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Everyone hastily chased after him.

However, just as he reached the door, a fiery red racing car suddenly descended from the skies.

After the racing car was parked, everyones footsteps stopped.

At the same time, with expressions of disbelief, they looked at Zi Yi and Lu Jingye who alighted from the car.

“You two arent dead” the First Madam asked in surprise.

She felt that her question sounded weird and decided to remain quiet.

After Lu Jingye alighted from the car, the first thing he asked was, “Is this place sealed off yet”

Lu Jianlin responded.

“We have already sealed off the entire main residence.”

Ever since something happened to Patriarch Lu, he had sent men to seal off the entire main compound.

Zi Yi scanned through Patriarch Lus entire courtyard and said, “You had better check if there is anyone missing.”

Lu Jianlin and Eldest Master Lus expressions stiffened at the same time.

However, Lu Zhiheng who was standing behind the Eldest Master Lu was unhappy.

He was clearly older and on what basis could Lu Jingye speak to them with a commanding tone as soon as he arrived

Hes just someone who was chased out from the Lu Family and does he think he has the right

Lu Jingye suddenly turned to look at Lu Zhiheng before he said to Eldest Master Lu, “Eldest Uncle, why dont you get Big Brother to bring some men and check if all the helpers of the main residence are here”

“Why should…”

“Sure.” Eldest Master Lu turned to look at Lu Zhiheng.

In the end, Lu Zhiheng could only swallow his dissatisfied words back into his belly.

Eldest Master Lu said, “Immediately bring some men to check and inform us immediately when you discover a person missing.”

Lu Zhiheng glared at Lu Jingye before he responded.

“I understand.”

Having said that, he headed outside.

Eldest Master Lu turned to Zi Yi and his eyes seemed to be doubtful of her.

“Can you treat my Fathers illness”

Zi Yi asked instead of answering, “Do you wish for me to cure him”

“What do you mean by that” Eldest Master Lu said crossly.

“As a junior, is this how you speak to your elders”

“Since you dont acknowledge me, then dont pose as one in front of me.” Zi Yi revealed a displeased expression.

“If you wish for me to treat Patriarch Lu, you had better remain silent.”


“Big Brother.” Before Eldest Master Lu got angry, Lu Jianlin said, “What Little Zi said is right.

Since shes here to treat Father, we can only trust her.”

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Eldest Master Lu suddenly turned around and looked at Lu Jianlin.

The latter returned his gaze.

Both their eyes seemed to contain knives.

Lu Jianlin continued to speak.

“If you have a better idea, I can get Jingye and Little Zi to leave right now… Since the day Father chased Jingye out of the family without anything, you all have not treated him as your grandson or nephew.

He does not have the obligation to treat you as his elders.”

The First Madam who was standing behind Eldest Master Lu was unhappy.

“Second Brother, what do you mean by that Ah Jing is the one in the wrong and caused Father to chase him out.

No matter what, hes still a junior and this cant be changed no matter what.”

Lu Jianlins expression turned cold.

Just then, Lu Jingye said, “Father, its not the time to argue about this.

Let Yiyi check on Grandfathers condition first.”

Lu Jianlin nodded his head and motioned for Zi Yi.

“Come over and follow me.”

He turned around and walked away having said that.

Lu Jingye held Zi Yis hand and they headed inside together.

When they walked past Eldest Master Lu and the First Madam, the latter wanted to say something.

However, Lu Jingye suddenly looked in her direction, forcing her to swallow her words.

After the two of them walked over, the Third Madam immediately tagged along.

The First Madam felt angry deep down.

“Whats with his attitude Hes just someone who is…”

“You had better shut your mouth,” the Eldest Master Lu shouted at her with an ugly expression as he turned around and followed them.

The First Madam stood there.

Her anger was stuck in her chest for a long time and she thought to herself, “Lets see how I shall teach you a lesson when you are unable to treat Fathers illness!”

Patriarch Lu was lying on the bed right now.

Looking at the elder on the bed, Zi Yi was rather calm.

He was only a patient to her right now.

She walked over and said expressionlessly, “When I start the diagnosis, I hope that those who are ignorant remain silent.”

“Dont tell me that we cant even ask about what we dont understand” the First Madam said discontentedly.

“No!” Zi Yi rudely said, “I will naturally say whats needed at the correct time.”


“Shut up!”

The Eldest Master Lu looked at his wife angrily.

The First Madams face turned ugly.

Zi Yi did not bother looking at them and directly opened the medicine box.

She then brought up the virtual screen.

Looking at the data floating in front of her eyes, the First Madam cried out in shock.

Even the Third Madam had widened her eyes in surprise.

The family doctor stared at the virtual screen and praised her.

“Ive heard that Little Zi is very talented in technology, but I didnt expect you to be so good.”

Zi Yi turned around and looked at him.

The family doctor revealed a friendly smile.

“I am acquainted with Elder Tang and my name is He.

Ive heard many people in the medical field talk about you.”

Zi Yi nodded at him.

Doctor He breathed a sigh of relief.

He thought that the young lady before him would ignore him.

Zi Yi did not speak either and waited for the data on the virtual screen to stop moving.

She did not call for Shadow and instead, took out a palm-sized scanner from the medical box and passed it to Lu Jingye.

“Ah Jing, use this scanner to check Grandfather starting from the patients foot to the head.”

“Alright.” Lu Jingye took the scanner and began scanning Patriarch Lus body.

The others stared at the equipment and Eldest Master Lu ended up asking, “What is this”

Zi Yi did not wish to answer at all.

It was Lu Jingye who replied to him, “Its similar to an X scanner.”

Eldest Master Lu glanced at Zi Yi and remained silent.

When the scanner reached Patriarch Lus waist, an anxious voice suddenly sounded from outside the door.

“Eldest Master, Second Master, it is no good.

The housekeeper is missing and the Eldest Young Master is injured.”

Eldest Master Lu and Lu Jianlins expressions changed at the same time.

The First Madam asked urgently, “My son is injured Is it serious”

As soon as she said that, she and Yang Yuelan ran out together.

Following that, the First Madams trembling voice could be heard.

“Zhiheng, what happened Why is there so much blood on your face”

The Eldest Master Lu had also hastily come out after hearing the commotion.

Shortly afterwards, Second Master Lu had followed out.

Lu Zhihengs condition did not seem good.

His footsteps were weak and his eyes kept rolling to the whites.

He had been supported by a helper and most importantly, his nose kept bleeding and they could not stop it at all.

Yang Yuelan was trying to stop the bleeding at this time and she continued crying while doing so.

Eldest Master Lu looked at his sons appearance and immediately questioned the helper.

“What happened”

The helper said, “When we discovered that the housekeeper disappeared, Eldest Young Master brought some people around in search of him.

It did not take long for us to hear fighting sounds.

When we rushed over, the Eldest Young Master was already in such a state.

Those who he had brought along were all unconscious too.”

After hearing that the helper said, Lu Jianlin spoke in a heavy voice.

“There must be something wrong with the housekeeper.”

Having said that, he turned around and headed inside the room.

He came over to Zi Yi and Lu Jingye and told them about what had happened.

He then continued.

“Ill bring some men to continue chasing the housekeeper.”

Having said that, he headed outside and left.

Zi Yi hastily got a few invisible robots to tag along.


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