.

The First Madam felt that Zi Yi was deliberately scaring them and said discontentedly, “Dont talk nonsense here.

If its really a parasite that feeds on the brain marrow, how could Father still be fine.”

Zi Yi suddenly turned around and looked at her.

Her gaze contained traces of contempt.

The First Madam was angered.

Before the First Madam exploded in anger, the Third Madam said, “Sister-in-law, let Little Zi finish her sentence.”

The First Madam glared at Zi Yi discontentedly and remained silent.

The Third Madam hastily asked, “Little Zi, has the parasite entered Fathers brain marrow”

When the Third Madam asked that question, she clutched the corner of her clothes tightly, and clearly she was very worried.

“Not yet.

This parasite was just planted not too long ago and it just so happens to be outside the brain marrow.

Its currently being blocked by the brain membrane.”

The Third Madam breathed a sigh of relief and asked, “In that case, would it be fine if we remove the parasite”

“Thats not the case.

The parasite has damaged many of his brain nerves.

There will definitely be many aftereffects leftover even if we remove it.”

“What aftereffects would there be” everyone asked at the same time.

“Mental retardation, and even loss of functions in certain areas.”

The First Madam said loudly in horror, “Whats the difference between this when compared to the parasite entering the brain marrow… Moreover, I heard that only the person who planted this parasite has the method to take it out.

Do you think you can take it out with those medical skills of yours”

Zi Yi glanced at the First Madam and coldly said, “Then your family should send people to search for the person who planted the parasite.”

“How would we possibly know who the culprit is”

“Then why are you talking nonsense here”

Zi Yi was extremely rude.

But even so, Lu Jingye acted as if he had not heard anything and had no intentions to stop her.

The First Madam turned red in anger.

“You are a-”

“First Madam.

If you are to speak another word, I will not treat him anymore.”

“You-… You-…” The First Madam suddenly turned to Lu Jingye and exploded.

“Jingye, this is the woman youve married.

Look at her, shes overstepping her elders!”

Lu Jingye finally looked at the First Madam.

He said with a calm expression, “Yiyi is my wife.

To her, you are merely my relative.

You had not shown any kindness to her and so why should she respect you as an elder”

“You-… you-… arent you afraid of outsiders gossiping!”

“My wife is doted on by the elders in her family even before she got married.

Theres no reason for her to be looked down on by you just because shes at the Lu Family.

If I must mention who are her elders here, it would only be my parents, who are also her parents through marriage.

She only has to show respect to them and who would dare to say anything”

“You-…” The First Madam was shot back to such an extent that she could not utter a single rebuke.

Lu Jingye had shifted his gaze away and asked Zi Yi, “What should we do now”

“Ill fix the parasite in its place first and stop it from entering the patients brain marrow.”


“How are you going to fix it!” the First Madam raised her voice and asked, “Dont tell me you are thinking of breaking open my Fathers head”

Zi Yi could not be bothered to answer her.

She took out several silver needles, placed them in a few acupuncture points, and caused Patriarch Lu to enter into a deep coma.

The First Madams eyes were wide open.

She felt that Zi Yi was thinking of harming Patriarch Lu and she was about to pounce over and stop her.

Just then, Yang Yuelans crying sounds could be heard near the door.

“Why isnt Zhihengs nosebleed stopping Doctor He, think of a way to stop it.


Zhiheng is bleeding so much.”

The First Madam hastily turned around to check on her sons condition.

It just so happened that Doctor He replied at that moment, “The Eldest Young Master was not beaten up.

His nosebleed seems to be flowing from his main artery.”


Yang Yuelan cried out in horror and her voice trembled.

“Then… then what should we do”

The First Madam quickly made her way over and looked at her son that was about to faint.

She reached out with trembling hands and held his hand.

Her lips had been quivering for some time before she suddenly burst into tears.

“Zhiheng, whats the matter with you”

She suddenly turned around and looked at Doctor He and said sternly, “Doctor He, arent your skills great How could it be that you are unable to stop my sons nosebleed I want you to stop his nosebleed right now!”

Doctor He knew that they were anxious, but he was anxious as well.

“I dont have any medical equipment here and its impossible for me to check why the blood from the main artery is flowing out from his nose.

I would suggest that you send him to the hospital, or perhaps…”

Doctor He suddenly turned to Zi Yi.

What he meant was for Zi Yi to help.

The First Madam and Yang Yuelan looked towards Zi Yi at the same time.

Zi Yi did not turn around at all.

She was currently using the silver needles to seal Patriarch Lus acupuncture points.

It was as if she had sensed their incoming gaze, and she coldly answered, “Dont look at me, I wont rescue him.”

“You-…” The First Madams eyes were about to pop out of her head and she said, “Even if you are willing to save him, I dont trust my son in your hands.

Who knows if you would have any evil intentions and do something to him, so that my son would hand over the Lu Group to Jingye.”

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye turned to look at the First Madam.

Traces of disdain flashed past their eyes at the same time.

The First Madam was so angry that she almost passed out.

“Sister-in-law, no matter who you will be asking to treat Zhiheng, you had better let him receive treatment right away.

Otherwise…” The Third Madam could not stand it anymore and pointed at Lu Zhiheng who was obviously losing too much blood.

“Zhiheng does not have that much blood to continue draining out from his body like this.”

The First Madam paled and panicked.

She hastily pushed Yang Yueland and said, “Quick, Yuelan.

Go and find your Father.

We must send Zhiheng to the hospital”

Yang Yuelan was scared out of her wits at this time and due to the First Madams push, she nearly stumbled and fell down.

She recovered her senses the next second and said, “Oh- oh- oh.

Ill go and look for Father right away.”

She ran towards the door immediately afterwards.

The First Madam hugged Lu Zhihengs head and wiped away his blood using a handkerchief as she wailed.

When she saw that the blood continued to flow out, her tears streamed down even faster.

“Doctor He, do something about it.

If this goes on, what if my son loses too much blood before he is sent to the hospital”

“Apologies, I…”

“Who wants your apology!” The First Madam cried out in a shrill voice.

“What I want for you is to find a way to stop the bleeding.

Dont you understand You useless quack of a doctor that cant even do such a simple thing! Wuu….

if anything happens to my son, I wont let you off!”


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