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The next day, Zi Yi originally planned to head to school.

However, after they finished breakfast, Lu Jingye received Leader Tangs phone call for them to make a trip down to visit him.

When they arrived at the office building, they just so happened to bump into Lu Jianlin.

Lu Jianlin saw how they had come hand in hand and he had a stern expression.

“Have a good talk with them later.

Dont try to show off or promise things you are unable to fulfill.”

His words were in fact, a warning for Zi Yi.

She had been too high-profile at the Southern Ocean and he had been rather worried about her.

Lu Jingye nodded his head.

“Father, dont worry.

Yiyi knows her limits.”

Zi Yi hastily nodded her head in agreement.

Lu Jianlin did not say anything else and the three of them walked into the office building together.

Just as they reached the entrance, they heard someone calling Lu Jianlins name.

The three of them stopped and turned to look at the man walking over.

He had a large thermos flask in his hand while he stomped his feet in an attempt to keep warm.

“Second Master Lu, long time no see.” After the man greeted him, he turned to Zi Yi and Lu Jingye in the blink of an eye.

After measuring them, he said with a smile, “You must be Lu Jingye and Zi Yi.”

Lu Jianlin introduced the man to the two.

“This is the Officer of X Department.”

Lu Jingye greeted him.


Zi Yi had also followed suit.

Officer Chang nodded with a smile and walked inside the office building with them.

He casually asked as they walked, “I heard that Little Lu and Little Zi were involved in resolving the pirates at the Southern Ocean.

You two are so young, but to think that you have such capabilities.

Sure enough, the Lu Family does produce talents.”

Lu Jianlin was not the type that would chit-chat and the task of conversing with Officer Chang fell onto Lu Jingye.

Officer Changs questions seemed casual but all of them contained a trap.

It was as if he wanted to uncover the entire details of how they defeated the pirates.

On the surface, it seemed as if Lu Jingye would answer every time Officer Chang asked a question.

But if one carefully paid attention, one will realize that Lu Jingye had not given a clear answer to Officer Changs question about the two of them making a trip down to the Southern Ocean.

When the four of them reached the second floor, Officer Chang stopped walking, as his office was located on that level.

When Lu Jianlin, Lu Jingye, and Zi Yi were about to continue going up, Officer Chang even politely said, “Little Lu and Little Zi, come over to my office to have a cup of tea when you come down later.”

Lu Jingye only gave him a nod and did not answer or confirm if he would visit his office later to have tea.

Thus, the three of them continued going up the floors.

When they arrived on the third floor, Lu Jianlin stopped and suddenly reminded them.

“Only talk to whoever asks for you.”

The people here were not from the same faction and Lu Jianlin was reminding them not to get in contact with everyone and anyone.

Lu Jianlin and Zi Yi nodded their heads.

Lu Jianlins office was on the third floor and so, he did not continue going up with them.

Zi Yi and Lu Jingyes destination was the fourth floor.

When they arrived at the entrance to the fourth floor, they saw someone waiting for their arrival.


Lu, Miss Zi.

I am Leader Tangs secretary and my surname is Song.

Please follow me.”

The two of them followed him and they walked towards one of the offices.

As soon as they got to the door, the door of the office opposite Leader Tangs office suddenly opened.

A tall and slender middle-aged man with a pair of eyes that contained wisdom said to Lu Jingye, “Little Lu, come to my office for a moment.

I have something to talk to you about.”

Lu Jingye glanced at Zi Yi.

She gave him a nod for him to rest assured.

Only then did Lu Jingye head towards the other office.

When Zi Yi entered Leader Tangs office, she saw that he was currently writing something.

When Leader Tang saw Zi Yi coming in, he put down his pen and stood up with a smile.

Following that, he pointed at the reception area.

“Little Zi, come over and take a seat.”

When Zi Yi walked over, Leader Tang said to Secretary Song, “Little Song, go and get a bottle of something to drink for Little Zi and some snacks.”

As soon as Zi Yi heard that there were drinks, she was not polite in the slightest and said, “I want to drink orange-flavored soda.”

Secretary Song who was about to close the door and walk away: “…”

He thought that Zi Yi would be too nervous to ask for anything.

Zi Yi and Leader Tang were seated on the sofa and the latter asked with a smile, “After Little Zi and Little Lus wedding, exams should be starting soon”

The exam month for M.Uni starts after the New Year.

Zi Yi had taken up many subjects and she would mostly spend her time taking exams.

Leader Tang continued asking Zi Yi questions about her studies as if he had called her over today to have a small chat.

A few minutes later, Secretary Song returned to the room with the orange-flavored soda Zi Yi wanted and a few bags of snacks.

Ever since Zi Yi started living together with Lu Jingye, she never had the chance to drink soda anymore.

She grabbed the bottle and took a large gulp.

Leader Tang saw how Zi Yi drank the bottle of soda and said with a smile, “Little Zi is about the same age as my daughter.

She likes to drink soda too, but she hasnt had the chance to drink ever since she went to university.”

Zi Yi looked at him and did not respond.

Leader Tang chatted for a while more before he finally got to the point.

“We hope that Little Zi can hand over your skills in modifying missiles to the Countrys Weapon Department.”

Zi Yi pursed her lips and looked at him without answering.

When Leader Tang did not get a response from her, he added.

“Of course, you will be compensated.

As long as you hand over all your knowledge in this aspect to the country, I can meet one of your requests on behalf of the country.”

Zi Yi tilted her head and thought for a moment before she asked, “Any request”

“As long as it does not harm the interest of the country and its people, its okay.”

This type of condition was more or less equivalent to a death-free gold medal in ancient times.

If it were someone else who received the offer, they would certainly start dancing out of excitement.

However, Zi Yi was very calm.

She calmly asked, “What requests do you have of me”

Leader Tang nodded at her response deep down.

He was thinking that the young lady before him was not a simple character.

“We need you to keep everything you know about weapons confidential.

Moreover, we will set up a weapons laboratory somewhere in the country and you will lead a team to do research.

During this period of time, you are not to have any contact with the outside world.”

Zi Yi immediately refused.

“I can give you the blueprints to make weapons, but its impossible for me to stay there.”

Leader Tangs expression turned serious.

Zi Yi was fearless.

“Im still young and I havent enjoyed life.

How could I possibly spend all my days in that kind of place”

Leader Tang was silent for some time before he said in a complicated tone, “We wont be at ease if you do not cut off all contact from the outside world.”

“Whats there not to trust Are you worried that I will hand over these technologies to other countries”

Zi Yi glanced at Leader Tang and continued to talk.

“If I had the thought of giving those technologies to other countries, do you think theres a need for me to act so high-profile in front of you”

Leader Tang felt that her gaze seemed to be holding him in contempt.

However, he has no proof.

Zi Yi muttered at this point, “If not because Ah Jings Grandfather refuses to accept me, I cant be bothered to deal with you people.”

“Then… what does Little Zi want” Leader Tang somehow finds it hard to accept Zi Yis reason.

Zi Yi said confidently, “For Ah Jing and I to climb to a higher position.

In this case, his Grandfather wouldnt dare to oppose our relationship even if he wanted to.”

Whats with the sudden thought that Patriarch Lu had done a huge favor for the country

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