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Zi Yi took the bags and took a whiff of the medicine residue.

Elder Tang checked the medicine that was unused.

Lu Jingye looked at the group of reporters and said, “You can start your reporting and let everyone see if Little Zi is harming or saving people.”

His voice was very calm, but it contained a sharpness that caused the reporters to somehow feel nervous.

Elder Tang was the first to speak.

“Theres an additional medicinal ingredient thats been added, which clashes with the other medicinal ingredients.”

Zi Yi mentioned the name of the medicinal ingredient and said, “This is considered a toxic medicinal ingredient and even if its toxicity isnt strong, it can make people feel weak and feeble.

When added to my prescription, it just so happens to cause a chemical reaction and causes the entirety of the medicine to turn poisonous.”

Everyone was surprised at what Zi Yi said.

Some of them could not control themselves and started whispering, “Could it be that someone deliberately put in an additional ingredient”

“Since all eight of the patients were poisoned, it must have been someone from the pharmacy.”

“How much does that person hate and resent Zi Yi to have done this and framed her Not to mention it has harmed so many people.”

“Its possible that Zi Yi and that person have collaborated and that shes now saying this on purpose.

We dont recognize medicines and what they say would be deemed as the truth.”

“Perhaps that old doctor is protecting her too.”

The voices of their discussion were very soft, but their words had still reached Zi Yis ears.

Lu Jingye turned to ask the Director and Deputy Director, “Wheres the prescription Yiyi had written for them”

The Director and Deputy Director made eye contact and the latter immediately shouted, “Little Wang, bring those prescriptions here.”

It did not take long before someone hurried over and said anxiously, “Director, Deputy Director, the handwritten prescriptions Zi Yi wrote have disappeared.

Only the soft copy in the computer remains.”

The expressions of some people darkened.

Everyone clearly knew that someone wanted to ruin Zi Yis reputation and they subconsciously looked in her direction.

Among the patients family members, some of them shouted loudly, “You must have destroyed the prescription.

I would like to see how you people protect her!”

Zi Yi still appeared calm at this moment as she said, “Go and print out the prescription that was keyed into the computer.”

The staff member looked at the Director and the Deputy Director before he hastily went to print the e-copy.

During the wait, the patients family members and some of the onlookers were so angry that they wanted to shout curses at her.

However, they were stopped by the two leaders.

“Before the truth is revealed, whoever dares to make a random accusation can be arrested for the crime of spreading rumors and slander.”

The hospital staff came over with the printed prescription very soon.

Zi Yi took a glance and sure enough, there was an additional medicinal ingredient.

The Deputy Director, Elder Tang and a few other doctors had seen the prescription Zi Yi had prescribed previously.

“This wasnt written in the original prescription! Who added it in!” Elder Tang was instantly infuriated.

The family members could not take it anymore and angrily shouted, “Youre still trying to quibble your way out at this time!”

“Teacher, theres no need to get angry, Ill handle this.” Zi Yi looked at the family members who seemed as if they were about to pounce on her the very next second and said, “There was a video recording of the day on which I wrote those prescriptions.

I did not include this medicinal ingredient and we can all check the video of that day.”

Zi Yi had been very high profile that day and the scene was broadcasted live.

The video had been easily found online.

Many netizens quickly went investigating.

This incident had spread into Lu Zhihengs ears at the very first instance.

Lu Zhiheng and Chu Jun stared at the computer screen at the same time.

When Zi Yi mentioned checking the prescription, Lu Zhiheng furrowed his brow and asked Chu Jun, “Is the person you found reliable”

He was worried that after they found out the names of the pharmacy staff, that person would confess immediately.

Chu Jun was very confident.

“Dont worry.

That person has begged me for help and even if he is exposed, he would only dare to take on the responsibility.

He would not dare to expose us.”

Lu Zhihengs eyes slightly narrowed at his words.

He was still a little worried and said, “It had better be the case.

If they come looking for me, not only will I be in deep sh*t.

The Chu Family will also be finished.”

Even though Patriarch Lu was overbearing, what he hated the most were these kinds of dirty tricks.

If he was really identified, his legs would definitely end up being broken.

Chu Jun reassured him.

“You can be at ease.”

Other than Lu Zhiheng who was paying attention to this incident, those from the other families were the same.

When everyone was checking the online video, the video of that day appeared on the big screen which showed the price list of various medicines.

The video zoomed in on the prescription Zi Yi wrote.

At the same time, the printed medicine list had been displayed next to it and everyone compared them one by one.

“The toxic medicinal ingredient is not there!”

“In that case, someone must have deliberately added it in!”

When the last prescription was compared, Elder Tang snorted loudly.

“The truth is right here.

Does everyone still insist that my student is at fault”

After the patients family members compared the prescription, they started crying and made a scene.

“If it wasnt Doctor Zis prescription that had a problem, it must be those who packed the medicine!”

Everyone else had also thought of this.

One of the leaders said, “Bring all those who pack the medicine in the pharmacy over.”

Soon, the guards had led three individuals over.

When they stood there, it was obvious who had tampered with the medicinal ingredient.

Fang Tong had never expected that they would bring out the video of that day and compare it with the prescription list keyed into the computer.

He originally planned to secretly sneak away, only to find that the whole outpatient department was surrounded and he could not get out at all.

He tried his best to calm himself down and loudly said with trembling lips, “I was instructed to do so.”

As long as he pushed the responsibility onto someone else, he would surely be fine.

The leader sternly asked, “Who ordered it”

At the thought that as long as he caused ​​Zi Yis downfall, his problem would be automatically resolved, he immediately pointed his finger at Zi Yi.

“Its her.”

The leaders expression turned fierce and he shouted, “Who is it!”

Fang Tong had not faced such a domineering leader before and he was so frightened that he trembled in fear.

He could only grit his teeth and say, “Its her!”

Fang Tongs expression had made it obvious that he was lying.

Not to mention the people present did not believe him, even the netizens online did not believe him.

Everyone started condemning Fang Tong.

However, Zi Yi laughed.

“Are you afraid of saying it Then let me help you.”

In fact, Zi Yi had investigated the people working in the pharmacy on the way here with Lu Jingye.

At that time, Lu Jingye had even got her to check on their family members and friends.

They had already found out about Fang Tong and the reason why they had not exposed him outrightly was to make the story convincing.

Lu Jingye said expressionlessly, “Fang Tong, lives in No.

44 Wutong Road.

Because his parents had been cheated out of 1.5 million in the first half of the year, he is currently being chased down for his debts.

A few days ago, he killed the debtor out of anger and to avoid jail time, he went looking for the Chu Family.

They promised to help him settle the matter, provided that he made Yiyi lose all her standing and reputation, and be sent behind bars.”

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