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Halfway through their discussion, Leader Tang said that he had something to do and went out for a while.

As soon as he left the room, she grabbed the snacks on the table and started eating.

From that appearance of hers, it was obvious that she did not get to eat them normally.

A group of senior leaders were staring at a monitor.

The monitor was divided into two sides, one of which showed the room where Zi Yi was and the other showed Lu Jingye.

Zi Yi was on one side, and Lu Jingye was on the other.

One of the older middle-aged men said, “We can see a lot from ones behavior and habits.

Little Lu is from the Lu Family and his loyalty to the country is indisputable.

As for the other little friend, her mind is filled with Little Lu.

I feel that as long as we treat Little Lu well, she will be happy to take out what she knows.”

Another middle-aged female senior leader nodded and said emotionally, “One is a business genius and the other possesses advanced technology not yet achieved in the world.

Even so, they are not treated well by the Lu Family.

I really dont understand Patriarch Lus train of thought.”

It could be said that Patriarch Lu was used to being domineering and he had become a muddle-headed old man.

The female leader said, “I feel that its easy to gain their trust.

What they want should be the respect they ought to deserve.”

The other leaders agreed with what she said.

Everyone continued watching the behavior of Zi Yi and Lu Jingye in the different rooms.

Zi Yi was just like a hamster who kept eating and drinking.

She did not even bother looking around.

The female leaders present even had the urge to take her home and pamper her based on how she acted.

Lu Jingye had a good family education and his behavior had completely revealed this fact.

The leaders discussed among themselves for several minutes before Leader Tang and the other Leader, who was conversing with Lu Jingye, returned to their respective offices.

When Zi Yi and Lu Jingye came out of the two offices, two hours had already passed.

They just so happened to meet again at the door.

Lu Jingye looked at her lips and said disapprovingly, “You ate tons of junk food.

You should cut down on eating these foods, eating too much is bad for your health.”

As soon as he said that, he even gave Leader Tang a look.

Leader Tang, who was standing behind Zi Yi, suddenly had the illusion that he was the one being educated right now.

Zi Yi was thick-skinned.

She smiled and walked over to his side, held his hand, and said in all seriousness, “I didnt eat much.

I only drank too much water.”

An orange-flavored soda scent wafted in the air.

Lu Jingye tightened his lips and looked at her.

Zi Yi could not handle his gaze and pointed at Leader Tang.

“It was Leader Tang who asked me to eat.”

Leader Tang opened his mouth and he very much wanted to make a stern-sounding retort.

However, Lu Jingye looked over in his direction with his pitch-black eyes.

His gaze only lingered on Leader Tangs face for two seconds before he looked away.

He then held Zi Yis hand tightly and headed downstairs together.

When they were making their way down, Lu Jingye said, “No matter who gives you those junk foods in the future, you must resolutely refuse them.

You can get the chef at home to cook you what you feel like eating.”

“Got it.

Wasnt I just worried that Leader Tang would feel that I dont appreciate his kindness”

The two of them chatted as they walked downstairs.

Leader Tang who was standing by the door suddenly starteddoubting his life.

In particular, his colleague next door asked, “Comrade Tang, how much junk food did you get Little Song to buy for Little Zi”

When his colleague mentioned the word junk food, he had even emphasized the wordjunk, and from his tone of voice, he was obviously stifling his laughter.

Leader Tang touched his nose and silently returned to his office.

He felt that these two young people did it on purpose.

However, he had no proof.

Zi Yi and Lu Jingye exited the office building.

After they got in the car, Zi Yi turned on her cell phone.

As soon as it was switched back on, she saw several missed calls from the Deputy Director of the First Hospital.

Just as she was about to return the call, another phone call came in.

The Deputy Director laughed over the phone and said, “Little Zi, your doctors license just got approved.

Do come and get it when you have the time.”

The location they were currently at was not too far from the First Hospital.

Zi Yi said to Lu Jingye, “Ah Jing, Ill make a trip to the First Hospital first.

My doctors license has been approved.”

Lu Jingye nodded and got the driver to head towards the First Hospital.

When she reached the hospital, Zi Yi directly made her way to the Deputy Directors office.

The Deputy Director had already been waiting there for her in advance.

At the sight of her entering his office, he smiled and passed Zi Yi her doctors license.

“Now that you have obtained your license, Little Zi, I guess you can finally pass the prescriptions that you wrote back then to the patients, right”

The family members of those patients would visit every day to ask and he was overwhelmed by their visits.

Fortunately, Zi Yis license had been approved rather quickly.

Zi Yi nodded her head.

She had been keeping the prescriptions in her bag and so, she took them out and passed them to the Deputy Director.

“When handing the prescription to them, remind them not to consume other medicine at the same time, even if it is just a tonic.”

The Deputy Director took the prescription and got the staff to phone the patients, telling them to come to the hospital to collect their prescriptions.

He then returned to the office and said to Zi Yi, “Little Zi, since youve obtained your license, why dont you start by doing an operation today”

Zi Yi shook her head.

“I dont really know how to wield a scalpel.”

She was determined to eliminate these backward technologies with advanced technology in the future.

The Deputy Director also knew that Zi Yis hands-on abilities were rather lacking, so he did not continue to persuade her.

He sent her out and while walking out, they chatted about the patients who those prescriptions were for.

Zi Yi got in the car that Lu Jingye was currently seated in while waiting for her.

The both of them returned home after she was buckled in.

The patients had rushed over quickly as soon as they had received the phone call.

The Deputy Director personally brought them to the pharmacy to collect the medicine.

Those patients were all elated and they surrounded the Deputy Director as they said, “If the prescription Doctor Zi prescribed is effective, we will definitely give her an emblem when the time comes.”

“Its sure to be useful.

She can accurately diagnose our illnesses and so she certainly has the ability to cure our illnesses.”

The Deputy Director would obviously wish that the prescription Zi Yi gave them could cure all their illnesses.

However, nothing was absolute and the Deputy Director reminded them.

“You should not treat the prescription Zi Yi prescribed as a miracle medicine where you would feel the effectiveness after drinking it once or twice.”

Traditional Chinese Medicine was inherently milder than Western Medicine and it takes a long time before the effects are seen.

Moreover, they still had to take some other prescriptions to regulate and nourish their body.

“Yes, yes, we know.

We have suffered for all these years and we wont really be anxious about having to wait a year or half a year.”

“Thats right.

As long as this medicine is effective, to me, it is a miracle medicine.”

The Deputy Director was at ease knowing that everyone was so understanding.

He accompanied the patients and waited for the medicine to be dispensed.

He only returned to the office after seeing them leave.

However, never had he imagined that someone would do something to the medicinal ingredients right under his eyes.

The culprit who added something to those medicines waited for the patients and the Deputy Director to leave.

Then he went to a remote place to call Chu Jun on the pretext of going to the toilet.

“Young Master Chu, I have done what you asked.

As for what you promised me, when can it be done… Alright, Im really thankful to you… Yes, I understand, I guarantee that no one will find out about this incident… Yes, goodbye.”

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