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The high society echelons in the capital were all paying attention to Lu Jingye and Zi Yis wedding.

Many of them were waiting to watch them make a joke out of themselves.

When the car drove in the direction of the Lu Family residence, everyone was shocked.

“Could it be that Patriarch Lu suddenly changed his mind”


If Patriarch Lu really changed his mind, the Lu Family would have sent out invitations.

None of us have received any invitations.”

“I asked those residing at the Lu Family.

They are completely unaware of this.”

“Could it be that Second Master Lu took things into his own hands and made the decision”

“To think that Second Master Lu would dare to oppose Patriarch Lu!”

The news of the car driving towards the Lu Familys villa soon reached the ears of Patriarch Lu.

There was no need to mention how ugly his expression was.

In particular, the First Madam was still gloating in front of him and she added fuel to the fire.

“Aiya, Second Brother is too much.

Father merely said some words out of anger that day and now, hes not taking your words seriously at all…”

Speaking up to this point, she purposely stopped to take a peek at Patriarch Lus expression before she continued.

“I heard that Jingye and Zi Yi had recently made contributions in front of the higher-ups.

I cant even imagine what those people would say about Father behind your back.”

Patriarch Lus expression turned grim.

He raised his hand and heavily slammed his armrest.

“Who dares to talk!”

He felt extremely unpleasant deep down.

What an unfilial son, to think that he had embarrassed his Father like that!

Was he planning to make him lose all his dignity

The more Patriarch Lu thought about it, the angrier he got.

His chest undulated up and down.

The First Madam continued adding fuel to the fire.

“In this short amount of time, I have received several calls from other madams who I am close with.

They are all asking what is going on.”

Patriarch Lu felt even worse deep down.

He angrily shouted with a livid expression, “Do you have nothing better to do all day If thats the case, you should learn from your Third Sister and stay in your courtyard.”

The First Madam did not expect that the old man would yell at her.

Her expression changed, but she controlled herself in the next second.

In any case, she has achieved her goal and what does it matter if she was yelled at

Since you sent all my family members to jail, then everyone shall not dream of having a peaceful life!

“Yes, Father.”

The First Madam left with an expression as if she dared not refute him.

As soon as she took her leave, Patriarch Lu was so angry that he smashed the teacup next to him into pieces.


The teacup and tea splashed all over the ground.

The housekeeper standing near the door hastily came over and comforted him.

“Sir, calm down.”

How could Patriarch Lu possibly calm down He lost his temper and said, “Call the eldest and get him to come home.”

The housekeeper hesitated for a second before he responded.

He then took out his phone and gave the Eldest Master a call.

After the housekeeper made the call, he hesitated before he said, “Sir… the Eldest Master said that he doesnt have time to come back right now.”

Patriarch Lu finally exploded completely.

However, he did not lose his reasoning.

The eldest did mention that he would be heading abroad with the higher-ups and that he would also be rather busy during this period of time.

He suppressed his anger and stood up as he headed to the shooting room.

The housekeeper hastily followed him.

When Patriarch Lu walked to the door of the shooting room, the housekeeper said, “Sir, if you dont come forward today for the incident at the Second Master side, would it…”

“Shut up!”

The housekeeper dared not speak up anymore.

Patriarch Lu directly made his way into the shooting room.

On the other side.

Lu Zhiheng was also the first to know that the wedding car had headed towards the Lu Family villa.

Many young masters from the other aristocratic families who had a good relationship with him, called to inquire about this issue.

“My old man just decided to attend the wedding.”

Lu Zhiheng sneered rudely.

“What need is there to attend the wedding Just wait, since my Second Uncles family dares to oppose my Grandfather, he would definitely get angry.”

“Its useless even if Patriarch Lu gets angry this time.” The person on the other end reminded him.

“You can check the news.

As soon as the wedding car changed routes, it started being broadcasted live on national TV.

Moreover, there are special guards there to clear the way, and clearly, the people above place great importance on this wedding.”

“What” Lu Zhiheng furrowed his brow and he did not believe it at all.

He quickly turned on the news, only to realize that it was really the case.

Moreover, the road that the wedding car took had been sealed.

What such grand arrangements! None of the family members of the eight aristocratic families had enjoyed such treatment during their weddings.

At the sight of this, Lu Zhiheng was extremely jealous.

He secretly thought to himself: “Youre being so high-profile but if someone were to throw a bomb towards the motorcade, it would be an interesting sight to see.”

The other person on the phone continued to speak.

“The other aristocratic families have people that have also decided to attend the wedding.

You are his cousin and so wouldnt it look bad if you didnt attend”

“Ill go…” To hell with it.

Lu Zhiheng suddenly swallowed the last four words.

He thought of how difficult it was to manage the Lu Group.

If he were to attend Lu Jingyes wedding and make him think that he stood on his side, Lu Jingye would definitely help him manage the company in private as long as he asked for it.

In that case, he no longer has to worry about their companys projects getting snatched away every single day.

At the thought of this, he wore a tie and cleared his throat.

“Since its a joyous event for my Second Uncles family, Ill certainly attend.”


He hung up the phone after he made arrangements with the other party to meet at Second Master Lus villa.

He started thinking of how he can avoid getting discovered by his Grandfather while attending the wedding.

Just then, Lu Zhihengs father called.

He told him to attend Lu Jingyes wedding.

Lu Zhiheng was delighted deep down, but his tone of voice sounded as if he was in a difficult situation.

“Grandfather doesnt allow us to contact Second Brother.

What if I make Grandfather angry by attending the wedding”

“People from the other seven families will also be attending.

It doesnt matter if you go.”

Since his father had said so, Lu Zhiheng was at ease.

He packed up the things on his desk in his office, grabbed his suit jacket, and left.

He called his confidant while he was walking out.

“Go and prepare a wedding gift for me at once.

It must be something rather expensive.

Send it directly to my Second Uncles place.”

In fact, the Dou Family members only knew that the wedding venue had changed to the Lu Familys villa in the last two days.

Even though the hard work that the four madams had put so much effort into had gone to waste, they were happy for Zi Yi.

After the car drove to the main road, everyone noticed that the entire road was closed.

In addition, there were vehicles with special guards in front to clear the road.

They also noticed that the entire street was filled with the sound of festive songs.

If not for the fact that there were vehicles all around, everyone would even be under the impression that they had transmigrated to the ancient times where the groom would pick up the bride with eight big sedan chairs.

“I didnt expect that the higher-ups would step forward.” Zi Yi looked at the armed guards standing on the sides of the street and said, “Are they trying to buy our loyalty.”

Lu Jingye held her hand and said, “Dont make such large movements, or else the phoenix crown on your head will drop.”

Zi Yi raised her hand to touch it and grumbled.

“Even though its very beautiful, its so heavy.

Why did you let them add so many jewels to the crown”

She did not expect ​​Lu Jingye to say, “Mother had personally designed and made this set of jewelry herself.

She said that the more luxurious it was, the more it could represent the Lu Familys feelings towards you.”

Zi Yi immediately changed her tune without the slightest principle.

“Well, its actually not that heavy at all.”



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