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“Gene modification, eliminating all kinds of cells that are harmful to the human body, improving ones overall immunity, and stimulating mental energy…”

Zi Yi casually mentioned a few things she wanted to do and each and every one of them shocked Qin Ze.

“Heavens, each and every one of these projects would benefit the whole of humanity.

If you are successful in all of them…”

“Every project can be done.

It isnt a big deal at all.”


“The development of humans cant possibly be limited to only dwelling on Earth.

When the time comes, some people would definitely head to other planets and it would require them to possess better physical fitness.”


A few seconds later, Qin Ze swallowed his saliva with great difficulty and he said with excitement, “Zi Yi, I didnt expect you to have such high goals!”

Even a country dares not aim for such goals and each of these goals was slowly achieved and built up over different generations.

However, Zi Yi wanted to resolve all of these problems on her own!

Was that possible

Qin Ze somehow felt that it was very possible.

He suddenly felt very excited.

He picked up the bottle on the table and poured a cup for both himself and Zi Yi.

“Zi Yi, I believe you can achieve all these goals.

Here, let me propose a toast to you.

Everything youve said is my goal as well and I hope that you can fulfill these goals of yours as soon as possible.”

Zi Yi raised her glass and they touched glasses.

Subsequently, both of them drank the whole glass of wine as if it was plain water.

Ian, who was seated beside them, was also excited.

He poured another half a glass for Zi Yi and raised his glass.

“Zi Yi, these are my goals too.

You can rest assured that as long as I am to continue living, I will safeguard your laboratory and let you achieve all these goals.”


Thank you.”

Zi Yi raised her glass and touched glasses with Ian before they finished the red wine in their glasses.

Ian took the opportunity to pour another glass for Dou Xiangling and as he raised his glass, he said something with a hidden meaning, “Xiangling, are you willing to stay by my side and assist me in safeguarding your cousins laboratory”

The sudden proposal that came without warning had stunned the others who were present.

Even Dou Xiangling herself was in a daze.

By the time she finally reacted, her face had slowly turned red and she ended up blushing brightly.

It did not seem right for her to raise her glass or remain motionless either.

Who would give a proposal by catching someone off guard like that

Unexpectedly, Ian was not finished yet.

It could be said that he came prepared.

He took out a box from his pocket.

When he opened the box, there was a proposal ring inside.

He stood up, took a step back, got down on one knee, and asked again, “Xiangling, are you willing to stay by my side and assist me in safeguarding your cousins laboratory”

Dou Xiangling opened her mouth but she was too embarrassed to know what to say.

Zi Yi who finally managed to react laughed and said to Dou Xiangling, “Cousin, Ian has clearly prepared in advance.

In any case, youre going to end up marrying him anyways, why dont you just agree now”

Dou Xianglings eyes darted around and she felt even shyer deep down inside.

Ian simply took her left hand and slid the ring on her ring finger.

Subsequently, he stood up and gave her a kiss on her forehead before he said overbearingly, “You have accepted my proposal in the presence of your cousin.

Youre not allowed to go back on your words.”

Dou Xiangling suddenly laughed when she heard what he said.

It seems like there were times when this man was also childish.

Ian was extremely overjoyed.

He sat down and poured another glass for everyone before raising his glass.

“Thank you everyone for standing witness here for me today.

When I get married to Xiangling in the following period of time, I will certainly give you a huge red packet.”

At the mention of a huge red packet, Zi Yis eyes brightened.

She asked without the slightest reservation, “How big of a red packet”

Qin Ze gave her a judgemental look.

This woman was extremely rich herself and to think she would be so excited at the mention of a red packet Doesnt she know that the money she has would probably last her for decades

Ian was in a great mood tonight and he said, “As big as you wish for!”

Zi Yi was delighted.

Following that, Ian continued to propose a toast to everyone.

In the beginning, Lu Jingye allowed Zi Yi to drink as she pleased.

However, as she continued drinking, she started getting drunk and drank wine as if it was water.

By the time she was on her sixth glass, Lu Jingye finally covered her glass and said sternly, “Yiyi, thats enough.”

Zi Yi tilted her head and looked at him with those sparkling eyes of hers and she said, “Its such a joyous event tonight and so how could I just drink a few glasses Arent you happy for my cousin and Ian too”

Lu Jingye looked at Zi Yi who was finding all sorts of excuses and said with a calm face, “I am happy for them.

But youve drunk enough.”

“Not much, its not much.

I feel that Ive only drank a little.”

After she said that, she swiftly pulled the glass in her direction and finished the wine.

Following that, she even looked at him and blinked her eyes while feeling proud.

Lu Jingye pursed his lips and looked at her gorgeous red lips.

His eyes darkened as he asked, “Are you not going to listen to me now”

Zi Yi raised her chin slightly and smiled defiantly.

“Yes, Im going to be disobedient.”

Lu Jingye moved his hands away as if he could do nothing to rein her in and said, “You can only drink as you please tonight.”

“Yay!” Zi Yi cheered and rubbed her lips on his cheeks as she gave him a kiss.

She then filled his glass and passed it to him.

“Ah Jing, have a drink too.”

Having said that, she touched their glasses together before finishing her glass.

Lu Jingye also drank the glass of wine in his hand.

Qin Ze, who was sitting there, was complaining deep down inside.

He originally thought that Lu Jingye would control that brat and he did not expect him to compromise so soon.

Tsk! Sure enough, no matter how capable a man is, they are unable to control their wife!

On the other side, Ians face had turned red after a few glasses.

As he originally had fair skin, the moment he turned red, it would appear particularly bright.

Dou Xiangling was worried that he would play the violin for an entire night again and so she warned him.

“Ian, stop drinking, or else youll get drunk.”

Ian smiled at her as he revealed his elegant and charming smile.

“Its fine.

I know my limits and I wont get drunk.”

Dou Xiangling saw how he was already drunk and was still trying to fill his cup.

She subconsciously raised her hand and pressed on his.

In the next second, Ian grabbed her hand and when Dou Xianglings face turned red, Ian said, “Even if Im drunk, I still have you here with me.

You wont leave me alone, right Xiangling”

When she felt the warmth coming from the palm of his hand, Dou Xiangling seemed to have been scalded, as she jerked her hands away.

She then said with lowered eyes, “I cant control you when youre drunk.”

“Yes you can.”

Ian grabbed her hand again and placed it on his thigh while interlocking their fingers.

He said to her seriously, “Be it whether Im drunk or awake, I will do anything as long as you tell me to.”

Dou Xianglings face turned even redder at his words.

Zi Yi, who was seated beside them, felt a little jealous.

She tilted her head and looked at Lu Jingye as she said, “Youve never whispered sweet words to me before.”

Lu Jingye looked at her and slightly pursed his lips.

Zi Yi added and said, “Look at Ian.

Hes so good at whispering sweet words.

I also want to listen to you sweet talking me.”

Lu Jingye remained silent as usual.

As an old-fashioned person, how could he possibly say such words in public

In fact, Zi Yi was deliberately teasing him.

At the sight of his reaction, she poured herself another glass of wine.

She then raised the glass and leaned near him while whispering in his ears, “It doesnt matter if you cant say them out loud.

Ill whisper sweet words in your ears when we return to our room.”

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